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bohemian from Hungary
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Keszthely (population 22500) is a small, baroque town, called as the capital of Balaton because of its reach history, tradition and cultural life. It is a tourist and university town, at the foot of Keszthely Hills.

View from Keszthely Hills, the Keszthely Bay:

Festetics Palace (1745):

Statue of Count György Festetics:

Coat of arms of the Festetics family:

Castle park:

Main square, Church of Our Lady of the Hungarians:

Main square, Gymnasium building:

Trinity Statue (1770):

Town Hall, Trinity Statue, Balaton Congress Centre and Theatre:

Helikon Memorial (1921):

Balaton Museum:

Pethö or Goldmark House, the birthplace of Hungarian composer Karl/Károly Goldmark (1830-1915):

Carmelite Church (XIV century):

The former grange of the first Agricultural College of Europe (Georgikon, 1797), now the Georgikon Grange Museum:

Hotel Hullám:
(Hotel Hullám lies directly on the shore of Lake Balaton in beautiful surroundings. This hotel was the first "guest house" in the Keszthely bay. The building was built in 1883.)

The mole:

Csobánc Nostalgia Ship (1927):

Bathing house:
(The first bathing house built on the water was completed in 1864.)

Danubius Hotel Helikon:

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Nice pics!
I'm going to hungary this summer, however due to time/$ constraints i think i'm only going to budapeszt (i have family there).
Hungary looks great, more pics please!!

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I looove Hungary. The more photos, the better! :)

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I was in Kesztely three years ago. Very nice town.

Thanks for the pics.
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