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Economy in tatters, Kyrgyzstan awaits Russian aid

BISHKEK (AFP) – Its economy in ruins after a popular revolt last week, Kyrgyzstan's interim government on Sunday awaited news of financial aid from Moscow, following talks with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Almazbek Atambayev, first deputy head of the interim Kyrgyz government, flew to Moscow on Thursday seeking help with the Central Asian country's disastrous finances, said interim government chief of staff Emil Kaptagayev.

Kyrgyzstan's new leaders on Friday froze the national banking system, saying deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyev had pillaged the state coffers before fleeing the capital amid riots that left dozens dead and thousands injured.

"Atambayev met with Putin in Moscow. Discussions were held about the request for not just moral support for our temporary government, but also economic and financial support," Kaptagayev told AFP.

"We are facing a deficit of oil products, a shortage of funds in the state treasury and many important government objects were damaged during the revolution," he added.

Atambayev is expected to arrive back in Bishkek on Sunday, Kaptagayev said.

Thousands of protestors clashed with police across the country during riots over corruption and rising utility prices which saw Bakiyev flee the capital and a temporary government formed under ex-foreign minister Roza Otunbayeva.

The coffers of the impoverished ex-Soviet state now hold only 986 million Kyrgyz soms (16 million euros, 22 million dollars), Otunbayeva's chief of staff Edil Baisenov told AFP on Friday.

Putin pledged economic assistance to the former Soviet republic last week in what was perceived as a sign of warming between Moscow and Bishkek following dismal ties between the Kremlin and the Bakiyev government.

The stability of the ex-Soviet nation is also key to the United States, which has an air base there vital to its military operations in Afghanistan, and Otunbayeva spoke with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday.

Clinton telephoned Otunbayeva and urged the leadership to "renew Kyrgyzstan's path to democracy," the State Department said.

Clinton "spoke about regional security and the important role Kyrgyzstan plays in hosting the Transit Center at the Manas Airport," said spokesman P.J. Crowley.

Still, all flights carrying troops from the Manas base were suspended from Friday evening amid security concerns and the United States will instead transport forces to and from Afghanistan via Kuwait, officials said.

The interim government has accused Bakiyev, who told an AFP correspondent in the southern Kyrgyz city of Jalalabad on Friday that he has no intention of stepping down as president, of attempting to foment a civil war.

Chinese Investment Could Rival Russian Soft Loan
A Chinese energy company is considering a $300 million investment in Kyrgyzstan’s northern Chui Province -- an amount rivaling the $300 million soft loan Russia offered to the cash-strapped Central Asian nation in 2009.

The China Guodian Corporation, one of China’s largest electricity producers, engages in "the development, financing, construction and operation of facilities for electricity generation. A representative office for the company has opened in Bishkek and [there are] plans to invest money in the Kyrgyz hydropower sector. In addition, China is interested in developing renewable energy sources," the Chui regional administration said.

The Central Agency for Development, Investment and Innovation, headed by President Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s son, Maxim Bakiyev, and the Ministry of Energy are negotiating the deal with Guodian, the news agency reported on April 1.

Russia’s $300 million soft loan to Bishkek is part of a $2.15 billion assistance package that would include investments in energy projects.

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Int'l organizations coordinate aid on Kyrgyzstan
BISHKEK, April 12 (PNA/Xinhua) -- The United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) on Sunday agreed to coordinate efforts in helping Kyrgyzstan, said a CSTO spokesman.

Valery Semerikov, CSTO deputy general secretary, Jan Kubis, special envoy for Kyrgyzstan of the UN Secretary General, and Zhanybek Karibzhanov, OSCE special representative and Deputy Speaker of the Kazakh parliament, held talks here Sunday, said the spokesman.

They exchanged views on the current Kyrgyz situation, and reached consensus on coordinating efforts to support and help the impoverished Central Asian country.

Only if all international organizations would pool efforts to give comprehensive assistance to Kyrgyzstan, could the country walk out of crisis and retain normal order, said the spokesman.

Meanwhile Deputy Prime Minister Omurbek Tekebayev held meeting with special representative of the European Union (EU) Pierre Morel the same day.

Morel voiced concerns on situations in southern Kyrgyzstan, while calling on relevant parties to actively seek ways to stabilize Kyrgyz political situation and to maintain regional peace.

Latest figures from the interim health ministry put the death toll at 81.

