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Kuwait will soon present to an Iraqi tribunal a long list of crimes it says were committed by former occupier Saddam Hussein, prosecutors said.

They said in a statement carried by the state news agency Kuna that the list had been sent to Kuwait's foreign ministry to present to the tribunal that will try Iraq's ousted president and other former leaders.

Kuwait said last year it would demand Saddam be sentenced to death for crimes committed against its neighbour during the 1990-91 Iraqi occupation. Kuwait has named a representative to the trial.

Other key suspects named include former deputy prime minister Taha Yassin Ramadan, Saddam's cousin Ali Hassan Al Majid, otherwise known as "Chemical Ali", Saddam's half brother Sabawi Ibrahim Al Tikriti and deputy premier Tareq Aziz.

Saddam and 11 aides face trial for war crimes at a special tribunal in Iraq. It is not clear when Saddam will be tried, but he appeared before an investigative judge last year and defended his invasion of Kuwait as fulfilling a just territorial claim.

The Kuwait public prosecution's list included crimes against humanity, dealing with the disappearance of 605 people, mostly Kuwaitis, during the seven-month occupation and ensuing war.

Kuwait has identified the remains of more than 200 of them following the ouster of Saddam.

The list also referred to war crimes including torture and the killing of 603 "martyrs", including prisoners of war whose remains were found in mass graves in Iraq.

It also listed the use of armed force against Kuwait.

Kuwait was the launch pad for the 2003 invasion of Iraq which toppled Saddam.

The state restored diplomatic ties with Baghdad after Washington handed over power to an interim government last year.

Kuwait is also seeking billions of dollars in 1991 Gulf War reparations from Iraq.
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