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Come on guys, shoot your opinions regarding developments that has to come to Kochi for her development...

Let us discuss it here, so that the project threads wont become messed up.......

We were talking about the infrastructural development needed for Kochi's development, what do you guys think about the need of Metro in kochi...
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Thanks sanju , This was indeed required .

can any throw light on the Edappally Kuttipuram 4 lane highway , my brotherinlaw is having land close to the highway side , he is saying current price is close to 5 lac a cent,

does this highway connects North Parur to Main city ... if yes , some time down we can see flats mushrooming towards Parur as its just 1 hr drive from edapally , once highway comes , time will further reduce ...
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after discussing and debating for abt half decade , the great Kerala Govt descided to find new suitors fopr Smart City....

Cant the youth in kerala kick these left commies and bury them underground...They only know 2 things in Life , either to oppose everything or Not to act on things ...

Kerala can still live with corruption , but inaction is very dangerous , in the last 4 yrs these commies managed to put state 10 yrs behind other states ...

If at all these buggers come to power , its only Kerala youth to blame ... Lets not become puppets in the hands of Politicians who are taking state backwards and backwards in terms of development
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Yes, youth (which I doubt I belong) is very much to blame. But it is their choice. Look at ArunPR here. He is an IT pro, but (blindly) supports the communist party and its policies. I see a lot of net savy people around doing that.

USing the same computers that they opposed. IRONY!
The left comedians were the first to oppose computerisation and now they are running around for developing IT parks in each district , what a contradiction..
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Funny statments. Are you an agent of Congress/TECOM? Youth know about the activities of current government very well. If you dont know about the achievement, then I will tell you.

First I have a question.

Why are you blaming only the government and not blaming TECOM ?
TECOM have started discussions in the year 2002 and signed an agreement in May 2007 and not started any activities till now and you are still supporting them. Are you really an Indian or are you from Pakistan? You simply blame government. Do not mug everything written by media business men and write something.Why are you not blaming the companies for not starting these projects? No need of any more government support or assistance required for these projects.

- RMZ Kinfra Park, Kakkanad
- HDIL Cyber City
- TCS Campus, Kochi
- IBS Campus Kochi
- L&T Signature Tower, Infopark Kochi
- Brigade IT Park, Infopark Kochi
- Parsvanath IT SEZ, Chengamanad
- Unitech SEZ, Kakkanad

Govt gave all approvals and is there any work started ?????????? Its because of recession. Same is the case for Smart City also. TECOM has already invested 100 crores for Smart City in May 2007. They appointed consultant for master plan also, applied for SEZ - 246 acres. Central government did not give SEZ status for the whole 246 acres and gave only for 136 acres due to a river. Then recession came in by the end of 2007. Lease deed had to be registered to get the SEZ status for 246 acres. If the SEZ is for 246 acres, then TECOM cannot get free holding from the SEZ land. Due to recession and poor financial conditions of TECOM, they demanded for change in lease deed to give free holding before applying for SEZ for 246 acres. They stopped the master plan preparation also. Government is not ready for this, as government is very sceptical about the capablitiy of TECOM. It may create legal issues too. People might challenge this in court as it happened for HDIL Cyber City. They said that they will invest 1500 crores and after investing 100 crores, they didnt have the money to prepare a master plan. So government should cancel the agreement with TECOM asap. There are lot of business men from arab countries who are influencing the officials and stalling this project. Those business grps are not ready to give this project to any other company. Those grps are influencing government too. That could be the reason why govt took this much time to give an ultimatum to TECOM. Recession also cud be an issue. During recession, there was nobody else to take up ths project.

Now government should cancel agreement with TECOM and develop Smart City with the help of other private investors as the same agreement as TECOM(Already investors are ready) or should develop it in a way similar to TechnoCity Trivandrum.

Governments initiatives in IT and other sectors
IT parks - Koratty, Cherthala, Ambalapuzha, Kollam, Calicut, Kasargode, Kannur, TechnoCity. In this work operations have started in Koratty and it will start in next year in IT parks like Cherthala, Ambalapuzha, Kollam, Calicut. Work will start by this year in Kannur and Kasargode IT parks. All IT parks got the SEZ approval also. – See the details of Infopark. Other projects ………………………

Govt Initiatives
Infopark expansion Kochi – Athulya & Phase 2, Cherthala, Koratty, Ambalapuzha Infoparks
Technopark expansion, TechnoCity, Kollam Technopark
Kozhikode Cyber Park, Kannur and Kasargode IT park
Govt is starting new PSUs as announced in budget.
Revival of loss making state PSUs

When govt started, there was a recruitment freeze in 2006. In 2007, Government has started recruitments in a big way. Most the departments are recruiting. Government has started lot of companies in the coperative sector to create more jobs like the Thriveni super store and Mithra stores etc etc. Government revived all the public sector companies too. Lot of young people are getting jobs here. Also major recruitments are going in Police force, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals etc etc. There are no recruitment freeze and well educated youth is getting multiple jobs in kerala. PSC list is ready for jobs in all sectors and the appoinments are going on.

