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Current Property Advisory

Plaza Rakyat, KL Malaysia - US$1.5 Billion
One of the largets mixed use projects in the world - This project in KL is about to be revitalised, redesigned and recommenced. It will comprise over 1 million sq feet of retail space, 1000 rooms of hotel accommodation, a 90 level commercial office building and completion of a cultural centre and transport interchange - the biggest such interchange in SE Asia.

New Design

Plaza Rakyat - 90 storey
height : 400m+

Old Design

Plaza Rakyat - 79 storey
height : 382m

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90 storey office tower

old version - 79 storey = 382m
if 1flr =4.5m
so 79 x 4.5 =355.5m + spire = 382m

new design - 90 storey = 405m (minimum height)
so 90 x 4.5=405m (without spire) - minimum height

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For some reason ever since they built the Petronas twins, I never thought they would build another 400m+ supertall, mostly because it would upset the balance in the skyline, centered on the twins.
What is the location of the building, related to the Twins?

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