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On Kyoto, I am...

  • favour of the plan.

    Votes: 30 63.8%
  • ...against the plan.

    Votes: 12 25.5%
  • ...neither nor against the plan.

    Votes: 5 10.6%

Kyoto: Where do you stand on it?

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As you all know, our current government in power is in favour of Kyoto but the second most powerful party is threatening to call an election if Kyoto is forwarded into action even more. It would be another spring election, almost 1 year from the last.

Are you in favour of Kyoto?

An election would cost our government about $250 million. That's enough to buy 600 humvees, enough to replace our military, and 27 hospital MRI's. After that, we still have $25 million leftover - perhaps, get another governor general of the same nature and attitude? :cheers:
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Boris550 said:
^ I should say, I don't trust corporations completely either. I just feel that public pressure (remember, you are the consumer) does have a more powerful effect than is attributed to it. It's sad though, Canadians could be much more responsible consumers...
I don't know, public opinion seems quite easily manipulated, and with the corporation's ability to purchase airtime and other PR relation gimmicks, people can easily fall prey to corporations. After all, no interest group is stronger than pro-business groups. Transfats is a clear example of how slow it takes the industry to respond to such health issues.

I tend to agree that the law's definition of corporation is to be blamed for this mess.
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