Central PSUs
BEL – Kinfra – Kalamassery
BEML – Palakkad – Started – Govt is acquiring 900 acres more for BEML
Coach factory – Palakkad
HAL – Kasargode

Private Companies
IBS – Kochi – Gave land for IBS in Kochi
TCS – Kochi – Gave land in Kochi
RMZ – Kinfra – Kochi
Brigade – Infopark.
HDIL Cybercity – Kinfra – Kalamassery
Smart City – Infopark – TECOM

Most of the private companies have not started operations due to the recession issues. But Koratty Infopark is fully occupied now. It is really an achievement of Infopark. But construction of BEL centre in Kalamassery is goin on. Also BEML is functional in Palakkad now. I really thank AK Antony for his efforts to bring all these PSUs to kerala. Cities like bangalore got lot of advantages due to these PSUs.

Keep discussing like this throughout life , thats best the govt knows . By the way I dont support congress or tecom , all I want is action taken ... not the stupid crazy discussion around the issues for half decade ..
This govt is really incapable of running big projects ...
They know only Oppose things , debate , discuss , again debate , again discuss , then the party central team will take another stand , then go back and agains start discussing , debating
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what happened to Elbit-salarpuria project? or what what went wrong ...i don't see any news for quite some time.
Its buried underground , CPI central leadership is against Israel companies , we need to wait till next election when congress comes to power .
Same with sobha Hitech city ....
See a media mafia created news !!!!!!!!!! Actual reason is

Critical environmental issues which could have been avoided at another location. The project involves only a couple of office towers and making up less than 20% of overall area, most of which is devoted to premium apartments.

This project is not an IT park or anything. Just a residential project. Added some office spaces to get exemptions related to the protection of mangrove forests and claims that it will generate 10000s of jobs (As TECOM claims in the case of Smart City). This is another real estate deal. Not an industrial project at all. Govt doesnt want to destroy the environment for contructing appartments for crorepathis.
comon frnd , pls check CPIM stand on Israel companies , they are totally against it . In such scenario all trivial issues gets enlarged which happened in Elbit case ...
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comon frnd , pls check CPIM stand on Israel companies , they are totally against it
Read this. Sobha is not Israeli. Bt govt has not yet given all the clearances.

Clear Hi-Tech City only after studies: Collector

Yet another hurdle has come up before the proposed Rs 5,000-crore Sobha Hi-Tech City to be set up at eco-sensitive Valanthakkad at Maradu outside Kochi with Ernakulam District Collector KM Beena submitting a report in the Kerala High CourtHigh Court of Kerala is the highest court in the Indian state of Kerala and in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep.

This is the answer !!!!!!! Govt will not give sanctions for companies based on media hype !!!!!!!!
Even I know sobha is not israeli , I was referring to elbit
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I don't think Salarpuria is an Esrael outfit. But the JV has an Esrael Co as partner. The same co. ie, Elbit is also investing in W. bengal too, apparently a much larger project. :eek:hno:
There are many double standard CPIM has , they have one set rules in Kerala and other set in Westbengal ...
I still cant understand what the hell is stopping govt from building flyovers at Vytila and kundanoor

The worst traffic I seen , it took me 3 signals to cross vytila Junction... Its nightmare to cross vytila .... when these buggers will wake up to the needs of the city .... its cruel to kochi ....
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Nice pics! Can't wait for more projects on the water front like Dewa, DLF, Purvankara etc to be complete. Will look amazing with all the yatchs in the marina.

its 50 acres waiting for development at Marine drive , can you imagine how that place will look like once its developed!!!!!
Rightly said.

for that we need govt babus , unfortunately the comedians sitting there dont want city to expand ... its utterly ridiculous to exclude places like Maradu , tripunithura , Vallarpadom and vypeen areas, kalamassery from city limits ....
^^MI, I think a decentralization process should be occurred for the expansion of Kochi city. The present scenario, is almost 70% important institutions are on MG Road.(both commercial and non-commercial) . This feature has to be changed. In order to develop a city , it should have more core parts with in the city. So the traffic congestion can be normalized because of the even distribution of traffic .
many commercial centres will move to Bypass between Kundanoor and edapally stretch .... This was the strtch earlier people could travel smoothly , down the line this will also become hectic ..last time wen i was thr , right from powerhouse , vehicles were lined till vytila... this is serious issue.. cant hv highway choked like this..

