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Kompleksi i Banimit "La Serre" | "La Serre" Residential Development

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Residential Complex "La Serre" in Tirana currently u/c...
Site area: 80.000 sq. meters

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Nice construction started already. Hopefully the end result looks like what it does in the render.
O wow, it started already! I like this Residential Complex looks really cool. :cheers:
looks great, nice architecture :cheers:
Loving the impossible shiny ground on the first pic!
Po qe na çave t. me keto komentet e tua negative per gjithcka qe ka te beje me Shqiperine?
Loving the impossible shiny ground on the first pic!
It's a drawing koqe, it's not what it will actually look like to the last detail

Nga:Fresh Property Albania
The progress looks ok so far
Fotot nga Edi_H.Postuar tek fotot e Tiranes

A ka ndonjeri ndonje update nga ky projekt?
Kur është bukur, është!
Bravo Tirana ;)
1 - 20 of 96 Posts
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