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Krems - Old Town Charm in Lower Austria

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Krems (1)

Hi! :) A few days ago I did a half day trip to the small town Krems, which is situated
at the Danube and can be seen as the door to world famous Wachau. The climate
is mild and the region is famous for wine. Yet the main reason for my trip was not
the wine but the beautiful old town of Krems. I saw this town last time about 20 years ago,
and I did not much preparation for this little journey. Just took the train and looked
for the wonders that might wait for me in Krems.
I brought three or four photos from there... :lol: - so let me show you the pics and tell you
the story of my little Krems adventure.

First the train is rolling through the vast plain of Tullner Feld, before reaching a long,
not very high hill called "Wagram". This hill consists of glacial loess which is a perfect ground
for vineyards.

Here we see a typical railway station in a rural environment in Lower Austria - Kirchberg am Wagram:

Again from the train I took a pic of the loess terraces of Wagram. The little houses
build what we call a "Kellergasse" - nice rows of small buildings with only one purpose - wine. :)

Finally, after one hour's trip from Vienna, we have reached our destination:
Krems, we are coming! :)

(You see that I talk to you like a tourist guide, you shall feel like being taken
by the hand and make this little journey with me. :))

We step out of the railway station and find ourselves under a kind of long roof
which surely makes sense to protect passengers who move to taxi or bus from the rain...

... but first it hides from us what we see when we reach the end of the construction:
A first glance into the old town of Krems! :banana:

It's a hot day, but I'm sure you will climb any mountain with me to get nearer
to this very, very promising historic buildings up there. ;)

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Lovely place. And cat :)
Thank you, Igor! :)

And thanks to all for liking!

Krems (11) - Fels/Wagram

Today I make a little in-between. Fels is an absolutely quiet market community
with about 2.200 inhabitants near Krems. Please never go there without provisions -
it's hard to find food there. ;) For me the quite long walk in the hot sun
from the Train Station to the church yet was interesting and rewarding.
On this whole way I did not see more than about 10 people. ;)

Found lovely small wine cellars and houses...

Brought you a beautiful holly-hock, a typical plant in Austrian cottage gardens:

The first view towards the church - what a nice place!

The Margareta Church is situated on a hill. Erected as Gothic building, the church
was altered to Early Baroque style in 1697. In 1963 devastated and completely new built
in Baroque style.

The lonely entrance to the lonely cemetery ;)

Love old buildings like the following:

Fels is surrounded by fields, corn (which I love)...

... and of course vineyards (under a big sky, because except of the Wagram, which is not higher than 20 metres, the area is plain):

Those wonderful blue grapes I found at a door near the postbox :)

Gardens near the Train Station with fruit-trees, sunflowers and a walnut-tree:

At the Train Station: Three seats in "Nowhere Land" ;)


I played with two pics to create a surrealistic atmosphere ;)

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A delightful country atmosphere to feed our souls :)
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A delightful country atmosphere to feed our souls :)
Thank you, Eduardo! :)
Fitting to the country atmosphere I plan to buy a country hat in the near future -
Western style, a kind of "Straw Stetson"... ;)

To walk long distances - in town and country - gets a passion of me more and more... :)
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Wonderful updates, thank you Yansa! A impressive statue in the #39. And the monastery emerging from the forest... :eek:kay:
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Wonderful updates, thank you Yansa! A impressive statue in the #39. And the monastery emerging from the forest... :eek:kay:
Thank you, General Electric!
Your kind comments are very appreciated! :)
Abundant fertility. Love the image of the hollyhock.
Thank you, dear Jane! :)
Another In-between!

Krems (12 a) - Hadersdorf am Kamp

Hadersdorf, neighbour of Krems, is a market community with about 2000 souls
- and an extraordinary attraction: The Romanesque Karner.
Kamp is a river.

Arrival at the Hadersdorf am Kamp Train Station.
I love the colours of that train. ;)

The way from the Train Station to the Center of Hadersdorf can be made in
about 15 minutes by very good walkers, but you can also spend about 45 minutes
on that route when you are taking photos all the time, like me. :)

I passed lovely vineyards (love the light Loess and sand ground)...

... passed buildings that are the opposite of Skyscrapers... :lol:

... beautiful fields...

... had to cross some rails...

... and the Kamp River, which is flood dangerous in times of hard rain...

... the last 50 meters I had to swim! :lol:

No, thanks God there is a bridge. ;)

The Baroque Church comes in sight...

... and here we have the wonder, the pastel pink Romanesque Karner:

That shape seems to be universal: We know it from the Apulian trullis,
and also from some villages in West Africa (there made of clay)...

Like many Austrian towns and villages Hadersdorf also attaches great value
on beautiful flower decoration:

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Krems (12 b) - Hadersdorf am Kamp

Hadersdorf has a really large "Anger" (common green in the middle of the
market), and around that Anger you find many beautiful old buildings, some
of them going back to the 15th century.

