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I'd like to see images from Eastern Arabia, as well as personal opinion regarding this country, especially a person who has not many in common with the population there
Your wish shall be fulfilled :eek:kay:

Today some pics from Al-Hofuf
City in central-eastern Saudi Arabia with 320,000 inhabitants (2003 estimate), situated in the al-Hasa Oasis, in the Eastern Province, 65 km from the Persian Gulf. Being the centre of a great oasis, Hofuf thrives both from agriculture and the processing of its produce, especially dates and rice. There are also industries producing cement and carpets. Hofuf is renowned for its royal horses. The city also benefits from activities with the large Ghawar oil field further southeast.
Hofuf is linked to other urban centres by excellent highways and by railroad from Riyadh to Dammam. The population is largely Twelver Shi'i Muslims, although immigration from other parts of Saudi Arabia has resulted in almost 50% Sunnis.

The main points of interest in al-Hasa are from the Ottoman period, specifically, the Qasr Ibrahim Fortress of early 19th century, and the Samoud Palace.
The highway from Al-Khobar to Al-Hofuf:

The entrance into Al-Hofuf:

The Qasr Ibrahim Fortress of early 19th century:

And in the '70s:

To be continued...


PS: The photo quality is fairly poor (the light was terrible & the digital camera an early model, 3 MP)
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