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It's time for the First Ever Kitchener/Waterloo Meet. I've decided to coincide the meet with my favourite event from last year: Beat Rocks the Block.

Starting Point: Top Floor of the Duke/Ontario Parking Garage
Start Time: 12 noon

Part 1) Walking Tour: 12 pm - 6pm

Downtown Kitchener

1) Victoria Park Loop
- Transit Terminal
- Victoria Park
- Queen Street Apartment Building (U/C)
- Queen Street View North
- Arrow Lofts

2) Civic Centre Loop
- The Galleria
- Registry Theatre
- Fredrick Street View
- Regional City Hall
- Courthouse
- Mansion Lofts
- Centre in the Square
- Library
- Queen Street View South

3) Market District
- Le Marche Condos
- Fake Brownstones
- Entrance Art
- Your Kitchener Market
- The Record

4) King Street
- Children's Museum
- Theatre & Company
- TD Canada Trust Centre
- Top of the Ontario Street Garage
- Centre Block
- Kitchener City Hall
- WLU Faculty of Social Work
- Eaton Lofts
- Icon Condos Location
- Lang Tannery
- Kaufman Lofts
- UW School of Pharmacy

- Downtown View
- Hospital

Uptown Waterloo
- Sunlife Tower
- Bauer Lofts
- Waterloo City Hall
- Regional Health Building
- Waterloo Town Square
- Seagram Lofts
- Clay & Glass Gallery
- Perimeter Institute
- Princess Cinemas
- Huether Hotel
- Waterloo Park

Suburban Waterloo
- Andy's Apartments, X-Flats
- Veterans Memorial
- University Plaza
- Phillip Street (aka RIM Avenue)
- Research & Technology Park
- University of Waterloo

Part 2) Free Concert: 6 pm - 11pm

Food: The Still?

presented by Rogers Wireless and Molson Canadian Rocks - The True Taste of Live Music!!

91.5 The BEAT rocked the block last summer with a free concert, and we're gonna do it again!

Don't make any plans for Saturday July 28th because we're putting on the best damn FREE concert in the K-Dub this summer!

The Line-up:

Keep listening for all the details on more special guests and how you can join us as we Rock The Block in downtown K-Town on July 28th!

1) Who's interested?
2) What method of transportation would you use? (to determine the starting point)
3) What other sites would you like added to the list?
4) How long can you walk for? Is 6 hours of walking too long? (if so, suburban Waterloo/Universities will be dropped)
5) Where would you want to eat?
6) Any other suggestions?

- Post #1 will be kept current
- You don't need to attend the entire day. If you only want to attend the Walking Tour that's fine.
- You don't have to be from KW to attend, the meet is open to all.

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They've been to Thunder Bay a couple times, they weren't very good though. They're really hit or miss with their live acts. During their last cross country tour, Thunder Bay and Sudbury were noted as their worst performances ever.

They need the right venue though. I think they played at the Outpost last time? :dunno:

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5 more days until Downtown Kitchener Rocks. Here's two pictures from last year:

I've decided the starting point of the meet will be the top floor of the Duke/Ontario Parking Garage. Who's planning to attend?

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It's too bad things didn't work out this time. We really should hold rotating meets in different S. Ontario cities.

The concert was amazing and had a great vibe! 16,000 showed up to Rock the Block in Downtown Kitchener. I've posted more pics in the Festivals of Waterloo Region thread, but here is a sample:


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^ That's great to hear and see. Too bad the meet never worked out though, but if a K-W meet happens and if I'm free, you can bet I'll attend, I think I need a little K-W in my life. I plan on attending this year's Oktoberfest.
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