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On Kyoto, I am...

  • favour of the plan.

    Votes: 30 63.8%
  • ...against the plan.

    Votes: 12 25.5%
  • ...neither nor against the plan.

    Votes: 5 10.6%

Kyoto: Where do you stand on it?

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As you all know, our current government in power is in favour of Kyoto but the second most powerful party is threatening to call an election if Kyoto is forwarded into action even more. It would be another spring election, almost 1 year from the last.

Are you in favour of Kyoto?

An election would cost our government about $250 million. That's enough to buy 600 humvees, enough to replace our military, and 27 hospital MRI's. After that, we still have $25 million leftover - perhaps, get another governor general of the same nature and attitude? :cheers:
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salvius said:
^ a prudent political move is what it is, though. A solid majority is behind Kyoto; Alberta will vote for Conservatives regardless, and this makes them more palattable elsewhere. I'm sure the other parties will milk this about face for all it is worth, however.
The Conservatives are slowly morphing into the liberal party in the sense that they're abandoning everything they believe in just to get votes. It wasn't all that long ago that Stephen Harper was part of the National Citizen's Coalition, a group that was founded by insurance companies to fight universal heathcare. It also wasn't long ago that he stood in the went on Fox news to appologize for Canada's refusal to go to Iraq, and him standing in the house of commons to say that abortion should be illegal.

McKay must be kicking himself, though. He probably could have been the next Prime Minister if he didn't merge with the Alliance, LIKE HE PROMISED HE WOULDN'T.

I'm voting Green.
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