Earlier this week, thousands of protesters clashed with security forces throughout the country, driving out local governments and seizing government headquarters in Bishkek.

President Kurmanbek Bakiyev fled the capital to southern Kyrgyzstan and opposition parties formed an interim government led by Otunbayeva, the former foreign minister, on Thursday. (PNA/xinhua)

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Kyrgyz interim gov't expects more economic aid from Russia
BISHKEK, April 12 (PNA/Xinhua) -- First Deputy Prime Minister of the interim Kyrgyz government told reporters Monday that the government expected more economic aid from Russia due to the current situations.

"In the peace time in 2009 Kyrgyzstan had been allocated 150 million dollars, and in the developed situation, naturally, aid will be bigger," said Almazbek Atambayev at a press conference.

The deputy prime minister in charge of economic affairs said a delegation will fly to Moscow on Wednesday, seeking solutions to the suspension of oil products and more grants.

Meanwhile, Atambayev said the interim leaders mulled special operation against President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who fled to the south.

He also pledged to stick to all international commitments, including the agreement between Kyrgyzstan and the United States on the transit center at Manas airport.

"I believe that in a year's time the U.S. will be withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan and we will settle the issue of the presence of the center in Kyrgyzstan in a civilized way together with the U.S. government," he said.

On Sunday, the interim government announced the removal of several ambassadors, including those to Russia, the United States and Turkey.

Marat Bakiyev, brother of President Bakiyev and previous ambassador to Germany and Norway, was also discharged, said the state-run Kyrgyz news agency.

Last week, thousands of protesters clashed with security forces throughout the country, driving out local governments and seizing government headquarters in Bishkek.

Bakiyev fled to the south and opposition parties formed an interim government led by Roza Otunbayeva, former foreign minister. (PNA/Xinhua)

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Russia's Medvedev blames Kyrgyz authorities for unrests, says civil war risk high
WASHINGTON, April 14 (PNA/RIA Novosti) -- In his first comments on Kyrgyzstan's riots, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev blamed Kyrgyz authorities for failing to prevent unrests and said the risk of a civil war in the Central Asian country is high.

Protests against Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and his government began April 6 in the country's northwest and grew violent spreading to other regions of the country, including the capital Bishkek; over 80 people were killed and more than 1,500 injured. The opposition formed an interim government. Bakiyev fled Bishkek and is in the country's south - his traditional stronghold.

"Kyrgyz authorities are responsible for the hard situation in Kyrgyzstan, which is again going through a phase of illegitimate development," Medvedev said, apparently recalling the 2005 tulip revolution that brought Bakiyev to power.

Medvedev spoke at Brookings Institution, a leading U.S. think tank, after the end of the April 12-13 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

Since the Tulip revolution, Kyrgyzstan's Constitution has been almost completely changed four times in bids to increase and reduce presidential powers.

In 2009, Bakiyev began amending an article which regulates the succession of presidency in case of death or unexpected resignation. Experts have seen the move as an attempt to introduce a "dynastical system" of power transfer in the country, one of the factors which fueled last week's nationwide protests in Kyrgyzstan.

Medvedev lamented that the current situation looks like the 2005 events. "At one time the former Kyrgyz president [Askar Akayev] was deposed by the opposition and he was forced to flee the country. He was blamed for economic crimes and corruption," he said.

"A few years have passed, but in essence the mottos and people are the same... It is sad because Kyrgyzstan is our close neighbor, and the last thing I would want now is Kyrgyzstan turning into a might-have-been state," the Russian leader said.

Medvedev also said he believes Kyrgyzstan is on the verge of a civil war that could split the country into north and south.

"The risk of Kyrgyzstan splitting into two parts - north and south - really exists... Kyrgyzstan is on the threshold of a civil war, and the forces in Kyrgyzstan should be aware of their responsibility before the Kyrgyz nation... and the existence of the Kyrgyz state," the Russian president said.

He urged an end to bloodshed in Kyrgyzstan. (PNA/RIA Novosti)

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Kyrgyz interim government promises no civil war, further bloodshed
BISHKEK, April 15 (PNA/RIA Novosti) -- The Kyrgyz provisional government will not allow further bloodshed or a civil war to develop in the country, interim Deputy Prime Minister Temir Sariyev said at a press conference on Thursday.

"There will be no civil war in Kyrgyzstan," he said, commenting on the possibility of a conflict between the southern and northern regions of the country.

