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On Kyoto, I am...

  • favour of the plan.

    Votes: 30 63.8%
  • ...against the plan.

    Votes: 12 25.5%
  • ...neither nor against the plan.

    Votes: 5 10.6%

Kyoto: Where do you stand on it?

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As you all know, our current government in power is in favour of Kyoto but the second most powerful party is threatening to call an election if Kyoto is forwarded into action even more. It would be another spring election, almost 1 year from the last.

Are you in favour of Kyoto?

An election would cost our government about $250 million. That's enough to buy 600 humvees, enough to replace our military, and 27 hospital MRI's. After that, we still have $25 million leftover - perhaps, get another governor general of the same nature and attitude? :cheers:
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I'm behind it, and I am doing my best to join in on the "One Tonne" challenge. I have a fluorescent lightbulb in my computer room (the only light that really is on a lot during the evening) and whenever I am out of the room, I turn the lights off. There are normally only 2 lights on at a time in my house. If my car will be sitting for more than 10seconds, I don't idle, I simply turn my car off. How can anyone be against this? Honestly, I think you'd have to be high to be against Kyoto. I also recycle. All people have to do is make smarter individual choices without threatening our economy.
Don't wait for a government plan, make your own choices. Recycle all that you can, don't idle your car as much, turn off lights in your house, and buy fluorescent lightbulbs.

Do you know that if every Canadian household replaced one normal lightbulb with a fluorescent lightbulb, it would be the same as taking 80 000 vehicles off of our roads? My 13W Fluorescent lightbulb gives off as much light as a 60W conventional lightbulb. That's almost 5x less energy being used. I also just touched the fluorescent lightbulb after it has been on for the last hour, and it's barely even warm! A typical fluorescent lightbulb should last roughly 7 years. Some more, some less- depending on which type you buy.
Homer J. Simpson said:
I am behind Kyoto but am not entirely confident in the governments plan to meet the objectives.
Well Canada is, what, the 8th largest oil consumer in the world? Canada has the highest consumption of energy per capita. The whole of Canada uses more energy than the entire continent of Africa. It's a start.

I agree, though, a made in Canada approach would be better. But excuses like the one Bush made is unacceptable- along the lines of "It will damage our economy."
I wouldn't necessariliy call that a great analogy. Russia has almost 5x Canada's population, but barely consumes twice as much oil per day. Yes I know it's not as developed but we're talking about 140million+ people versus 32million people. China has 40x the population of Canada, but doesn't even consume 3x as much oil per day. Yes I know China is still not developed but there is still a good chunk of it that is. Regardless, they still have 1.3billion people. Germany has almost 3x the population of Canada, but doesn't even consume 20% more oil per day.
90SHO said:
As far as Canada having a high consumption of energy, a lot of that is simply because of our climate/location/density. It is naturally going to take more energy to produce/disribute goods. It's far more practical for many to drive more often since walking/bus/bikes are not an option for a sizable part of the year.
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