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Come on guys, shoot your opinions regarding developments that has to come to Kochi for her development...

Let us discuss it here, so that the project threads wont become messed up.......

We were talking about the infrastructural development needed for Kochi's development, what do you guys think about the need of Metro in kochi...
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Thanku Scorpio, what is your opinion regarding ring road for Kochi, is it practically possible?
Thank yu Sanju for the initiative....It is obviousely possible, because the municipal, panchayat belt encircle Kochi CBD is not so densely populated as you percieve. There is plenty land available. offcourse it is obvious that a certain amt of land aquisition is required.
But you need to make a master plan dvpt that ensures town planners, consultants derive optimum use of land or rather minimal acquisition of land, most of the islands scattered around can have land reclaimed from marshy water logged areas which only produce mosquitoes.
A traffic network should go hand in hand with clubbing of ring road, rail, water ways network.
I am also sure that all this is not possible in shot...could break down the entire project into multiple phase of development. And there shud be a gud nodal agency is appointed who have expertise in the same.
On the finance part you can consider the same self - financed SPV method for these projects with a long term vision.
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See these pics shot frm vallarpadom ICTT area. this is how the neighbouring islands around Kochi looks like. So land aquisition is won't make a big issue, except the CRZ rules, surely mainland eastern side from eloor, kalamassery, perumbavoor, kakkanad, puthencruz, tripunithura to Edakochi is a concern.
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The point made bold must get top priority....
The marine drive - chathiath road have lot of future prospects. It will serve as a bye- pass towards pachalam and northern part of the city.
what happened to Elbit-salarpuria project? or what what went wrong ...i don't see any news for quite some time.
comon frnd , pls check CPIM stand on Israel companies , they are totally against it . In such scenario all trivial issues gets enlarged which happened in Elbit case ...
I don't think Salarpuria is an Esrael outfit. But the JV has an Esrael Co as partner. The same co. ie, Elbit is also investing in W. bengal too, apparently a much larger project. :eek:hno:
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Govt is not giving permission to Salarpurai-Elbit project due to environmental issues as in the case of Sobha Hitech City.

Why these companies are always interested to destroy the mangrove forests in Kochi ? Why cant they buy land in other places like Kakkanad, Kalamassery, Pallikara, Puthecruz, Karimugal and all? They want to construct premium appartments by destroying mangrove forests by making false propaganda a that it is an IT park project which will create jobs. These companies are using media to promote the projects. Medias are waiting for something against the govt. So they will write that project is delaying due to infighting b/w CPIM and CPI. Its all bull shit to help some real estate mafias.

I have a point to make here. Mangrove forests are symbol of our hypocrisy. Mangroves are actually grown up like huge weeds in our paddy fields when we stop the cultivation.
The proposed elbit-salarpuria project is coming up in Thanthonnithuruth, an Island in Kochi backwaters hardly 500 mtrs frm the tip of marine drive north extn. It is an almost under developed area with 100+ families as inhabitants. If the mainland kochi connected thru a bridge to this island. Nothing like, you are opening a Pandora’s box. It's a potential hot spot for marina's, water sports, resorts etc. You won't imagine it is such a beautiful verdant island. More over unlike other paper tiger IT projects it may serve a corporate social responsibility or a fair chance of getting it done thru a PPP model or whatever. The unfortunate residents are deprived of the basic amenities like drinking water, bridges/ roads, electricity for ages. It's a shame on us. It doesn't cost you crores of Rs. for basic infra here. But some sensible approach to development and our social responsibility make the difference.
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Read more abt mangrove forests ...
Govt has given approval for all the projects where there is no environmental concerns.
...tsunami is not a benchmark or criteria for environment clearance. Moreover this is an island in vembanad lake not in vypin or Fortkochi. Secondly we tend to assumes the so called environmentalists are always right. No it's not....barring few exceptions most of the agitations are merely a publicity stunt. kinda sukumar azhikode mania.

The real issue is people he who really has the expertise and knowledge always remains silent confined to such issues. And mostly it will be some celebrity event happens as and when a critical issue is arundathi roy fasting infront of coco-cola factory and media attention goes there.
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Govt is not giving permission to Salarpurai-Elbit project due to environmental issues as in the case of Sobha Hitech City.

Why these companies are always interested to destroy the mangrove forests in Kochi ?
Over a period of time we have witnessed large parcel of land like paddy fields and marsh lands are turned out to become mangrove forests. A forest is a comparitively a large ecosystem. which shelter to lot of species. here in our case it transformed to a birth place for MOSQUITOES. Kochi now also have title called "The city of Mosquitoes". If you still have doubts...pls take a break and visit some of the infamous mangrove forests in Kochi, Mangalavanam, Vypin, Puthuvype, western part of Tripunithura, silver sand island etc
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Environment doesnt mean only mangrove forests or paddy fields. There are other issues like waste management, groud water depletion etc etc.

Bangalore may become unliveable in 5 years
Dear Sir, I have also worked in Bangalore, Dubai other metro cities as well. I have never seen water shortage in dubai, Bangalore's case is diff. I agree. There are 100's of real skyscrapers in dubai and the urban concrete jungle growing vertically and horizontally day by day.

There is a lot of difference between these cities and Kochi or esp kerala. Just see this facts abt Kerala published in official website of Kerala Govt.

Coastal Belt This strip near the coastline, is comparatively plain. Extensive paddy fields, thick groves of coconut trees and picturesque backwaters, interconnected with canals and rivers, are the features of this region. In the southern and northern parts of the state, the coastal belt also has some hills and valleys.

Backwaters & Rivers
Backwaters: The backwaters are a peculiar feature of the state. Canals link the lakes and backwaters to facilitate an uninterrupted inland water navigation system from Thiruvananthapuram to Vadakara, a distance of 450 kms. The Vembanad lake stretching from Alappuzha to Kochi is the biggest water basin and is over 200 sq.kms. in area. Water-logged Kuttanad alone forms more than 20 per cent of India's total length of waterways.

