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Kuwait Skyline

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Does anyone have recent pics of Kuwait City's skyline? I recall seeing one and thinking it looked much more "organic" than other cities in the region. :)
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The skyline changed a lot, hmm there aren't any forumers it seems that are based in Kuwait, one guy came and left after we told him to post Q8 stuff. Try searchin in the net, you might find new ones, but mostly, they'll be a few years old.

Here are some to start you off:

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Bahraini this is old i believe or else it is missing the 2nd/3rd tallest tower in kuwait it was being finished at the end of 2k4 ill go back to kuwait this summer ill give you pics of its skyline inshallah.
Ya I've said in my post that they're a few years old.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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