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Kliwonan Village located about 17 km eastern of Solo (Central Java - Indonesia) along Solo-Surabaya Main Road (25 minutes by bus/car). It is the central production of Sragens Special Batik , there are 85 society activity unit and 5000 batik craftmen. Kliwonan produces 365.000 pieces cotton batik and 50.000 pieces silk batik production per year. You can get Batik with high quality and low price here because Kliwonan is the home village of many batik craftmen, so you really comes to the right place.

Tourism Activities :

• Buy batik clothes, batik patchwork and handycraft with high quality and low price. You can even get batik which is written by hand for half price than you have to pay if you buy batik in Solo / Surakarta City.

• Learning batik process (short time 2-3 hours or private), write or draw your own batik here.

• Learning agricultural process , it’s fun and a very rare experience.

• Learning herbal farming (jamu), make your own herbal drink.

• Cycling arround the village , with beautifful views and without air pollution Kliwonan is a perfect place to go cycle.

• Learn how to make “The Rare Black Clay Craft”, it’s a rare hand made craft.

• Outdoor photography activities with natural property , an ideal place to take a photo session.

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