Rivers: There are 44 rivers in the state, of which 41 originate from the Western Ghats and flow towards west into the Arabian sea. Three tributaries of the river Cauvery originate in Kerala and flow east into the neighbouring States. These rivers and streams flowing down from the Western Ghats either empty themselves in to the backwaters in the coastal area or directly into the Arabian Sea.

As the Western Ghats are nowhere more than 120 kms from the sea, all these rivers are comparatively short.

The important rivers from north to south are; Valapattanam river (110 kms.), Chaliar (69 kms.), Kadalundipuzha (130 kms.), Bharathapuzha (209 kms.), Chalakudy river (130 kms.), Periyar (244 kms), Pamba (176 kms), Achancoil (128 kms.) and Kalladayar (121 kms.). Other than these, there are 35 more small rivers and rivulets flowing down from the Ghats. Most of these rivers are navigable up to the midland region for country crafts which provide a cheap and reliable transport system.

The presence of a large number of rivers has made Kerala rich in water resources which are being harnessed for power generation and irrigation.

Rivers/ Rivelets of Kerala Name of river/rivelets Length in Kms.
(A) West Flowing
1 Majeswar 16
2 Uppala 50
3 Shiriya 67
4 Mogral 34
5 Chandragiri 105
6 Chittari 25
7 Nileswar 46
8 Kariangode 64
9 Kavvaiyi 31
10 Peruvamba 51
11 Ramapuram 19
12 Kuppam 82
13 Valapattanam 110
14 Anjarakandy 48
15 Tellicherry 28
16 Mahe 54
17 Kuttiyadi 74
18 Korapuzha 46
19 Kallai 22
20 Chaliyar 169
21 Kadalundi 130
22 Tirur 48
23 Bharathapuzha 209
24 Keecheri 51
25 Puzhakkal 29
26 Karuvannur 48
27 Chalakudy 130
28 Periyar 244
29 Muvattupuzha 121
30 Meenachil 78
31 Manimala 90
32 Pamba 176
33 Achencoil 128
34 Pallickal 42
35 Kallada 121
36 Ithikara 56
37 Ayoor 17
38 Vamanapuram 88
39 Mamom 27
40 Karamana 68
41 Neyyar 56
(B) East Flowing(Tributaries of Kaveri)
42 Kabani
43 Bhavani
44 Pambar

Rain FallKerala receives a fairly good annual rainfall varying from 1250 to 5000 mm.The normal annual rainfall of Kerala is 3107 mm.(national average is 1197mm). The State has the benefit of the South West and North East monsoon. Although, quantum wise the rainfall received is fairly high, its distribution shows wide temporal and spatial variations. On an average the number of rainy days is in the range of 120-140 in a year. The annual yield of water in Kerala in a normal year is around 7030 crores cubic metres. The utilizable water resource is around 4200 crore cubic metres. The highest rainfall occurs in the high ranges of Idukki district where it exceeds 500 cm.

This diversity of rainfall makes it very cold high up in the mountains, while lower down at an elevation of 1000 to 1500 meters, a bracing climate is experienced. In the plains and lowlands, it is generally warm and humid. Maximum temperature is around 36.7 degree C and the minimum is about 19.8 degree C

I appreciate your concern over such env. issues esp. the depleting water resources...but it should n't be an excuse for non performance.

we have latest technology available, we have various Govt outfits, NGO, Natl, Intl consultants, advisory boards, spl. commissions, Educational institutions ...who can give reliable data and solutions... the list is too long.
do yu still feel it is inadequate address our issues? or do we really hav dearth of solutions?
we still have drinking water problems for decades in Vypin, and other densely populated coastal areas surrounded by water. :bash:
who will bell the cat? we talk..and keep talking, debating but there is no improvement in our living conditions. we can migrate to canada, US, UK, Australia or any where...but what use or fun in living as an escapist.
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Kochi Marina & Backwater Scapes -latest pics

Marina Club & Suites

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Kochi Marina

^^ it is catchin up high...could see today more no.of yachts docked. i guess anything b/w 12 to 15 for sure.....fantastic:)
I am sad there wont be taller ones as mumbai....:eek:hno:
it may not be possible due to hight restrictions confined to the marinedrive masterplan. Also Marinedrive is in close proximity to southern naval command's air strip.

Glad to see yu back:)

Formidable Srilankan cricket player Mahela Jayawardane likely to be appointed as Captain of the city based Kerala IPL team. The team management also seek availing the services of former Australian captain Steve Waugh as the Team Coach. Flamboyant Kerala pace bowler S.Sreesanth would be another attraction promised.

Earlier the team owners RSW consortium & Kerala Cricket Association announced Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Kochi as their home ground for the team's maiden outing slated for the IPL season 4 in the year 2011.
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fake IPL player

^^ I think the team really miss a political mentor in north kerala. Otherwise Calicut would have been a strong contender for alternative venue, very naturally.. above all political goof ups.
Hi. I didn't get you. Who's this fake IPL player?
"which came first, the chicken or egg?":lol:
^^ krishna...i think yu can make out easily...scroll up yu will find
NHAI Widening

NHAI road widening in kerala, is turning out to be a jigsaw puzzle for the politicians...interestingly a wind of change is happening with the surprise and bold statements made( a political summersault ) by 2 LDF ministers ( Mr. Jose Thettayil & Paloli Muhammed kutty) which is gaining momentum now. Opposition leader, Ummen chandy also now confused and changing his previous stand abt multi-polar political consensus for 30metres in his latest comments...
....OMG there are sensible people in politics with steel back-bone:)
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