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City of Kirkuk

A Kurdish city since the era of the gutti (ancestors of the kurds) . there are Turkmen who came to kirkuk during ottoman empire first in 1055 as military recruits . Arabs from Tikrit also started migrating to the city after oil was first discovered in 1927 , They started settling in the Hawija district in Kirkuk . There are also some Chaldeans that live in the city which are very small in number . one after another the former iraqi governments took kirkuks oil and used the money to destroy the city kick out the kurds and replace them with Arab settlers from mid and south of iraq , many kurds wish kirkuk didn't have oil because it would have been part of the KRG by now.

The city is under Kurdish authorities but is not OFFICIALLY under the KRG control yet but they are trying under the constitutional law article 140 to join it into the autonomous region of Kurdistan. its not the oil the kurds are after there are plenty of oil in the 3 provinces but cos its a city formed by Gutian ancestors of kurds 2400 BC.


The Citadel in the background

Saddam started destroying it to erase total kurdishness of the city

Kurdish neighborhood in Kirkuk before ethnic cleansing

Kurdish neighborhood in Kirkuk after ethnic cleansing

returned displaced kurds living in the stadium after fall of Saddam

Rezgari & Eskan suburbs

Multi story car park

Interchange in kirkuk

Al-Shuhada' Interchange in Kirkuk, Iraq
For this interchange, traffic study was taken into consideration in design. This is a major interchange in Kirkuk. It consists mainly of one 2-sided overpass with all approaches. Project now is under construction.

North Kirkuk park

length 270 days , cost 5 Billion ID , duration 2009-2010

Slemani Restaurant


Azadi Hospital

Election photo

Shaykh mahmudi hafid

he was the leader of several Kurdish uprisings against the British Mandate of Iraq. He twice proclaimed himself king of an independent Kurdish state.

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^^ i have eaten at this place quality food , im from kirkuk btw :D
oh yeah btw i was born in Suli my mum is from Suli my dad however is a kirkuki , he was evicted by the baathies in kirkuk cos he didnt wanna convert to a baathy . he left in 1979 but all his family are from kirkuk and still live there. :)
oh yah wer abouts is he from !!! nawi chiya bawkt ?
nawi mahamada he is from Azadi :)
Alan Kirkuk is NOT in Kurdistan region !
Kurdistan has 3 Governorates ! Arbil sulimaniya and Duhok
read this ; from kurdistan goverment website (
إن إقليم كوردستان بمحافظاته الثلاث دهوك وأربيل والسليمانية يغطي مساحة ما يقارب الأربعين ألف كيلومتر مربع - فهو أكبر من هولندا وأكبر أربع مرات من مساحة لبنان ويبلغ عدد سكانه أربعة ملايين نسمة وفي إزدياد سريع مستمر
The Kurdistan Region’s provincial authorities
The Kurdistan Region comprises the three northern-most governorates or provinces of Iraq: Erbil,
Suleimaniah and Dohuk. Each governorate has a democratically elected 41-seat Governing Council.
The provincial Governors are Mr Nawzad Hadi in Erbil, Mr Behrouz Mohammad Salih in Suleimaniah,
and Mr Tamar Ramadan Fattah in Dohuk.
As well as receiving funds from the Kurdistan Region’s own budget, the governorates also receive
directly from Baghdad funds for provincial capital investment and infrastructure projects.
been told to edit by bigdreamer
ok even if it was kurdish ! its still NOT in kurdistan YET man !
been told to edit by bigdreamer
guys plz understand the KRG is stil and will be part of iraq as long as iraq doesnt cause new issues for KRG and solves all outstanding issues which i think they already have started whice are implemetation of articel 140 , paying for oil company's costs of drillings working in the KRG and kurdish regional forces . the last iraqi Gov. did nothing to solve these problems but this time round they will hold on to there promises otherwise the KRG will withdraw from the government formation n i beleive it was singed by Maliki but correct me if im wrong.
my family were forced to leave kirkuk in 1995 by saddams dogs or else they would all get executed , they left to slemani and lots of others along with them , they were living as refugees in some old apartments in near sarchnar and the flow of evicted kurds continued till 2003 but after saddam was defeated they and lots of other displaced families went back to the city from all over the KRG . currently the kurdish police control the city and they are doing a great job , when kirkuk goes under KRG control its stil in iraq but its affairs will be managed by the KRG and as you all know KRG is 10 times better in all aspects compared with non-KRG areas so its not like they will destroy the city but the opposite , and all other turkmen brothers and small number of arabs are going to be living in the city just like always noone will be forced to leave otherwise we will be no different to saddam , but i know lots of arab families that were forced to move to the city volunteerly left and moved back to their origin places and received compensations inder article 140 as its not just for misplaced kurdish families but also our Arab brothers.
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yeah i agree with you bro here is some of those families that returned to the city this is kirkuk sports stadium , there properties were invaded by forced Arab families that were also displaced and brought in by Saddam

as far as im concerned the KRG built houses for them in kirkuk and they no longer live there
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Dear Alankurdi

You have been warned several times about posting politically sensitive topics, unfortunately you don't seem to care. please remove all political stuff from this thread or it will be deleted. the thread name will also change to KIRKUK.

I'm receiving several complaints about your attitude in this forum. please stop posting about politically sensitive topics in this forum. There are many other places on the Internet to post about politics. Feel free to post there.. This is your final warning.
^^ that's an offensive pic alankurdi, i think you should remove it...sorry Alpos
^^ that's an offensive pic alankurdi, i think you should remove it...sorry Alpos
you should edit your post correctly lol !!!. also who's side are you on then ? :colgate:

also why re change the name ? kirkuk is a Kurdish city and part of Kurdistan unofficially ? do we have saddamis here i would like to get an answer ??
edit in what way?
edit in what way?
mentioning my name ? lol
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