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Please just reeboot. it is not necessary for you to open a new thread. The old one still can be use....

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well done everyone! it our 4th thread. lets rewind back the developments in kch.

kuching tower (no news) - i believe this project will be build but for the time being its still idle.

pusat islam (in const) - office + shopping complex

kuching sentral (in const) - bus terminal + shopping complex

mall opposite of thespring (site clearing) - rumored as ST3; shopping mall + apartments

merdeka plaza (in const) - shopping mall + hotel + office

hasil (tax) new building (in const) - office

kastam headquarters (in const) - office at masja

song plaza (in const) - shopping complex

onejaya mall (almost finished const) - small scale neighborhood mall

mall opposite song plaza (site clearing) - mall

swk energy building at isthmus (in const) - office

boulevard phase 2 (in const) - mall + hotel

salcra office in kota samarahan (in const) - office

pusat akuatik dan pusat belia (in const) - sports

another upscale hotel by global upline (site clearing) - opposite tax academy

waterfront extension project (in const) - adding another 1.5 km stretch of kuching waterfront

pullman interhill and the hills mall (waiting to open) - 5 star hotel (pullman) and hill mall.

new kubah ria

jalan song flyover

kuching city mall (don't know the status) - mall + apartment


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The Borneo Post

Work on Asean’s first bioethanol plant next year

KOTA SAMARAHAN: The construction of Asean’s first bioethanol plant at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) will begin early next year.Unimas deputy vice-chancellor (students affair and alumni) Associated Professor Mohd Fadzil Abdul Rahman yesterday said the construction of the plant is going smoothly.

“We are in the tendering process. As it involved many procedures and parties, it is hard to say when. However, it is likely to begin early next year. I believe by next year, you could see the progress of the plant,” he told reporters after a press conference on Culture and Heritage Week 2009.

Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Fadillah Yusof performed the earthbreaking ceremony for the construction of the pilot plant on July 3.

The bioethanol to be produced from sago waste is called ‘E18’.

It will be used as a 18 per cent fuel additive, thus helping reduce fossil fuel dependency and carbon emissions.

The plant is designed to generate 1,000 litres of ethanol per day from 1,300kg of sago starch (from sago waste) by adopting the Ishizaki Process.

The ministry is awarding its Techno-Fund amounting to RM11.6 million for the project. The design of the pilot plant is based on an earlier blue-print by principal researcher Professor Dr Kopli Bujang of Unimas and his research collaborator, Professor Emeritus Dr Ayaaki Ishizaki of the New Century Fermentation Research (Necfer) based in Kurume, Japan.

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AEON To Expand To East Coast, Sabah And Sarawak

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 3 (Bernama) -- AEON Co (Malaysia) Bhd, which operates the Jusco department store and supermarket chain in the country, is considering establishing its chain stores in the East coast, Sabah and Sarawak.

Its Managing Director Nagahisa Oyama said there was a huge potential, yet to be tapped, in the local market as well as in East Malaysian.

"We want to leverage further on our 25th years of expertise and experience in this country," he said at a press conference in conjunction with the company's 25th anniversary dinner here Saturday.

Oyama declined to elaborate further on the expansion plan, except to say that it may materialise in a year or two.

The company currently operates 21 general merchandise stores and four MaxValu supermarkets, located in the West coast of the Peninsular.

AEON ventured into Malaysia in 1984, by introducing its first Jaya Jusco store, under Jaya Jusco Sdn Bhd, at the Dayabumi complex.

In 1988, it was then known as Jaya Jusco Stores Bhd before it was changed to AEON Co (M) Bhd in 2004.

Hope it is in kuching.....
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