He said law enforcers had been sent to the South, which is ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev's traditional power-base, to control the situation.

"Law enforcers will not shoot at civilians and we will not allow any bloodshed," Sariyev said.

Protests began in the northwestern Kyrgyz town of Talas and spread to other regions of the country including the capital, Bishkek last week. Over 80 people were killed and more than 1,500 people were injured.

Sariyev also added that southern regions have already acknowledged the new power and are ready to collaborate with it.

He said the vast majority from the South "does not support" Bakiyev. (PNA/RIA Novosti)

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Russia to provide $20M grant and $30M preferential credit to Kyrgyzstan
Russia will provide $20 million grant and $30 million preferential credit to Kyrgyzstan. This decision, as informed by Russian information sources, has been adopted by the Russian Government on 14 April.
“I consider it possible to provide humanitarian assistance – a grant in the amount of $20 million for preferential payments with the purpose of social support”, Prime-TASS agency quotes the Russian Minister of Finance Aleksey Kudrin. Besides, according to him, Rosselkhozbank is ready to provide $30 million preferential credit.

Aleksey Kudrin noted that “at present collectability of custom and tax payments, ensuring current expenses of the government, in Kyrgyzstan is weak”. He added that in the nearest future the Ministry of Finance of Russia is willing to consider the issue of monetary policy in regard to the Kyrgyz Republic in the midterm. In particular, according to Aleksey Kudrin, it is necessary to involve central banks of both countries in this work, in order to evaluate the situation of balance of payments and opportunities of the Central Bank on expansion of liquidity in economy.

Russian Vice-Premier Igor Sechin stated Russian oil companies are also ready to supply to Kyrgyzstan 25,000 tons of petroleum products for maintenance of spring field works. The Vice-Premier, informs RosBusinessConsulting, specified that firstly diesel fuel will be supplied. “In perspective we have active work on electric power industry”, he added.

Minister of Agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik stated that Russia is also ready to provide 1,500 tons of seeds. Kyrgyzstan, according to her, incurs a deficit in them. Besides, Elena Skrynnik noted the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia plans to take measures for increase of commodity turnover with the KR, primarily by means of growth of import of vegetables and fruit that are in demand.

Head of the Russian Government Vladimir Putin, as informed by, stated that if necessary the assistance to Kyrgyzstan will be increased. He requested the ministers to continue contacts with the interim government of Kyrgyzstan. “We need to take decisions promptly with the colleagues regarding their needs”, highlighted Vladimir Putin.

According to him, the situation in economy and social sphere of Kyrgyzstan is critical. “According to the statement of the interim government, the treasury is empty, the previous management has stolen, ransacked and destroyed everything”, he noted. “Of course, we are not to judge this. But we always had peculiar relations with the Kyrgyz people, and certainly we should support our friends in emergency”.

Interim Government of Kyrgyzstan prepares roadmap of economic reforms
The interim government of Kyrgyzstan prepares a roadmap of economic reforms, informed head of the KR interim government office Edil Baisalov at the press conference today, on 16 April.

According to him, the roadmap may be published next week. “You will know about plans on creation of working places and other actions of the interim government”, Edil Baisalov asserted.

He expressed disagreement with the versions that there are some discrepancies in the interim cabinet. “The interim government is a full-fledged democratic government”, stated Baisalov. “Unlike the previous ones the interim government builds its activity upon collectivity, open discussion of issues. Conflicts and discrepancies now are out of the question. The interim government realizes in full the high responsibility in front of people of Kyrgyzstan”.

He reminded that in the nearest months in Kyrgyzstan there will be held a referendum on Constitution, then parliamentary elections, after which a legitimate government will be formed.

Reduction of economic indicators and deterioration of investment climate in Kyrgyzstan should not be admitted
Kyrgyzstan: it is important not to admit reduction of economic indicators and deterioration of investment climate, stated in an open letter the International Business Council.

“As regular researches of business environment and investment climate show, consequences of March 2005 events were reduction of economic indicators, deterioration of investment climate in the country”, the document says. “At present it is important not to admit its repetition and to improve the situation jointly with civilian sector and state authorities”.

“At present ensuring of stability, public security and guarantee of property rights protection remains central and foremost priorities of the country management”, says the open letter.

The International Business Council announced “more long-term priorities of development, which actually are equally important both for business community and investors, and for ordinary citizens of Kyrgyzstan”.

