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FAISAL the great

HRH Faisal ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia (1904 – March 25, 1975) (Arabic: فيصل بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎) ruled from 1964 to 1975.

Faisal was born in Riyadh, the third son of Saudi Arabia's founder, Ibn Saud. Faisal's mother was Tarfa bint Abduallah bin Abdulateef al Sheekh, whom Ibn Saud had married in 1902 after capturing Riyadh. She was a descendent of Muhammad ibn Abd Al-Wahhab, and her father was one of Ibn Saud's principal religious teachers and advisers.

On March 25, 1975, Faisal was shot point-blank and killed by his half-brother's son, Faisal bin Musa'id, who had just come back from the United States. The murder occurred at a majlis, (Arabic for "a place for sitting") an event where the king or leader opens up his residence to the citizens to enter and petition the king. The stated reason was revenge for Faisal bin Musa'id's brother Khaled, who had been killed by Saudi Defense Force members while taking part in a demonstration in 1965.

With President Nixon in 1974.

With Uganda President IDI AMIN.

With SHAH of IRAN in (1971).

King Faisal Hospital, located in Kigali, Rwanda was constructed in 1991 with support from the Saudi Fund for Development.

from left to right President Boumedienne of Algeria, Al-Assad of Syria, Egypt's Sadat and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

King Faisal Conference Hall is one of the Kingdom’s most prestigious conference facilities, equipped with full range of the latest audio-visual equipment and simultaneous translation capabilities.

The ballroom of the Al Faisaliah Hotel, A Rosewood Hotel, is the largest column free public space in Saudi Arabia. It recently hosted the King Faisal International Prize Ceremony.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, situated in Riyadh.

King Faisal mosque, Londrina BRAZIL.

KING Faisal developed a close alliance with Pakistan, where he is regarded highly for his foreign policy and pan-islamic ideals. King Faisal was a very close friend of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto renowned Prime Minister of Pakistan. Lyallpur, which is the third largest city , was renamed Faisalabad (lit. "City of Faisal") in 1979 in his honor. The Faisal Mosque in Islamabad is named after him as well. The main highway in Karachi was renamed Shahrah-e-Faisal and a suburb close to Karachi Airport was also renamed Shah Faisal Colony. One of the two major air force bases in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi, is named "PAF Base Faisal" in the honour of King Faisal.

FAISALABAD - 3rd Largest City in Pakistan aftar Karachi & Lahore .
Faisalabad District Population is 5.4 million.

The FAISAL MOSQUE in Islamabad (National Mosque of Pakistan):

It was the largest mosque in the world from 1986 to 1993 when overtaken in size by the completion of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. Subsequent expansions of the Masjid al-Haram (Grand Mosque) of Mecca and the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi (Prophet's Mosque) in Medina, Saudi Arabia during the 1990s.

* Largest mosque in Pakistan.
* 6th largest mosque in the World.
* Area = 5,000 m2 (54,000 sq ft).
* Capacity = 3 lakhs worshippers.
* Minaret height = 90 meters (295 ft).
* Cost = $ 120 million (480 Crores Pakistani Rupees).

The Faisal Mosque is named after the late King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia, who supported and financed the project.

Shahrah-e-Faisal - The main highway in Karachi.

Shah Faisal Colony - a Suburb close to Karachi Airport.



The King Faisal Foundation was established in 1976 by the sons of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. The Director-General is HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal. The Foundation is one of the largest philanthropic Foundations in the world.

The foundation presents an annual prize, King Faisal International Prize, to "dedicated men and women whose contributions make a positive difference". The foundation awards prizes in:

* Service to Islam.
* Islamic studies.
* Arabic Language and literature.
* Science.
* Medicine.

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (center) awards Ronald Levy the King Faisal International Prize in Medicine.

Turkey's prime minister was presented with the "King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam.

British Professor Sir Richard Friend receives the King Faisal International Prize for Science from the King of Saudi Arabia.

King Faisal Foundation Building in RIYADH.

King Faisal Foundation & Al Faisaliya Tower in Riyadh.

King Faisal Hospital in Jeddah.

King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud and King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz.

King Faisal with President Chaudhry in 1974 at Lahore.

King Faisal Highway in Bahrain.

Nova Park Hotel is on the King Faisal Road in the heart of the city of Sharjah.

King Faisal Mosque in sharjah (the grand mosque of sharjah ) ? - U.A.E.

World Leaders at KING FAISAL ra Funeral :

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i wish this thread not taking us to politics debates! but oh well i respect this man.
oh yas welcome only faisal to SSC's family:hi:

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^^ Don't worry. I won't troll. :D
The man was definitely one of the greatest Kings Saudi Arabia has ever had. He's well respected all over. It's a shame he died in such an awful way.
*May he rest in peace*

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Without a doubt he is the greatest king in the 3rd Saudi State, he is the last Muslim leader to push for a Pan-Islamic Policy/Identity.

Here some pictures

On a side note my friend, whenever you want to add something to your thread you edit your first post and add it there instead of posting a new replay, this is the same method that another member by the name of Muqeem use, so are you Muqeem?

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^^ Don't worry. I won't troll. :D
wallah you guys never come to my mind but since you mention it that would be cool :D
King Faisal Passport 1926

"First passport for king faisal RIP done in mecca 4th of September 1926 and it has an approved visas to Britain,Belgium,France,Holland and Egypt"

i have alot of pictures for his personal belongs just like that!

