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Khmer Traditional Music/Songs

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You can post any traditional songs or music of the Khmer.
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Khmer Chroot Srau(Mahori music)

There are nine songs in this video:

01 - Khaek Mon (0:00-7:11)
02 - Krang Phka (7:12-13:55)
03 - Phoumea Tak Lolok (13:56-18:55)
04 - Plom Slek (18:56-25:17)
05 - Saray Nimnuon (25:18-29:48)
06 - Sat Heu (29:49-34:25)
07 - Sorya (34:26-41:09)
08 - Soy Son (41:10-48:17)
09 - Toch Yum (48:18-end)

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O Sat Mahory-singing by Khmer Krom

O Sat Mahory- using only Khim

Homrong(Wedding Song)- by Sakravar Vichett

theres some good songs by sun sereypich about tourism, just type her name in google
Those songs are not really traditional songs at all; Pleng kar, Mahori or Pinpeat are more traditional songs.
Chao Dok- performed by Khmer Surin

Sarika Keo Euy- Thong Ploy(Khmer Surin) using only Chapei

Khmer Oum Tuk- using only Roneat Ek

Sarika Sour Mek- Wedding Song

Konseng Krohorm- Wedding Song

Srey Chour- Wedding Song

Chea Satrou Wedding Song

Saray Ondeoth Wedding Song

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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