“First of all, these are ensuring of public and personal security, safety of property, open and effective state management”, emphasizes the International Business Council. “Independence of judicial system and consistency in application of legislation, fair tax administration are also important factors for business. Special priority is effective fighting corruption and clanship at all levels of state management”.

“The above mentioned priorities are fundamental, and their earliest implementation will bring to development and prosperity of the country”, considers the IBC. “The IBC worked out a program of implementation and achievement of these priorities, and the council is ready to provide adequate support and expertise in implementation of set goals and earliest stabilization of situation in the country”.

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New Kyrgyz government promises holding elections this year
UNITED NATIONS, April 17 (PNA/Itar-Tass) - A new Kyrgyz government under Roza Otunbayeva promised to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in the country within six months, said Jan Kubis, special envoy of the U.N. Secretary-General.

“The Kyrgyz Constitution will be revised within the coming three months,” he also said.

Kubis likewise said the Kyrgyz government and ex-President Kurmanbek Bakiyev reached an agreement under which the ex-president could leave the country.

“Roza Otunbayeva, as head of the provisional government, guaranteed immunity to Mr. Bakiyev and his family while the latter signed an application on his resignation from the post of the president of Kyrgyzstan after he left the country together with his wife and two children,” Kubis continued.

According to information reaching him, however, the guarantees do not extend to other members of the Bakiyev family including his brothers.

“One of the brothers of the ex-president is staying in Kyrgyzstan,” he said.

Kubis stressed Kyrgyzstan is among the region's poorest countries and “its economic and social problems will not be resolved automatically with the coming of the new rulers.”

He believes support of the world community is needed for restoring normal life in the country.

According to Kubis, both Bakiyev and Roza Otunbayeva appealed to the U.N. to conduct an international investigation on developments in Kyrgyzstan where 82 people died during the unrest and some 1,500 others were wounded. (PNA/Itar-Tass)

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Russian and Chinese interests and the fate of the new Kyrgyz government

Bishkek (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The fall of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s administration was preceded by an unprecedented campaign of criticism by Russian media, including radio and the web, which are accessible from Kyrgyzstan. Experts believe that Moscow played a role in Bakiyev’s fall. After accumulating a lot of power, he had become a thorn in Russia’s side. They now wonder how much Russia will be able to strengthen its ties with the new government at the expense of the United States and China.

Russia slapped export duties on fuel shipments to Kyrgyzstan at the start of the month, causing suppliers to halt deliveries. This pushed up already soaring energy costs in the Central Asian nation, sparking unrest in a country that is already reeling from widespread poverty.

Russia had not particularly welcomed Bakiyev’s decision to renew a lease on a transit centre (pictured) at Manas airport, run by the United States for its war in Afghanistan.

Experts believe that the former Kyrgyz president had first agreed with Moscow to close down the US facility in exchange for economic aid, causing Russia's anger when last June he renewed the US lease.

After a provisional government took over in Bishkek, Moscow announced its support for the new administration and pledged a US$ 50 million financial aid package.

Roza Otunbayeva, the new government’s chairwoman, was able nonetheless to get US backing, following a trip to Bishkek by Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake who got reassurances about the US presence in Manas. Otunbayeva also said that she plans to visit Washington to meet officials there.

Closer Kyrgyz-Russian relations worry Beijing. For Chinese leaders Kyrgyzstan is a key element in their Central Asia strategy. Back in December, China successfully broke Russia’s stranglehold over the region’s energy market when it launched a 2,000-km gas pipeline from Turkmenistan. The pipeline goes through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, entering China at the Alataw Pass in Xinjiang, where it connects with the West–East Gas Pipeline, where it continues to Shanghai.

Even though the new structure avoids Kyrgyzstan, the Central Asian nation is important to China. It has in fact become its third-largest trading partner in the Commonwealth of Independent States after Russia and Kazakhstan.

Chinese companies are very active in the country, with bilateral trade reaching the US$ 10 billion mark, a huge sum for the impoverished country of five million people. Indeed, days before the riots, China's Guodian Corp had announced plans to invest US$ 4 billion in Kyrgyzstan's heating and power sector over the next five years.

However, Chinese businesses suffered "heavy losses" from looting during the riots in Bishkek. The Chinese-owned Guoying shopping mall was burned for the second time since Kyrgyzstan's Tulip Revolution in 2005.