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King Faisal History تاريخ الملك فيصل

King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the third King of the series of kings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
He was born on 14th September 1906. His mother was Tarfa bint Abdullah bin Abdullateef Al Asheikh a decendent of Imam Mohammed bin Abdulwahhab.
He was assassinated on Tuesday 25th March 1975.
During his lifetime, he won the greatest victories and made the strongest stands in his era to serve his religion, his country and his Arab Nation.

للملك فيصل بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود، الملك الثالث من سلسلة ملوك المملكة العربية السعودية.
ولد في 18 صفر 1323هـ / 14 نيسان 1906 م، أمه هي طرفه بنت عبدالله بن عبداللطيف آل الشيخ من ذرية الإمام محمد بن عبدالوهاب.
استشهد في يوم الثلاثاء 25 مارس 1975م.
وما بين تاريخ ميلاده واستشهاده سطر أعظم الانتصارات والمواقف في عصره، خدمة لدينه ووطنه وعروبته.


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GRATEFUL DEAD - Blues for Allah
eulogy for Saudi Arabia's King Faisal

"Blues For Allah"
Words by Robert Hunter; music by Jerry Garcia
Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.
Arabian wind
The Needle's Eye is thin
The Ships of State sail on mirage
but drown in sand
in No-Man's Land
where ALLAH does command
What good is spilling
blood? It will not
grow a thing
the sword sings Blues for ALLAH
They lie where they fall
There's nothing more to say
The desert stars are bright tonight,
let's meet as friends
The flower of Islam
The fruit of Abraham
The thousand stories have
come round to one again
Arabian Night
our gods pursue their fight
What fatal flowers of
darkness spring from
seeds of light
Bird of Paradise - Fly
In white sky
Blues for ALLAH
Let's see with our heart
these things our eyes have seen
and know the truth will still lie
somewhere in between
Under eternity
Under eternity
Under eternity
Bird of Paradise
In white sky
Under eternity

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سيف قدم للإمام سعود بن عبدالعزيز الأول من طوسون بن محمد علي عام 1226/1811 (سعود الاول)

وشاح (ليولند) وهو وشاح بلجيكي يمنح لمن يقمون بخدمات ممتازة ومنقوش عليه الإتحاد قوة قدم للملك فيصل من ملك بلجيكا

وسام (اورنج ناساد) الهولندي ويقدم في مجال الخدمات الممتازة قدم للملك فيصل من هولاندا

وسام مايكل جورج البريطاني قدم للملك فيصل

بعض الأدوات التي التي استخدمها الملك فيصل عندما بدأ أعمال الترميم للكعبة المشرفة

دلة الملك فيصل الذي كان ذواقاً للقهوة العربية الاصيلة. وكان من عادته حينما يخرج الى البر يبهر القهوة بنفسه للجميع

الراديو. وقد كان بمثابة التلفاز في يومنا هذا وكان الملك فيصل يحرص على الاستماع إلى إذاعات الشرق والغرب عندما يعود إلى داره

مصحف الملك فيصل الذي كان يقرأ فيه كل ليلة. ويظهر كما تركه مفتوحاً على اخر اَية قرأها (وجاهدوا في الله حق جهاده هو اجتباكم وماجعل عليكم في الدين من حرج ملة أبيكم إبراهيم هو سماكم المسلمين من قبل وفي هذا ليكون الرسول شهيدا عليكم وتكونوا شهداء على الناس فأقيموا الصلاة وءاتوا الزكاة واعتصموا بالله هو مولاكم فنعم المولى ونعم النصير) واو قدر له أن يكمل لكان قرأ بسمالله الرحمن الرحيم (قد أفلح المؤمنون)

ساعة الملك قيصل. وكان معروفاً عنه انضباط مواعيده بدرجة فائقة. حتى يقال أنه يمكن أن تضبط الساعات على توقيته لأنه كان يعتبر ان وقته ليس ملكاً له

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دلائل الخيرات

لمحمد بن سليمان بن داود الجزولي (ت 870 هـ) ا
في وسطه رسوم للحرم المكي الشريق والحرم المدني. نُسخ في القرن الثالث عشر الهجري تقديراً

حل المواضع المغلقة من وقاية الراية في مسائل الهداية لعبيدالله بن مسعود بن محمود: صدر الشريعة الأصغر (ت 747 هـ) ا

نسخة تامه في 176 ورقة. كُتبت على ورق أوروبي بخط نستعليق وجُدولت أوراقه بالحبر الأحمر وعليه حواشٍ وشروحات. نُسخ سنة 1097 ه

أنس المهج وحدائق الفرج

لأبي عبدالله محمد بن محمد بن عبدالله بن إدريس الحسيني

نسخة تامة في 140 ورقة. أتمه مؤلفه سنة 588 هـ. نُسخ في القرن الثاني عشر الهجري تقديراً بخط نسخي على ورق مشرقي من صنع هندي. وبه خرائط ملونة للمسالك والممالك

كليلة ودمنة

نسخة من (كليلة ودمنة) لابن المقفع مزينة بالرسوم والصور تقع في 156 ورقة وتحتوي على 96 منمنة من المدرسة المملوكية في التصوير. وتعدُ هذه النسخة من أقدم النسخ المنمنمة من كليلة ودمنة. تم نسخها سنة 747 ه

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