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Kyiv: end of 19th, beginning of 20th century

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Inspired by the German thread.

I don't have that many pics, here are some interesting ones.

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How much of it was destroyed ? Unfortunately, a single ugly building in a street is enough to destroy the precarious harmony.

However, those postcards teach us many things : we're now tasteless and French should be Europe's lingua franca again. :D
Out of what we see on these postcards, I would say 60% is destroyed. A lot is still there, as you can see by my neighbouring thread of city aerials. As to French language, all of my relatives from early 20th century spoke it fluently. I found letters which they wrote to each other in French. Many of them emigrated to Paris after the october revolution.
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Kiev Pechersk Lavra:

View of University:

Krestchatik, (i.e., Kreshchatik), street:

Chmielnitzky, (i.e., Khmelnitskii), Monument:

Commercial Club:

Askold's Tomb:

View of Podol I:

View of Podol II:

On the Dnieper

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Nicolviewskaia, (i.e., Nikolaevskaia), street:

Monument to Emperor Nicholas I:

St. Michael Monastery:

St. Andre's Church:

Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul:

The Lavra gate:

The Lavra church:

St. Vladimir Cathedral:

St. Vladimir's Monument:

St. Sophia Cathedral:

St. Nicholas Bridge:

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