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This is were I'll post my new pix of LA from now on. If you would like to add some more it would be appreciated...... Enjoy All*

Bonaventure Hotel with The Financial District in the background*

Downtown LA view while driving on the 110 South from Pasadena*

LA's New Slinky Rapid Bus..... So cool*

"Inglewood up to no good" Had to say it!!!

More pix will be coming shortly!!!!

Shaken, never Stirred
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Pix of this morning...... Enjoy*

Pix Of K~Town*

More K~Town @ Normandie*

Wiltern Theater*

City West Towers*

Dan Parker's Apartment in City West*

Let's Go Dodgers*

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beautiful los angeles

many days of photoing,

gold line extension: <happy?>

that strange day:

mandatory picture of san gabriel mountains:

san gabriel shops:

more shops:

new monied:

random picture off freeway:

hows your passenger side visibility?

santa monica:

old monied:

the biggest bear in all of santa monica:

3rd street north:

damn that dodge caliber:


up on the cliff:

beach house:

let the sun shine down:

now thats some crazy hair:

save them lives:


looks like a karaoke cd:

more beach house:

the pier:

good bye beachy:

more more beach house:

the setting sun:

why cant we have more of this:

its solar powered baby:

Los Angeles:

i love this perspective:

dont let it end:

looks fun:

no were else would i want to be:

damn that light pole:

NoHo at night:

random fun pic:

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LA does not have a Yellow Line.

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That picture of the Gold Line extension over the 101 was captioned with "yellow line extension", which it is not. But I agree with the name Yellow line, as ridership hasn't been very golden so far...
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