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Kyiv, Ukraine: Travel Guide

Phrase Book

Hello Pryvit/Vitayu
Good morning Dobrogo ranku
Good afternoon Dobry dehn
Good evening Dobry vechir
Good night Dobranich
Goodbye Do pobachenya
What is your name Yak vi nazivayetesya?
Nice to meet you Priemno z vami zapiznatisya.
Good Dobre
Bad Pogano
Thank you Dyakuyu
Please Bud' laska
Sorry/Excuse me Pereproshuyu/Proshu probachinya/Vybachte
Do you speak (English)? Chi vi govoriti po (angliyski)
I don't understand Ya (vas) ne rozumiyu
How much is it? Skilky koshtuye?
What is this? Shchto tse ye?
I'll buy it Ya tse kupl'u
I would like to buy Ya khotivby kupiti …
It is too expensive Tse duzhe bogato koshtuye/Tse duzhe dorogo
Yes/No Tak/Ni
Where is? De?
When Koly
Who Khto
Where is the nearest metro station? De naiblizshcha stantsya metro?
How to get to? Yak doekhati do? /Yak potrapyti do?
Could you help us? Dopomozhit' nam bud' laska
Left Na livo
Right Na pravo
Straight Pryamo
Far Daleko
Near Bliz'ko
Delicious Duzhe smachno
To your health (toast) Za vashe zdorovye!
Congratulations! (We) Pozdorovlyaemo/Vitaem!
(I) Pozdorovlyayu/Vitayu!
Happy birthday! (We) Pozdorovlyaemo z dnim narodzhenya/ Vitaem z dnim narodzhenya
(I) Pozdorovlyayu z dnim narodzhenya/Vitayu z dnim narodzhenya
Thank you very much! We enjoyed our time! Duzhe dyakuyuem!Nam vse duzhe spodobilos!

1. odin, odna
2. dva, dvi
3. tri
4. chotiri
5. pyat'
6. shist'
7. sim
8. visim
9. devyat'
10. desyat'
11. odinadtsyat'
12. dvenadtsyat'
13. trinadtsyat'
14. chotirnadtsyat'
15. pyatnadtsyat'
16. shisnadtsyat'
17. simnadtsyat'
18. visimnadtsyat'
19. devyatnadtsyat'
20. dvadsyat'
21. dvadsyat' odin
30. tridsyat'
40. sorok
50. pyatdesyat'
60. shist'desyat'
70. simdesyat'
80. visimdesyat'
90. devyat'desyat'
100. sto
1,000. tisyacha
1,000,000. milion


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Great job!

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What's wrong?
I don't see anything wrong with it.

By the way, I didn't type it up myself, so if you have complaints, I'll find the website that you can address about it. It's an information website about Kiev.

BTW, instead of remarking "how sad" the information I find it, I would appreciate if you guys helped me represent our cities on this forum. Thanks.

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This is just too sad :(

tsss everybody play along

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And for the numbers they are using russian transliterations for "и" arent they?...

like for example shouldnt it be odyn, not odin, and chotyry, not chotiri?

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Nate said:
isnt good morning dobry ranok?
доброго ранки is another way of saying добрий ранок..
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