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I'm trying to put together a 1990 and present day map for Lagos and these forums are very helpful. However, I'm still not getting the data 100% right and would appreciate any help anyone is willing to give.

I'm assuming the narrow gauge network was in operation and was used for passengers? Were all these ferries in operation?

Lagos-Ibadan railway - is this under construction yet? I'm not sure of the alignment.
Light rail - are any of the other lines under construction or just the yellow one on this map?
Coastal rail - it seems this might not go ahead?
BRT - has construction happened on any of the other lines?
LAGBUS - this seems to not be in dedicated track so I might remove it from this map.
Ferries - are these correct?

If anything is wrong or missing, it'd be great to know!

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I have a question, I saw that bus station in ikoyi named "Mobil", is this a lamata station or is it a privately created one.

If it's a lamata station, does Mobil pay charges for advertising?
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