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The Crest

Located in the heart of the city, along bustling Jalan Ampang and the much sought after address of Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur lies Crest Jalan Sultan Ismail. It's a 5 minute walk to the world renowned and iconic Petronas Twin Towers, strategically situated within the Golden Triangle, surrounded by shopping malls, tourist attractions, entertainment venues and hotels all in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Central Business District (CBD).

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From flickr

From flickr

wow,beautiful pics,thanks for posting
Level 27, 18

The workmanship doesn't look too good from outside... the roof shelter sticking out doesn't look nice (maybe still initial stage, end product might be better..)

Notice the gap between The Crest (Mudajaya) & Cendana (Tan&Tan), quite close to each other...
In Feng Shui, this is known as "Sky Crack" (learned from Joey Yap) - two high rise building too close together forming a thin line. Any units facing this from the window is considered to be bad.

The beautiful Cendana developed by Tan&Tan, in future let's see how The Crest fair.

Looking out from Jalan Cendana... the eye sore abandoned project Grand Hyatt Duta since the 1997 crisis.
Front facing the abandoned project, back facing the huge muslim cemetery...
Jalan Cendana current can cope with the traffic from residence of Tan&Tan's Cendana, but, in future, residences of The Crest, YNH 188 Suites & office worker of Sunrise's Summer Suites will congest the small Jalan Cendana...

The exclusivity of Jalan Cendana to Tan&Tan Cendana is diminished. The in & out of construction lorries & trucks had actually made the road condition worse... noticed pot holes forming...

Noted there are cars parked alongside Jalan Cendana... if this is not curbed, traffic will worsen. Plus now it's a dead end road.

DBKL has to fix this situation, maybe building a road that connects to Jalan Ampang, then the car park area will have to be removed.

21 - 40 of 41 Posts
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