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la paz - sopocachi - bolivia

pop. 812.819 (stimated population 2005) and one of the smallest capitals in l.a.

height 3.700 meters

this are a couple of pics of la paz, taken during summer last year (though still cold, with 15 c)

arriving to la paz from el alto

part of the northern skyline


sopocachi close up, the red building is the tallest in bolivia (110 meters)

another close up

still sopocachi

unknown street

close up to sopocachi, radisson, multicentro and camino real hotel

illimani mountain, 6.300 meters aprox, a landmark of la paz city

last of sopocachi, the tallest building on the righ corner is the beggining of the official cbd

northern skyline

third tallest building of la paz, alameda building, 100 +

sopocachi mixing it`s skyline with the northern one

northern skyline, on the right side, at the bottom, you can see the real cbd skyline emerging


actually, the pics in the other thread of la paz, are depressing..........

the pics shown in the other thread are as if you were showing

redfern as if it were sidney
the bronx as if it were new york
etc. etc. etc.

ill post more pics later
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