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Dravel Bay Plaza to be biggest shopping mall in Lahad Datu

LAHAD DATU: The proposed RM128 million Dravel Bay Plaza here is expected to be ready for business by the middle of 2010, said Sabah Urban Development Corporation (SUDC) managing director Abu Bakar Yahya.

He said when completed, it would be the largest shopping mall in the district.

“The Dravel Bay Plaza will be built on a five-acre site as part and parcel of the whole Dravel Bay Commercial Centre development,” he said yesterday.

“Dravel Bay Plaza will introduce a brand new shopping experience, offering an interesting mix of retail, supermarket, food court, housewares, IT, high fashion and modern cafes - all set in an uncompromised style under one roof,” said Abu Bakar in announcing the project.

He said Dravel Bay Plaza shopping complex was expected to take three years to complete.

“It is expected to be ready for business by middle of 2010,” said Abu Bakar, adding that the shopping complex would come with 645 parking bays.

According to him, the shopping complex will have a total gross of floor area of 600,000 square feet and a retail area of 250,000 square feet. An area of 12,487 sq ft has been allocated as the central atrium.

He said about 30 per cent of the shoplots had already been taken up by investors.

In another development, Abu Bakar said that in conjunction with SUDC’s 35th anniversary celebration, it would organise a carnival to promote the project from July 27-29.

Source: The Borneo Post

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Sabah Manufacturers Support Tenaga's Project In Lahad Datu
June 26, 2007 18:12 PM

KOTA KINABALU, June 26 (Bernama) -- The Federation of Sabah Manufacturers Association considered the proposed 300-megawatt coal-fired independent power producer project in Lahad Datu by Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) as a good move for industrial development in the state.

Its president Datuk Wong Khen Thau said the power project augured well for the state amid the Sabah state government's move to promote and develop the Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) in the east coast, especially in Lahad Datu and Sandakan.

Wong said once the project was completed, power supply should no longer be a problem for manufacturers.

"The move should be encouraged. Furthermore, TNB has good track record in the power industry," he told Bernama here Tuesday.

According to him, the project also will bring positive impact to the industrial development of Sabah as well as the country.

He was commenting on TNB's announcement of receiving government approval for the proposed 300-megawatt coal-fired independent power producer project at Lahad Datu.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia yesterday, TNB said the project will be carried out by a consortium in which its wholly-owned unit, TNB Repair and Maintenance Sdn Bhd, has a 51 percent stake.

The other consortium members are Eden-Nova with 35 percent stake and Maser with 14 percent stake.

The consortium has 80 percent interest in the project, with the remaining 20 percent held by Yayasan Sabah.


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How can this be! – Power plant approval irregular, environmentalists allege

Will this pristine scene be placed in jeopardy if the coal power plant project is given the go-ahead?

2nd July, 2007
LAHAD DATU: An announcement that the government has approved a controversial RM1.3billion coal fired power plant in Silam near here has jolted a group of environmentalists who oppose it.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia recently, Tenaga Nasional Berhad said the project will be carried out by a consortium in which its wholly-owned unit, TNB Repair and Maintenance Sdn Bhd, has a 51 percent stake.

The other consortium members are Eden-Nova with 35 percent stake and Maser with a 14 percent stake.

“How could approval be given for the 300megawatt independent power plant be given without anyone seeing the EIA report?” said the Lahad Datu district Sabah Enviroment Action committee chairman Wong Tack.

He said a check with both the federal Environment Department in Putra Jaya and the state counterparts in Kota Kinabalu showed that no detailed EIA report for the project of TNB subsidiary, Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd, have been obtained.

Wong’s group who feared the independent power plant would bring more harm than good to people and the environment stretching from Darvel Bay to the pristine Danum Valley sought an answer as to who approved.

“We are not sure which – state or federal government – or the authority that gave the go ahead for the coal power plant,” he said at Friday’s meeting of concerned social activists and local businessmen at a hilltop rest house overlooking the proposed project site at Pacific Hardwood near Kg Silam.

The group called for the meeting after TNB’s recent announcement that it had received government approval for the coal power plant.

Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman had stated last year that the project would only be allowed to go on if all the necessary approvals including the detailed EIA had been obtained.

Stressing that the Environment Act procedures including putting on public display, the EIA has to be adhered to before any approval was given for the project, Wong said his group was looking into the legal aspects of approving the project with an EIA.

