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Knights of White Render

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This must be worth a thread of its own.

As a developer the balance between design and cost is a constant tightrope walk.

The planners vary with the seasons. Render was in a while back, now they are not sure.

I have seen bad render, think The Monument, and slightly disappointing render, think Homes For The Future.

But surely manufacturers can learn from experience and develop a render that works better in our climate?
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Why don't we all just go back to the good old pebble dash? I can imagine it now Dandara covered in a nice grey mash of pebble perfection. mmm...
It might come to that once they start the inevitable value engineering exercise.....
Just be thankfull your developments are getting white render, as opposed to the classic grey plastic tiles that plague all developments in Leeds.
We built some flats in Leith back in '87 and'88. Nothing fancy (although I was very excited at that time, hoping they would sell at £40,000), only four stories with a pitched roof.

One of the little debates I had with my architect at the time was the colour of the rough cast. He suggested beige because it would weather better. I went with white because it would look better at completion when we were selling them.

Seems to me much the same debate is still going on!

By the way fifteen years on and they look fine.
There is a lot of bad detailing out there with regards to components of buildings which interface with render systems. But a lot of this stems from the manufacturer's information and specification put out.

If you are doing roughcast or wetdash systems or indeed in any of the more traditional systems you keep the cills out, proper bellcasts at given intervals and usually have a soffit board or cope projecting out over the plane of the wall.

Some performance render systems are sold as all singing all dancing go anywhere need nothing systems.

Stick it on a base coat or cement particle board, don't bother too much about drips, have a wee skittery powder coated trim at the wallhead instead of a cope never mind soffit, and also you can recess into it feature beams at floor levels etc, oh and you can do without drips where these features such as mid floor beams break the render panel up.

Perhaps one of the reasons murdomac that your rendered flats from the late eighties look okay is the pitched roof and eaves / soffit offer some protection.
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I tell ya - Dave Page is Scotland's render king.

cept he goes for coloured stuff as opposed tae jist white.
Well, I would like nominate Richard Murphy as one the Knight Templar's of the Render Round Table.
Yes - perhaps we should actually identify the knights of the rendered round table, a good idea momus.

Personally I want to know who's Kind Arthur? and which bastard's Lancelot?
ah kind arthur, the legendary do-gooder of mythology.

always travelling the country giving handouts to the poor and rescuing small animals on his way to rehabilitate medievil evil-doers.

those were the days
Kind Arthur . . . .

is there a film pitch in that?
In the style of Monty Python !
Right, in the absence of any other suggestions, here's my first pass at honorary members of the KOWR! round table:

1. Richard Murphy Architects
2. Page slash Park
4. Cooper Cromar

Anyone else?
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