China has not yet adopted an official stance towards the coup, but Kyrgyzstan remains central to Beijing’s plans to increase its influence in Central Asia.

For this reason, Chinese experts and media have repeatedly said that Kyrgyzstan’s relations with China would not change. In fact, Beijing too can be liberal in its aid to a country that ostensibly cannot hope to improve its economy without foreign aid.

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Kyrgyzstan leads within CIS for Gross Domestic Product
The CIS Interstate Statistical Committee has reported on the outcome of the first quarter of 2010.

The Kyrgyz economy outrun its neighbors within the former USSR with Gross Domestic Product growing by 16.4 percent — pushing it into first place in January-March among the CIS countries. Uzbekistan ranks second for GDP growth with a rise of 7.6 percent; it is followed by Tajikistan (6.8 percent), Kazakhstan (6.6 percent), Armenia (5.5 percent), Azerbaijan (5.4 percent) and Russia (4.5 percent).

The CIS Interstate Statistical Committee revealed that growth f Gross Domestic Product in average within Commonwealth countries hit by 4.5 percent.

Uluk Kydyrbaev: the interim government to deal with social and economic development in Kyrgyzstan together with businessmen
“The interim government will deal with social and economic development in Kyrgyzstan together with businessmen”, Uluk Kydyrbaev, executive director of Bishkek Business Club, said at the press-conference today.

By his words, National Alliance of Business Associations (NABA) suggested the interim government to create some transparent platform giving the business possibility to assist the interim government in restoration favorable environment for business. In the result the coordinating council was created.

“It will elaborate the main strategy of development by such trends as tax, fiscal, custom policy, investment attraction and optimization of regulatory functions”, Uluk Kydyrbaev clarified.

By his words within coordinating council framework all business associations will work. “We have seen that the government confides the business. This means that the business must entrust the government. We rely on the real result and improvement of economic conditions”, Uluk Kydyrbaev noted.

Temir Sariev: Kyrgyzstan can save 600 million soms in May
“Kyrgyzstan can save 600 million soms in May by optimization of the administrative machinery”, Temir Sariev, deputy head of the interim government and acting minister of finance, stated at the press-conference today.

By his words, it becomes possible as CADII and President’s Institution were curtailed. “Ministry of Finance is preparing bill of budget changes”, Temir Sariev said.

He noted that the budget deficiency will be in May as it was in April. However, Ministry of Finance hopes that the plan of tax collections and custom payments will be realized. “It is planned to gather 4 billion 820 million soms in May. The State Tax Administration has to collect 1 billion 76 million soms and Custom Service - 1 billion 350 million soms. In addition, we will have $ 15 million for US base rent for the first quarter. These budget revenues will cover May expenditure”, Temir Sariev said.

By words of Temir Sariev the budget deficiency were formed because of tariff reduction for energy products. “Also we lose 600 million soms because of cancelation of tax for electric power and 2 billion soms because of cancelation of privatization of joint stock company “Severoelektro”, acting minister of finance said. “However, in spite of this it is reserved 220 million soms in the budget to pay compensations for suffered in the April events. And 83 million soms have been paid already”.

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Envoy confirms Russia's assistance to Kyrgyzstan
BISHKEK, May 15 (PNA/RIA Novosti) - Russian will provide Kyrgyzstan assistance in various spheres to help improve situation in the Central Asian republic which a new wave of unrest rocked in past days, the newly appointed Russian presidential envoy to Kyrgyzstan said.

"Our goal is to provide assistance [to Kyrgyzstan] in all directions of the republic's life. We should work [first] and [then] we will announce results," Vladimir Rushailo said after meeting Friday with Kyrgyz interim Prime Minister Roza Otunbayeva.

The situation in Kyrgyzstan, where a bloody uprising led to government's overthrow in early April, worsened Thursday when supporters of deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyev stormed the administrative buildings in three southern regions which comprised his former power base.

During their meeting, Rushailo and Otunbayeva discussed possible measures to improve the situation in Kyrgyzstan.

"We should overcome the deadlock and Russia is ready to help us both politically and economically. Russia will be with us," Otunbayeva said after the meeting.

According to Zhanar Moldokulova, a spokeswoman for a pro-Bakiyev group, eight people died in clashes between Bakiyev supporters and backers of the interim government in the city of Jalalabad.

Kyrgyz Health Ministry said 63 people were hospitalized following the unrest while 15 others are in serious condition.