He said the people of Lahad Datu and Silam has yet to see any copy of the EIA and this itself showed that some people were trying to bulldoze the coal power plant project regardless of the dangers it would pose to their health and the environment.

“We are also compiling a full report on how the Silam region can be made into a viable eco-tourism centre and will submit it to the Prime Minister whom we consider as ‘Bapa Environment’,” he said.

A slide show of how Silam could be converted into multi million ringgit eco-tourism venture and what damage the proposed coal plant would do to the surrounding nature was shown during the meeting that also decided to seek the help of other NGOs in its campaign.

The project hit the spotlight after environmentalists in Lahad Datu voiced their concerns to the media in November last year about the long-term effects on people and nature from the proposed coal fired power plant at the entrance of world-renowned Danum Valley conservation area.

The group cited studies that showed significant amounts of birth defects caused by mercury poisoning; sulphur dioxide causing acid rain; soot particles causing visibility and respiratory problems; and carbon dioxide contributing to global warming.

They felt there was also no environment agency sufficiently competent to ensure the enforcement of mitigating measures for coal fuel, as witnessed in many other projects in Sabah.

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Darvel Bay Plaza

LD's largest shopping complex

The Sabah Urban Development Corporation (SUDC) aims to turn Lahad Datu into a vibrant town with modern shopping facilities through Darvel Bay Plaza. The development is taking place on a five-acre site, as part and parcel of the Darvel Bay Commercial Centre development, with financial assistance from Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC).

Expected to meet completion and ready for business in mid 2010, this largest shopping complex in Lahad Datu will introduce a brand new shopping experience, offering an interesting mix of retail, supermarket, food court, homewares, IT, high fashion and modern cafes - all under one roof.

This was unveiled during the signing of an agreement for a bridging loan of RM25million for the development of Darvel Bay Plaza between SUDC and SCC at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Wednesday.

Witnessed by Industrial Development Minister Datuk Ewon Ebin and Sabah Economic Development Corporation (Sedco) Chairman Datuk Mohd Lan Allani, the agreement was signed by SUDC Chairman Datuk Juslie Haji Ajirol, SCC Chairman Datuk Anthony Lai, SUDC Managing Director Haji Abu Bakar M Yahya and SCC General Manager Vincent Pung. Sedco Group General Manager Maisuri Besri was also present.

Commending the good co-operation between SUDC and SCC towards boosting the State's economy through such a commercial development, Ewon said the development of Darvel Bay Plaza is timely and in line with government effort to have sustainable economic growth in Sabah.

"Darvel Bay Plaza will complement the commercial, industrial and other economic-based activities in Lahad Datu and its surrounding neighbours," he said.

He is also confident of the benefits the people in the district can expect upon its completion. Ewon said the development of Darvel Bay Plaza is considered timely and in line with the strong macro-economic outlook for Lahad Datu.

Explaining further he said the Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) Lahad Datu project that is currently undergoing rapid development will be generating more opportunities like employment and so on, which will increase the purchasing power of locals.

"Besides that, Lahad Datu is also one of Sabah's main ports and entry points for traders and tourists going in and out daily between here and the Philippines," he said.

He is also confident the SUDC, based on its long experience and excellent track record in commercial property development, is capable of meeting the completion deadline.

Moreover SUDC has also been awarded the MS ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Ewon nevertheless hoped that SUDC would continue its effort to provide a commercial facility like Darvel Bay Plaza in other districts throughout the State, with the continued support from SCC and the other financial institutions.

Darvel Bay Plaza has a gross development value of about RM170million with a total floor area of 600,000 square feet and a retail area of 250,000 square feet. Some 12,487 square feet of the area has been allocated for the central atrium.

The shopping complex has two storeys of retail spaces and ample parking areas with 645 bays of car park. About 30 per cent of the shop lots have already been taken.


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RM300m commercial centre to enliven Lahad Datu
By Julia Chan Published: 2008/01/18

A RM300 million commercial centre, called Palm City Centre, will be built on 23.5ha just outside the Lahad Datu town centre in Sabah.

It is a joint venture between the Sabah Housing and Town Development Authority and Renofajar Sdn Bhd.

Renofajar managing director Chris Pang said the project will complement Lahad Datu's image as a rising economic region once the state's Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) is fully operational.

He said Lahad Datu was still underdeveloped commercially, with only two major supermarkets located in different parts of the town.

At a press conference recently, Pang said the project will include an eight-storey shopping complex, hotels, 350 retail shops and a two-storey wet and dry market.