This is the Sgraffito House:

One of the most impressive old doors I've ever seen:

... and they choose the perfect vases for this door:

A piece of art by the Swiss Daniel Spoerri, and the white house in the
background is the Spoerri Museum:

Daniel Spoerri was the best friend of Jean Tinguely, and Tinguely's wife,
Niki de Saint Phalle, is one of my favourite female artists. :)

Two frog kings watch over the "Anger" - we all know, we are in a fairytale,
don't we? :)

The Karner with it's Apsis:

Normally Hadersdorf is an idyllic place near the water -

... but when the rain comes...

The vineyards again:

Next time I will try to explore what we call "Kellergasse" for you.
Hopefully find a nice one and can bring many impressions. :)

Near the Railway Station they show reproductions of prehistoric artefacts.
That was a nice surprice!

At the Railway Station again:

Apart from the - a little larger - Railway Station Hadersdorf/Kamp is as quiet
as Fels/Wagram. Did not meet more than about 12 people during my visit. :)
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I really love all your threads, dear Silvia. They are all so beautiful and so interesting!
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Skopje/Скопје;134524244 said:
^^ Lovely houses on the last set of photos :eek:kay:
Thank you, Skopje! :)
Yes, visitors of famous Krems should take a look in some of the smaller towns
and villages nearby too - they have hidden architectural treasures.

I really love all your threads, dear Silvia. They are all so beautiful and so interesting!
That means a great joy for me, dear Roberto - thank you so much! :)
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Some particularly lovely images, Yansa. Firstly, the hay bales - very reminiscent....Secondly, the first sight of the baroque church.....
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Some particularly lovely images, Yansa. Firstly, the hay bales - very reminiscent....Secondly, the first sight of the baroque church.....
I'm happy that you like them, Jane - thank you so much! :)

excellent :applause:
Thank you, Leon, that's very kind of you! :)


Poor Krems - it has to wait a little more...
Another In-between has come... in between. ;)

Krems (13) - Kirchberg am Wagram

Kirchberg am Wagram is said to have about 3.600 inhabitants,
from which I met only nine today (except Train Station). ;) These market communities
near Krems and Tulln all are very quiet during the week. Would be interesting
if there is more activity on weekends.

What attracted me for a visit of Kirchberg was it's church on the Wagram
which can be seen from the train.

Kirchberg welcomed me with roses, and most of the roses there had a fine smell...

Nice modern building on the way from the Train Station to the Church:

Traditional buildings not far from the church:

This nice trinity caught my eye: The Holy Ghost, portrayed as white pigeon,
looks so cute - like the half tame pigeons when they beg for sunflower seeds
on my windowglass. ;)

Friendly road workers showed me the way to the Pilgrimage Church Mary Consolation.
Near the church I found this column with a touching Pieta:

The partly Gothic, partly Baroque church is surrounded by the cemetery.
Near the cemetery gate:

Please take a look at this wonderful location - a completely quiet and peaceful place:

View from the high on the Wagram situated cemetery over parts of Kirchberg:

View down from the cemetery wall into vegetation which gives you a feeling
of "Rain Forest" ;)

The cemetery has three parts and each part is on another level.
Here we look down to the place we stood before:

Cemetery riddle: Find the animal! ;)

For a moment I saw something blue flying. As it sat on the ground,
it turned into a stone grey insect which could hardly be seen any more!
I think this is a "Blauflügelige Ödlandschrecke", please take a look:

At the way back to the Train Station:
"Beware of the fighting cat!" ;)

Hihi, I would have loved to meet her for a little boxing round... :)

Oh, somehow autumn is greeting... ;)
Kirchberg said goodbye with wonderful red rowan berries :eek:kay:

In the heat (30 degrees Celsius) I had not enough power for exploring a "Kellergasse", but will do soon!
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Very nice.
Thank you very much, diddyD! :)
And thank you, General Electric and Skopje, for looking in and liking! :)


Today I had the luck to find a "Kellergasse" (= lane or hollow way with wine cellars
on one or both sides). Some of those cellars are in bad condition and exposed
to decay, others are restaurated and inhabited.

In Fels, where I was today, they have dug in the Loess of the long Wagram hill.

Krems (14 a) - Kellergassenromantik in Fels am Wagram

(Kellergassen romanticism :) )

Garden flowers...

... and wild flowers accompanied my way:

The first cellar/building appeared:

Roadside beauty:

A dog barked wildly behind a fence - I strongly hoped that he did not come out on the street. ;)

Cellar after cellar I passed...

I think the next one is for sale.
I will think about it - he has details I love. ;)

That made the happy smile on my face even bigger :) :

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Krems (14 b) - Kellergassenromantik in Fels am Wagram

I love to walk between the fields, especially sunflowers and corn...

Nice row of restaurated cellars. You see, they have electricity, and they seem
to be inhabited:

How lovely those buildings cower between corn and wine:

This one seems to have grown out of Wagram ;) :

Childhood memories...

To feel homely and save...

Backside of Kellergasse

As I took this pic from the vineyard, it startet raining...

I had to wait about 20 minutes at the Railway Station and there was nothing. ;)

Then nature showed me something that made me hold my breath:
A bird of prey hovered above a near field. I think it was a kestrel.
For minutes he remained motionless on one spot in the air, then changed
his spot and there he hovered again for many minutes. He did that nearly
until my train appeared - never seen a bird do this hovering in such a
phantastic way before! :)
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