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KOBE 神戸 | The Parkhouse Kobe Tower ザ・パークハウス神戸タワー | 117m | Com

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KOBE 神戸 | The Park House Kobe Tower ザ・パークハウス神戸タワー | 117m | U/C

KOBE 神戸 | Familiar Hall Site Mansion ファミリアホール 跡地マンション | 120m | Pro

height: 116.95m
floors: 33
use: residential
status: U/C
start: April 2017
complete: March 2020

Aioicho 1-Chome, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
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source: e-mansion
Will be very interesting to see how they incorporate the old facade at street level to the tower that will rise above it. Will they be piecing it back together?
Another one from a different angle.

sourcee: e-mansion

source: e-mansion
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The rebuilt facade of the old building has been uncovered.

And this could be one of the last new residential high rise buildings in Kobe.

The Straits Times from Singapore mentioned in their article on the Taronomon-Azubadai Redevelopment that Kobe is one of the cities which are stopping the construction of this kind of towers because of the depopulation which is happening right now in Japan.


"The nightmare scenario is that some years into the future, the city centre will suddenly be filled with old people, while suburban areas are depopulated and ruined," Kobe city mayor Kizo Hisamoto was quoted as saying.

I don't think that this is the solution for this problem, the same thing will happen anyway if you stop building in central areas of these cities. It will become difficult to keep the suburbs alive. Keeping up all the services in these neighborhoods will be very difficult, especially the older ones furthest away from the transportation lines. And with Kobe being completely build up between Osaka Bay and the hills there's no real alternative use for the suburbs when they dry up. It looks like the city knows that it is a big problem, but doesn't really know what to do about it.

Creating more density in the central areas and around stations by building high rise apartments it will keep those places alive. But that has to go together with demolishing parts neighborhoods without doing with the area. There is a popular saying on the Dutch Skyscraper City Forum "demolish it and give it back to nature", but that's more easily said then done. Especially in a completely build up environment.
Yes, very strange strategy chosen by Kobe, especially while Osaka is booming.

I visited the city for a day while I was back in February, and felt that Kobe is really not ageing well. It used to be one of the coolest, most modern cities in Japan, but walking around Sannomiya (which is still great at night), everything is starting to look old and tired, and there has been very little new development anywhere in the city centre. The Sogo department store for example, has seen far better days and looks really shabby inside now.

Down at the waterfront, you're greeted by a very bland and soulless shopping centre, and the equally bland Mosaic. They've added a few wedding hotels and the cruise terminal but it's still pretty boring around there sadly.

Chinatown is fine, but the old European quarter up around Kitano is also ageing very poorly.

It's a real shame as I love the city, but Osaka is just pulling further and further ahead while Kobe is being left behind :(
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Osaka is relatively affordable at the moment, but who's to say home prices won't skyrocket in the near future and Kobe becomes a popular afforable alternative like a mini Yokohama? Capping tawaman redevelopment would be disadventageous in the long run, as it would help make the city attractive for new residents.
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