The centre is adjacent to the Lahad Datu Sports Complex and in the middle of the Sandakan-Tawau road. The first phase will be completed within two-and-a-half years.

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Projects : Darvel Bay Plaza

Location : Lahad Datu
Type : Business & Commercials Lot
Price : TBA
The largest shopping mall in Lahad Datu! A brand new experience in shopping will soon be in Lahad Datu.

Features :
- Retail supermarket
- Food court
- IT shoplots
- Restaurants and Cafe

Description :
Darvel Bay Plaza presents an exciting shopping concept and offers an interesting mix tenancy consisting of retail, supermarket, food court, homewares, IT, high fashion and modern cafes - all set in an uncompromised style under one roof. It is the place for everyone!

Believing in the strong potential growth of Lahad Datu, SUDC is now introducing Darvel Bay Plaza, the largest shopping mall in Lahad Datu. Darvel Bay Plaza sits on a 5 acres site as part and parcel of the whole Darvel Bay Commercial Centre development. Darvel Bay Plaza will introduce a brand new shopping experience, offering an interesting mix of retail, supermarket, food court, homewares, IT, high fashion and modern cafes - all set in an uncompromised style under one roof. Expected to be completed in 2009. Darvel Bay Plaza will be the new landmark of Lahad Datu.

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Lahad Datu Port may be given Rotterdam makeover
By Roy GohPublished: 2009/01/19

PLANS are being drawn up to model the Lahad Datu Port after Europe's biggest gateway port in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

A fact-finding delegation from the Port of Rotterdam met with business leaders in Lahad Datu and Kota Kinabalu recently for a series of discussions on the best model to suit the local environment and needs.

The group was headed by Captain Kees Westrate from the Port of Rotterdam International and included the Dutch Ambassador to Malaysia, Lody Embrechts.

The discussions came after a memorandum of understanding signed in October last year between the Port of Rotterdam (POR) and POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd, the developer of the 2,025ha palm oil industrial cluster (POIC) in Lahad Datu.

At the October signing, Westrate said that one of the objectives of POR's partnership with POIC was to organise the logistics to ship to Rotterdam the massive quantities of forestry and plantation biomass from Malaysia and Indonesia for industrial use, such as feedstock for renewable energy.

"We are working with the United Nations on this biomass-for-energy project. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions," he said.

"Our partners and we (POR) are committed to efforts to operate all our ports in a sustainable way. Our activities to promote a sustainability culture focus on nature and water and in-house programmes to promote care for the environment."

POIC Sabah chief executive officer Dr Pang Teck Wai said that POR's decision to work with POIC Sabah showed that Rotterdam, as the gateway port to Europe, was looking not only at what Sabah could offer but also what the entire BIMP-EAGA (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines-East Asean Growth Area) represented in terms of resources and potential.

"POIC Port can ride on the expertise, reputation and network influence of POR and achieve a quantum leap in developing not only our port but also export-oriented commodity-based industries," Pang said.

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Lahad Datu village's potential
Published on: Monday, June 15, 2009

Lahad Datu: Kampung Kadumu here has the potential to become an agriculture industrial site.

Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said it has the potential in oil palm.

He said that if the smallholders and large plantation companies near the vicinity cooperate they could help to enhance the farm output and more quality products.

He assured that the oil palm plantation in the district would assist the smallholders in replanting and distribution of seedlings.

Also present was Silam MP, Salleh Kalbi.

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CM: Coal fired-plant in Lahad Datu best solution
Published on: Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kota Kinabalu: The construction of the 300MW coal-fired power plant in Felda Sahabat at the Dent Peninsula in Lahad Datu, as announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, is the most viable solution to address power supply woes in the East Coast.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said the decision made after much study by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) means the plan to build the plant in Sungai Seguntor, Sandakan, is scrapped.

"People are suffering, business people are complaining, all the commerce chambers and business associations came to see the Prime Minister and me (due to the power supply problems in the East Coast).

"And I think the best alternative in the East Coast is they have to have a plant. Of course, as you know the population is growing, so is the business industry and there's a short of power," he said when asked to comment on the announcement by the Prime Minister at the breaking fast ceremony in Tawau on Sunday.

Met after officiating at the presentation of contribution to the needy at the Masjid Bandaraya here, Monday, Musa who is also State Finance Minister, said it was only a matter of time for Sabah to have more power.

Also on hand was the Masjid Bandaraya committee chairman, Datuk Yussof Kassim.