as city grows , traffic congestion is becoming new normal...we hv to get adjusted to that especially wen we hv narrow raods....
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Foreign tourists visiting Kerala have made Kochi the top destination for foreign tourists in the state. Kochi notched up Rs 3,070 crore in tourist turnover in 2010. :banana::banana::banana:

According to the Kerala Department of Tourism, 1.16 lakh foreigners visit the town every year, which is also the main entry point for them into Kerala. In fact, Kochi crossed Kovalam in hosting the maximum number of tourist arrivals a few years ago and has retained pole position since.

Income generated from tourists comes to around Rs 3,070 crore, of which Rs 2,030 crore came from domestic tourists.

"If you take into account the other destinations in the district, it is evident that Ernakulam district attracts 43% of Kerala-bound foreign tourists," says U V Jose, planning officer for Kerala Tourism. "The major sources of foreign tourists to Kochi are UK (24%), US (11%), France (10%), Germany (7.6%), and Australia (6%)," Jose adds. Kochi also retains the prime position among South Indian tourist destinations.

S Swaminathan, chief executive officer of tourist agency Dravidian Trails says, "People consider Kochi a heritage city and go to Fort Kochi to scour the backwaters. Tourists like to spend two days here." The peak flow of inbound tourists happens in the months of November to February and the lean period stretches from May to August.

Apart from the free individual travellers and groups flying in, cruise junkies contribute significantly to the local economy. "Between March and April, around 20 ships call at Cochin port and travellers spend at least a day here," Swaminathan added.
Its a very good officially Kochi is the top tourist destination in Kerala .....
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^^wats the big deal if KMRL does it on its own. Media was bored with the dam issue hence they got a new controversy to talk about. This is a small thing blown out of proportion:bash:
do you really think our tom jose can do it , no clue abt this man ...
we just dont hv expertise in implementing such high scale infra projects ,

take the case of VMH , its become a confusion hub now ....

Mega projects like Metro which cut accross thru city needs real expertise in implementing it .... experience gained by building some bridges and Bus depots are not gonna help here , we need professional people at helm , else it will be chaos for granted ......
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This was the best move . There is no better person who can head this ambitious project . Have seen many people criticising Sreedharan for his adamant views .. but thing is if we do not have any expertise in handling complex projects .. the best thing was to work with ES and learn how to handle complex projects like metro then start handling on our own .... If Tom Jose wants to prove his skills, entrust him the works of 4 Flyovers coming at Vytila edapally etc ..... let him execute that flawlessly and prove his skills rather than jumping staright onto project like Metro whoose construction will effect millions in one way or other ......
we have pathetic record in implementing large scale projects ... this one should not be tried with immature hands...
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The extraordinary meeting called in Cabinet Secretary of India A.K Seth on special orders of PMO, over approval of Kochi Metro, finalized that entire process for pending approvals and proceedings for sanctioning accord to Kochi Metro to be completed before February 20th 2012.:cheers::banana:

Great work by our politicians :banana::banana: excellent
Hope same spirit will be shown in execution of this prestigious project.
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These buggers dont have any money at all , one way its good that some one with good pockets will buy but sad part it the whole land parcel will become some township ...
Nitesh had a 4 acre parcel in Bolghatty island where they were planning a High end hotel. Does anyone have idea about it? I feel, EMKE group might have bought the land.
There seems good chance for emke to take over as Nitesh Project may not sustain infront of mighty one by EMKE ...
other chance is they may go for some apratment project which can be of good demand considering the projects around
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where its written its on hold ... this article clearly say they are putting kochi land for sale... for that mattr , they r selling even many parcels in mumbai itself.. so no question them retaining kochi land... they r neck deep in debt..
Well, we had put up a report eariler, that HDIL is selling only the township part of the project. They are not ready to sell the SEZ or Core area. Even in Parsavanth's case, they too said they are selling the non-core area... So it means the core area is remaining back. If we look Parsavnath's case, till now they haven't submitted surrender letter of Kochi SEZ. Whereas they have done that in case of all other SEZs plots they got eariler.

So almost major biggies are in wait and watch mode, proving there is potential, but some starting trouble is there.......
core I guess should be seen in the context of area of operations , eg: Parsvnath core area is Delhi NCR , so Chennai , Kochi is Non - core for them . Considering these guys present situation it will be hopeless to expect anything from them , rather its best for us if they sell it off
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