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Welcome to the Skyscrapercity Korean Forum

My name is kimahrikku1, and I'm a moderator for the Korean Forum. You're very welcome to the forum.

Here are a couple of simple guidelines:


This main Forum, entitled "Korean Forum 한국 공개토론", will remain mostly empty, and will only include a couple of sticky posts to introduce the forums. Actual discussions will be in the three following sub-forums, which you can visit and in which you are welcome to participate:
Projects and Construction / 건설 프로젝트 : This subforum is for threads dedicated to the development of infrastructures in Taiwan, including buildings, general urban developments, or transportation projects... Please be aware that many (or most) recent updates about major developments in Korea also have dedicated thread in the international World Development News Forums.
Photo Forum / 사진과 풍경 : This subforum is for threads dedicated to sharing photos of various locations in Korea, including both urban and nature.
Pojangmacha / 포장마차 : Anything else, including facts about Korea overall, discussion about the country, or any question you might have.

Courtesy / Politeness

Obviously, the first and only important rule is to be courteous, and assume that people are not ill-intentioned. Saying hello, thank you, or please is always nice. There's no need for friction, insults, personal attacks or any kind of discrimination, which won't be tolerated. Constructive debate is of course welcome, as long as it is done in a constructive way. And of course, the guidelines and rules of the overall skyscrapercity forum apply as well.


Please write your thread titles in a way with accurately presents the topic you want to talk about. This will make the thread easier to reference, and even more importantly more attractive for other people to find and to reply to. If I believe that a thread title does disservice to the content of the thread, I will consider editing this thread title to make it more accurate, only if it is absolutely necessary of course.

As for the thread contents, no major restrictions. Of course, please remain on topic and post your thread in the appropriate sub-forums (see above). Spamming or other advertising will of course not be allowed.


English is the main language for this forum. Koreans have already many forums, cafes, websites to discuss about urban development or other topics in Korean. The goal of this forum is mostly for non-Koreans to discover Korean culture, including of course its urban developments, and likewise for Koreans to introduce to the world their culture, their buildings, etc... In this context, it is natural that English is the preferred language. You're still welcome to communicate in Korean if necessary, but taking into account the nature of the forum and its demographics, I encourage you to communicate in English if possible. Don't worry about making mistakes if you're not a native English-speaker (neither am I).


Korean orthography can be quite different from English, and there has been more than one way to romanize Korean words. As much as possible, please write following the current romanization (Revised Romanization of Korean). The port city in the South East of Korea should preferably be called "Busan" (rather than Pusan, Boosan or anything else), and the palace in the middle of Seoul should preferably be called "Gyeongbokgung" (rather the Kyŏngbokkung or something else). Of course, personal names of companies often don't follow this convention, and there are cases in which spelling might not be straightforward (due to the liaison rules in Korean). Obviously, using another spelling is not a big issue, but if you do a simple google search of the spelling, it might help people who would otherwise be confused by the name differences.

Last but not least, if you have any question or comment, please feel free to let me know, either in this thread or by direct message.
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