The agency also said one person died after being hospitalized.

On Thursday, the Kremlin said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev appointed Rushailo as his special representative to the Central Asian state.

Rushailo, the first deputy head of the judicial committee at the Russian parliament's upper house, was interior minister from 1999 to 2001 and Security Council secretary until 2004. (PNA/RIA Novosti)

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US to make $15 million airbase payment to Kyrgyz interim government
The United States will transfer $15 million to the Kyrgyz provisional government as rent for the Pentagon's transit center, RIA Novosti reported citing the US president's special assistant for national security.

Michael McFaul said during a visit to the Kyrgyz capital that the first quarterly rent payment since the ouster of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev would be made on Wednesday.

He added that during a meeting with the interim government he also discussed the restoration of democracy and urgent economic aid to Kyrgyzstan.

The military base was built on the territory of Bishkek's Manas airport in 2001 to service the US-led international military operations in nearby Afghanistan.

In early 2009, the Kyrgyz government announced that all US troops would have to leave the country, but later agreed a deal with the Pentagon that increased the rent to $60 million a year and turned the base into a transit center.

Russia also has a base near Bishkek, and in April expressed its readiness to provide aid to Kyrgyzstan's interim government. Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Russia would give Kyrgyzstan a $20 million grant and a $30 million concessional loan to help stabilize the economic situation in the ex-Soviet republic after the riots in early April that led to the opposition taking power and Bakiyev's departure.

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Kyrgyzstan business community talks in Astana
Representatives of the business community of Kyrgyzstan conducted talks concerning economic activity problems in Astana, the press service of the Bishkek Business Club (BBC) informs.

Executive Director of BBC Uluk Kydyrbayev and chairman of National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan “Soyuz Atameken” Azat Peruashev discussed problems of Kyrgyz and Kazakh entrepreneurs involved in foreign business activity: complexity customs administration and insufficient information awareness among entrepreneurs in the field of business activity legal system of Kazakhstan.

“It would be useful to inform Kyrgyzstanis involved in export and import of goods to Kazakhstan with requirements of customs legislation, adopted as a part of Customs Union”, Uluk Kydyrbayev said.

GDP of Kyrgyzstan amounts to 51,5 million soms for the last four months
Gross Domestic Product of Kyrgyzstan since January to April amounted to 51,5 million soms, the Ministry of Finance reported.

According to the Ministry, real GDP growth rate was at the level of 11.3 percent. Growth ratio in production sector was 61.3 percent, construction sector – 32.7, agricultural sector -2.3 percent.

In 2009 leading positions according to GDP growth ration belonged to services sector (46.2 percent) and agricultural sector (22.1 percent). Industrial segment hit by 14.8 percent, construction – 5.7 percent.

Kyrgyz budget income to amount to 3.8 bln soms in June 2010
Kyrgyzstan state budget income is expected to hit 3 billion 815 million soms in June 2010, the Ministry of Finance informs.

According to tentative forecasts total expenditures will amount to 5,130 billion soms, whereof 2,596,3 billion soms - protected expenditures, 1,743 billion soms – not protected expenditures.

Management of central government debt is planned to spend 791,1 million soms.

Therefore, budget deficit will hit 1,314,8 billion soms in June 2010. At the present day, the Ministry of Finance is searching for money on external and internal sources, Temir Sariev, acting Finance Minister of Kyrgyzstan said.

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Volume of transactions in Stock Exchange of Kyrgyzstan amounts to over 3.8 million soms
The volume of transactions this week in CJSC Stock Exchange of Kyrgyzstan – has amounted to over 3.8 million soms, SEK-BTS informs.

According to them, from 7 to 11 June there have been six transactions with ordinary corporate shares in the quantity of 413,365 items. The volume of operations made up 3 million 871 thousand 396.7 soms.

In particular, on the CJSC platform there have been transactions with shares of Bishkekkremstroi OJSC, AK Kyrgyzayilkomok OJSC, Silikat OJSC, Oshinwest OJSC, DSU OJSC, MGATP-7 OJSC.

People from Alai and Aravan districts coming to Osh
“There is information that people are coming from Alai and Aravan districts to Osh city (Kyrgyzstan)”, representative of the Ombudsman’s Institute southern center Taalaibek Nuraliev told the NA

According to him, all access roads to the city are blocked by internal troops and armored vehicles. “The situation in the center has relatively stabilized, however the skirmish is continuing in outskirts of the south capital and in separate microdistricts. Our center is receiving extremely contradictory information. Mobile connection and Internet are working with disruptions. People live with rumors”, complained Taalaibek Nuraliev.

