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Krems - Old Town Charm in Lower Austria

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Krems (1)

Hi! :) A few days ago I did a half day trip to the small town Krems, which is situated
at the Danube and can be seen as the door to world famous Wachau. The climate
is mild and the region is famous for wine. Yet the main reason for my trip was not
the wine but the beautiful old town of Krems. I saw this town last time about 20 years ago,
and I did not much preparation for this little journey. Just took the train and looked
for the wonders that might wait for me in Krems.
I brought three or four photos from there... :lol: - so let me show you the pics and tell you
the story of my little Krems adventure.

First the train is rolling through the vast plain of Tullner Feld, before reaching a long,
not very high hill called "Wagram". This hill consists of glacial loess which is a perfect ground
for vineyards.

Here we see a typical railway station in a rural environment in Lower Austria - Kirchberg am Wagram:

Again from the train I took a pic of the loess terraces of Wagram. The little houses
build what we call a "Kellergasse" - nice rows of small buildings with only one purpose - wine. :)

Finally, after one hour's trip from Vienna, we have reached our destination:
Krems, we are coming! :)

(You see that I talk to you like a tourist guide, you shall feel like being taken
by the hand and make this little journey with me. :))

We step out of the railway station and find ourselves under a kind of long roof
which surely makes sense to protect passengers who move to taxi or bus from the rain...

... but first it hides from us what we see when we reach the end of the construction:
A first glance into the old town of Krems! :banana:

It's a hot day, but I'm sure you will climb any mountain with me to get nearer
to this very, very promising historic buildings up there. ;)

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What a beautiful door in post 3.

I love the way the vineyards are glimpsed from all of the different perspectives in Krems.
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Some particularly lovely images, Yansa. Firstly, the hay bales - very reminiscent....Secondly, the first sight of the baroque church.....
Such bucolic charm.

The woman who modelled for the 'hands painting’ clearly never does dishes, or manual labour......:eek:hno:
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Some absolutely stunning close-ups and details, Yansa. Very textural and sensuous.

The picturesque often resides in the process of decay.
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I’m not, as yet, quite able to explain what or why, but your Krems photographs, in particular, have a real picture postcard quality. So distinctive and original. So many great images.
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