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This very well may be a premature issue in light of there is no imminent LA franchise heading to LA, but I wonder if any of you Angelenos can tell me if this is an issue:

If and when LA returns to the NFL, it will no doubt (at least initially) be with one franchise. Obviously that means either NFC or AFC. It would seem to me the implications of one franchise are enormous on the networks, Fox and CBS, that broadcast the two conferences.

Simply put, an NFC franchise would be incredibly lucrative for Fox, an AFC one equally so for CBS. Does anyone know if there has been any posturing going on with the networks in regard to whether LA would be an NFC or AFC city?

There is another issue about an LA franchise from an NFL perspective: do you think the league would prefer to see an NFC franchise in LA? I ask this in the sense that one time, the old Ram-49er rivalry was one of the best regional rivalries in the league. Even at this late time in the development of the cities, the Los Angeles vs. San Francisco rivalry is a special one; it's a no brainer to consider Dodgers vs. Giants one of he best MLB rivalries, even 50 years removed from Bkyn vs. NY. Wouldn't a new LA-SF rivalry in the NFC West be a positive all around?
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