He noted that fires in the south capital are continuing. Unknown people are setting entertaining centers, cafes, restaurants and trade complexes ablaze.

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BISHKEK, June 20 (Xinhua) -- Kyrgyzstan decided to extend a state of emergency in the southern city of Osh and other areas to June 25, an official statement said Saturday.

"The interim government of Kyrgyzstan extends the state of emergency in the city of Osh, in Uzgen, in Kara-Suu and in the Aravan district of the Osh region until June 25 inclusively," it said.

The state of emergency imposed after ethnic clashes was due to expire on Sunday.

Ethnic clashes broke out in mid-June in southern major city of Osh and later spread to the region of Jalalabad.

The official death toll stood at 191 as of Friday, but interim leader Roza Otunbayeva said during an inspection tour to Osh that the real number was likely 10 times higher, as many of the victims were buried quickly in keeping with local tradition.

Meanwhile, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake on Saturday urged Kyrgyzstan to create conditions for the safe return of refugees displaced by the riots in the south of the country.

Blake is in Kyrgyzstan for talks with the interim government on how to settle the current unrest in the Central Asian country.

According to media reports, Blake, who oversees South and Central Asian affairs at the U.S. State Department, is meeting with interim leader Roza Otunbayeva and other senior officials on the current situation in southern Kyrgyzstan.

Fresh violence broke out in mid-June in Kyrgyzstan's major southern city of Osh and later spread to the region of Jalalabad.

Xinhua reporters said violence had been subsiding since Wednesday, after armed troops were sent to patrol and separate the ethnic Uzbeks from the Kyrgyz communities.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), headed by John Holmes, said an estimated 100,000 refugees had fled to neighboring Uzbekistan, and 300,000 others displaced were still seeking aid within Kyrgyzstan, some crowding into villages near the Uzbek border.

Before arriving in Kyrgyzstan, Blake visited several refugee camps set up in Uzbekistan for ethnic Uzbeks who fled their homes in Kyrgyzstan.

Calling for an investigation into the unrest, Blake urged the Kyrgyz interim government to take immediate actions to stop the violence.

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Constitution referendum over in Kyrgyzstan, turnout tops 60%
BISHKEK, June 28 (PNA/Itar-Tass) -- The constitution referendum is over in Kyrgyzstan with an over 60% turnout. The ballot was on at 2,281 polling stations from 8:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. local time on Sunday.

“The turnout information is yet incomplete,” a source at the Kyrgyz Central Elections Commission told Itar-Tass. “Information keeps coming from regions, and it will take time to sum it up.”

If the referendum is successful, interim government chief Rosa Otunbayeva will be the acting president until December 31, 2011, the Kyrgyz Constitutional Court will be abolished, and Kyrgyzstan will become the first parliamentary republic in Central Asia.

A total of 189 observers from foreign states and international organizations, including the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the CIS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), were monitoring the ballot. About a hundred of short-term OSCE observers refused to visit the republic for security reasons.

Inter-ethnic clashes in southern Kyrgyzstan killed 275 people and injured about 2,200. More than 1,400 homes, other buildings and vehicles were looted and set to fire. Refugees flooded border areas of Uzbekistan. Their number exceeded 100,000, but the majority of refugees eventually came back home. The state of emergency and the curfew in the Osh and Jalal-Abad regions, where almost 50% of Kyrgyz citizens live, were lifted only a day before the referendum. More than 15,000 policemen and volunteers ensured law and order on the day of the ballot.

Many citizens lost their ids in the disturbances and were permitted to vote without ids.

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Kyrgyzstan appoints new defense minister
Kyrgyzstan has appointed Abibilla Kudaiberdiev as new defense minister to replace Ismail Isakov, who resigned for parliamentary elections on Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

Kudaiberdiev served as first deputy defense minister.

Isakov said he intended to run for a seat in the upcoming parliamentary elections in October and wanted to launch his campaign as a candidate for the Azatteh party (liberation party).

Kyrgyzstan has suffered months of turmoil and bloodshed since the ouster of then President Kurmanbek Bakiyev in early April, which left over 300 people dead and thousands more injured.

Interim Prime Minister Roza Otunbayeva was appointed as caretaker president in May.
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