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In Kiplinger's June issue, an article titled "Best Cities for Every Stage of Your Life" features several Midwestern cities in its Top liveable towns rankings.
The criteria are found here: ""


Best City for Mid-Level Professionals:

Kansas City, MO
Boise, ID
Portland, ME
Huntsville, AL
Fayetteville, NC

Best City for Married with Kids

Atlanta, GA
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN
Des Moines, IA
Provo, UT
Green Bay, WI

Best City for Empty Nesters

San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Madison, WI
Charleston, WV
Boulder, CO

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The category KC is in includes the following demographics:
Ages 30-44, Married, No kids, and Single, so the KCMO school system had
no bearing on the ranking.
True, but recently there was a list released of the best cities for families to relocate to. KC was ranked #3. There's no way KCMO schools would allow KC to be ranked #3 in such a list. The ranking was based undoubtedly on the suburbs, mainly the Johnson Co. burbs.

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sadly that would be true for most of us for any big city school system in the US. What a shame.
Is there a list or ranking of the best "city" school systems in the US, because I seriously doubt that Minneapolis or Atlanta is at the top of that list, or anywhere close to the top for that matter.

The rest of the list for "best city, married with kids" makes sense. I don't know about Atlanta, but Minneapolis doesn't make sense at all on that list. The school district sucks by just about any measure, it has horrible graduation rates. NOBODY would choose to send their kid there.

I don't know how much they're factoring in the schools for that category, but if I were making the list, the #1 factor for being the best for married with kids would be the public schools.

Which makes me think that they aren't really talking about the "city", they're talking about the whole metro area.
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