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Kerala - Start ups and New Ventures

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A dedicated thread for new ventures and Start ups in Kerala !
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Will be good to see some great news. And not like the news like Melam masala, Nirapara, Lungis which is filled in some city technology threads. Lol:cheers:
^^ All the above mentioned were startups at some point in time !
And this need'nt necessarily be "Tech" alone! But new ventures across sectorz!
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^^ All the above mentioned were startups at some point in time !
And this need'nt necessarily be "Tech" alone! But new ventures across sectorz!
^^ Right, but it should not be like Kavya duplicate masala and Alshifa hospital. We want brand and good techs...
Rs. 65-cr project for SVEP approved

In the next four years, 20,318 enterprises will begin

A Rs. 65-crore project submitted by Kudumbasree for extending the Startup Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP) to 12 more districts in the State has been approved by the Union Ministry for Rural Development.

Project reports prepared by Kudumbasree for 12 blocks in 12 districts were given the nod by an empowered committee led by the Rural Development Secretary, and funds sanctioned. A sub-project of the National Rural Livelihoods Mission, SVEP aims at providing support for enterprises for sustainable livelihood. At present, the programme is being implemented at Vadavukod in Ernakulam and Parakode in Pathanamthitta.

With this, Kerala would become the only State with the programme extended to all districts.
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Kerala Startup Mission is conducting the​ 3rd edition of​ Seeding Kerala event​ at UL Cyberpark Calicut.​
Calicut is becoming a hub of startup activities in the state.

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Kerala will soon replace humans by deploying robots to clean manholes

In a first in Kerala, the state government will soon be utilising the services of Robots to clean sewer holes. The trial runs of the robot, developed by a startup company, Genrobotics, have been successfully held recently and the product will be launched next week, Kerala Water Authority (KWA) Managing Director, A Shainamol said.

"The Kerala government is very excited with the project," Shainamol told PTI.

The robot, equipped with Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth and control panels has four limbs and a bucket system attached to a spider web looking extension to scoop out the waste from sewers.

The project is supported by KWA, which has joined hands with Kerala start up mission to transform new ideas into practical technologies for addressing issues relating to pipe leakage and sanitation.

"Our intention is to promote local talent. Now the product, being fully funded by the government, is ready and it will be launched next week," she said.

Initially, the services of the robot, christened 'Bandicoot' will be utilised in Thiruvananthapuram, which has over 5,000 manholes.

The trial run of the robot, developed by the nine-member group of youngsters from varying engineering streams, had been conducted successfully in the state capital recently, CEO and Chief Product architect of Genrobotics, Vimal Govind said.

The youngsters have given up their steady jobs to find a solution to end manual scavenging in an effort to bring in some resemblance of dignity to the lives of these 'invisible' men who are paid a pittance between Rs 300-500 for their effort running into several hours.

According to Govind during the trials held near the Medical college here, about 30 kg of garbage was pulled out by the robot and they were shocked to find sanitary napkins, clothes, surgical blades among other stuff in the clogged manholes.

Within an hour, the robot could clean four manholes on the first day itself with ease and it did not face any problem to manoeuvre its way to different types of manholes.

"This will be a life changing opportunity for the cleaning men.. their life will become better.. Though happy with the product, they are apprehensive if they will lose their source of livelihood," he said.

However, there was no cause for any worry says Chief Operating Officer Rashid K as their plan was to train existing workers to operate the robot, which was as easy to handle as a remote controlled toy car.

All the commands in the user interface was now in English. But this can be converted to any local language for easy understanding of the scavengers, he said. The team took 7-8 months to design the semi automatic robot.

An MOU has already been signed between the Kerala Water Innovation Zone under the KWA and Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) for transfer of technology.

'Attukal Pongala' on March 2 will be the litmus test for the 'Bandicoot' which will commence its operations by cleaning sewer holes in the city during the festival when lakhs of women from all over the country will converge here to offer Pongala to the diety.

Enquiries relating to the Robot have come in from neighboring states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra besides from countries like Canada and UK.

The team has also been invited to attend the National consultative workshop on Solid Liquid Resource Management (SLRM) on Feb 22, 23 at Delhi, which is a initiative of Swachh Bharat to introduce the Robot.

Founded in 2015, GenRobotics was initially focusing on powered exoskeletons which are robotic suits that can help humans to reduce physical effort needed in heavy jobs.

The robot is powered by pneumatics (using gas or pressurised air) since using heavy electronic equipment inside is risky as they can react with the explosive gases present in the manhole.

Since there are no official figures on the number of people involved in manual scavenging in Kerala, the state government is planning to undertake a pilot study at Ernakulam or Kozhikode to ascertain the same, Suchitwa mission sources said.

Based on the outcome of the pilot study, a state-wide survey would be held, the sources added
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This Vimal Govind is a great person. All the best to him and his company.
RailYatri acquires Kochi-based start-up

YatraChef team to manage pan-India supply side

Kochi-based food-delivery technology start-up YatraChef has been acquired by RailYatri.

The YatraChef team will now manage the pan-India supply side of Noida-based RailYatri, the country’s leading long-distance travel app, in transit delivery business.

Arun Rajan, Rameez Ashraf, and Suchithra Sumadevi launched YatraChef in October 2013, enabling commuters to order food through the website or with the help of the company’s multilingual call centre and chat support.

“It was an obvious decision to join hands as we can make a much bigger impact together. We are excited to be part of the RailYatri family and look forward to growing stronger,” Mr. Rajan, CEO and co-founder of YatraChef, said.

App developed

Nearly 150 locations are being served across the country and 250 restaurants are associated with the venture.

“A vendor app has been developed to reduce confusions, streamline work flow, and to process the orders the partners get once the commuters place orders. This will enable the restaurant for more hassle-free delivery mechanism,” Mr. Ashraf, co-founder and COO, YatraChef, told The Hindu .

100 locations

Along with the regular packaging, Wow Box, a premium package, has also been rolled out in 100 locations for convenience of diners and to avoid spillage of food on the running train.

“Their experience in food delivery, vendor management, and track record of outstanding consumer experience and skills will help us develop new offerings for travellers. We are delighted to have them on board,” Manish Rathi, CEO, RailYatri, said in an e-mail. With this, RailYatri now becomes the number one food aggregator in transit delivery.
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