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Tamansari Riverside Garden City

Two Blocks at Pekeliling Flats torn down

KUALA LUMPUR: Two blocks of the Pekeliling Flats have been torn down and others are in the process of being demolished following months of relocating residents.

Motorists driving along Jalan Tun Razak towards Setapak and Kuala Lumpur Hospital can now see a glaring space on the left, where the low-rise commercial-cum-residential Blocks H99 and J97 once stood.

It is learnt that demolition works began a month ago, following the relocation of residents from Blocks A, B, H and J in August, and Blocks G, K and L in September last year. Block D was vacant by Hari Raya Puasa in November, leaving only Blocks C, E and F occupied.

An office-cum-business block is currently being torn down.

Abdul Naim Jalil, 64, who used to operate a food stall there, said demolition works on the block began about four days ago.

One of Kuala Lumpur’s earliest public housing projects, the Pekeliling Flats – also known as Tunku Abdul Rahman public flats – was built in 1967. It had 11 residential blocks comprising 2,969 units.

The area will make way for a commercial and housing project called Tamansari.

Tamansari Site

Tamansari Rendering

Components of Tamansari

By Au Foong Yee

Just under half or 43 per cent of the total development space in Tamansari, Kuala Lumpur will house residential pro-perties. Commercial development like retail space, offices and condotels will occupy another 29 per cent. This leaves the remaining 28 per cent for public and recreational facilities.

In the Dec 21, 1998 issue of City & Country, we outlined the proposed components of Tamansari. Some changes, however, have been effected. The following is the updated list:

Parcel A

The Menara Sari Complex and five-star Luxury Spa Hotel
This parcel will have a sitting atop part of the City Walk and fronting the most breathtaking view of the Gombak River Promenade. The 40-storey twin tower signature entry ¡X one office tower and the other retail ¡X will also house a five-star 350-room hotel tower.

Parcel B

Plaza on the Park
A commercial plaza fronting the Gombak River Promenade earmarked for business-related activities. The "super intelligent" cascading building ranges from 10 to 22 storeys and will boast a flexible modular concept with private entrances.

Parcel D

This parcel will comprise 446 condo units in two 38-storey and one 36-storey block that share modern facilities and easy access to amenities.

Parcel F

Medical centre and hospital apartment
Twin towers rising 24 storeys sited on a common podium will also provide temporary and permanent lodging facilities for doctors, nurses and patients' families.

Parcel G

A 32-storey condo complex comprising 240 units to front Jalan Tun Razak. It will be directly connected to the Transportation Plaza and the City Walk.

Parcel H

Apartment Towers over City Walk
Twenty-five-storey twin towers, housing 300 apartment units, will sit above part of the City Walk and will be directly connected to the Transportation Plaza.

Parcel J

Apartment blocks on a commercial podium
A 22-storey serviced apartment tower and a 12-storey apartment tower will sit on the commercial podium linked to the City Walk fronting Jalan Tun Razak.

Parcel K

Apartments and townhouses on a commercial podium
Three blocks of 25-storey towers consisting of 600 condo units will sit atop part of the City Walk. A total of 180 townhouse units will occupy the upper podium level while commercial areas will be on the lower podium.

Parcel L

Serviced apartments and Transportation Plaza
A 25-storey serviced apartment with 132 units will sit above a retail and commercial podium. There will be an intra-city terminal with city buses and taxis on the ground level at the podium connected to the Transportation Plaza in Parcel X.

Parcel M

All-suite corporate quarters and Marriage Pavilion
Thirty-five-storey twin towers mounted on part of the City Walk will house the all-suite corporate quarters, a five-star resort-style hotel and the Marriage Pavilion.

Parcel N

Office tower
Semi-circular intelligent building cascading from 25 to 30 storeys will offer some 500,000 sq ft of office space.

Parcel P

The Residency Luxury Condos
This semi-circular 30-storey building complements the office tower in Parcel N, offering 304 luxurious residential units.

Parcel Q

Luxury condos
Some 150 high-end luxury condo units will be housed in six 15-storey blocks fronting the Gombak River Promenade.

Parcel R

A 27-storey luxury condo block fronting the Gombak River Promenade. It will be directly connected to the Transportation Plaza and City Walk via a bridge (Parcel W).

Parcel S

Public housing
This parcel will probably be separated from the rest by a chain link fence.

Parcel V

City Walk over Gombak River
A 2-storey elevated structure across the Gombak River with retail and shopping areas.

Parcel W

Restaurant overlooking Gombak River
A 2-storey elevated structure with a restaurant overlooking the river, and connecting the high-end residences on Parcels Q and R across the Gombak River to the Transportation Plaza and the City Walk.

Parcel X

Transportation Plaza
A 3-storey structure elevated above Jalan Tun Razak will connect the three multi-modal public transportation systems ¡X the LRT, PRT and intra-city buses and taxis ¡X with the retail and shopping centre at the adjacent serviced apartment in Parcel L.

Parcel Y

Skybridge over Jalan Tun Razak
A 3-storey elevated structure across Jalan Tun Razak with retail and shopping areas will form part of the City Walk.

-The tallest structure at least 60 storey office building.

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:shocked: This is breathtaking. Almost like Dubai Business Bay
Goodness. Im trying to figure out from which side is the view of the rendering...hard to imagine where Jalan Tun Razak is actually
pedang said:
Tamansari Riverside Garden City

-The tallest structure at least 60 storey office building.
I thought the tallest building is in Parcel A and it is only 40 storey height.

Where does this 60 storey building come from?
^^ 40 is just for parcel A coz the masterplan has been changed(the big rendering is the latest version), but it still missing couple of parcel development like C,D..etc where the tallest one will rise ;)
The old before!
by Nazrey

Parcel K will be first phase development

- 2 office tower at least 45 storey
- 3 luxury condo at least 25 storey
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Insh'alla this will be finished soon. Does anyone know a certain date that is set for completion?

^^ it will take 10 years from now.The first phase would be start this year. ;)

map location

Tamansari consists of 21 parcels located in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Spanning over 55 acres it will be our home, our workplace and our playground.

This self-contained city, easily accessible, via private or public transport will be the city of urban convenience.

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haze said:
The old before!
by Nazrey

Parcel K will be first phase development

- 2 office tower at least 45 storey
- 3 luxury condo at least 25 storey
first phase rendering, 5 Tower

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That sure is a big project, it will be something to see when it is completed.
City in The City - Kuala Lumpur's Upcoming Mega-Urban Redevelopment Project

Pics depicted - Parcel K of Akasia Phase 1 Tamansari Riverside Garden City

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WOW, It has been years since KL saw her last big projects. One major concern however; KL has also seen a lot of mega projects being half-baked or simply never made it. Just cross our fingers that Asie (a bumiputra company?) can deliver the goods...

But in short- GREAT project & vision! :applause:
Great project is very large. I want to see it when completition.
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