"For the time being we are very grateful to the Prime Minister for giving us the generator sets É but in the long-term we must have a (power) plant that can meet the demand of the people in the East Coast, especially," he said.

On the objections by NGOs on the latest location of the coal-fired power plant, Musa said, "that is up to them (but) they have to understand because it will not be the only place with a coal-fired power plant. In fact it is (being built) everywhere in the world and the people there are enjoying electricity".

Nonetheless, Musa said all the necessary issues, especially the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report must be done carefully before the project starts.

With the latest development, the location of the proposed coal-fired power plant had already been moved twice first in Silam, Lahad Datu and the second was in Sungai Seguntor following objections from various quarters due to environmental concern.

The site in Felda Sahabat, he said, is very remote on the Dent Peninsula and far away from the community.

"They are going to use the most modern technology," he said, adding that more details could be obtained from the TNB and its consultants.

It was reported that about 30 per cent of East Coast demand is supported daily by West Coast generators and that such lopsided grid would expose East Coast to the risk of a serious major blackout in the event of an interconnection failure.

Presently, there are six coal-fired power plants in commission in Malaysia.

Earlier, Musa hoped all the mosque institutions in the State are not limiting its role merely on religious issues because such approach is making Muslims as though lagging behind and backward looking.

In this respect, he commended the Masjid Bandaraya committee for taking its own initiative to look for funding to cover the expenses of managing the mosque.

On another note, he hoped more people to come forward to hand over contributions to the needy.

"However, I am also hoping that the practice of donation and giving is not only done during the Ramadan month," he said, adding that it should be practised on other months as well.

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Sabah eyes Sohar model for Lahad Datu
Published on: Thursday, October 29, 2009

SOHAR (Oman): The Sabah Government is interested in attracting all sorts of resource-based value-adding industries as well as manufacturing for import substitution.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said at the Lahad Datu Port, and POIC Lahad Datu in particular, the Government was interested in investments which would add value to the raw materials we produce such as palm oil, cocoa and timber.

"To develop its related downstream industries and export the manufactured products to the world, we will welcome investors with the expertise and the financial means to complement our infrastructure development, supply our logistics needs, and one important area is port development and management," he said.

He said this after a briefing and a tour of the Sohar International Port Corporation (SIPC) in Oman on Tuesday. Musa is presently leading a 20-member business delegation on a one-week visit to Sohar, Muskat and Rotterdam.

He said the mission was to try to gain first-hand knowledge about SIPC and how the Port of Rotterdam and the Sultanate of Oman have been so successful in planning, development and managing SIPC.

"It is our hope that Port of Rotterdam and the Sabah Government, through POIC Lahad Datu, will be able to replicate this model, and make it work also in our Lahad Datu Port," he said.

Musa said the State Government, namely the POIC, was also interested in the industrial complex, which has been developed side by side with the Sohar Port.

"The Sabah Government looks forward to having partnerships with international companies to develop our economy, so that the value of our commodity can be maximised, and our people will enjoy a better quality of life," he said.

Among those present were Jan Meijer, Chief Executive Officer of Sohar International Port Corporation (SIPC), Minister of Industrial Development, Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah, Datuk Ewon Ebin, Minister or Rural Development, Sabah Economic Planning Unit Director, Datuk Ismail Abdullah, POIC Sdn Bhd CEO, Dr Pang Teck Wai, Federation of Sabah Manufacturer President Datuk Seri Panglima Wong Khen Thau, SIPC Deputy Chief Executive Officer Jamal T. Aziz and members of the Sabah trade delegation.

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Lahad Datu nicknamed 'Palm City'
22nd December, 2009

Datu Nasrun putting his signature on the plaque during the ceremony
as Lahad Datu district officer, Zulkifli Nasir (second right) looks on.

LAHAD DATU: Lahad Datu has been given the nickname of ‘Palm City’ as it is the largest oil palm producer in Sabah.

The town’s rebranding was launched by the Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, Datuk Datu Nasrun Datu Mansur who is also the Lahad Datu assemblyman.

“The rebranding of Lahad Datu is relevant as the city is fast developing from revenue earned through the oil palm industry in the area.

“If possible we will gazette it (the nickname). We will study the relevant regulation before further action is taken,” he told reporters after the rebranding ceremony.

In line with its nickname, he asked the local authority to plant more trees from the palm species apart from oil palm trees around Lahad Datu to beautify the city and to attract more tourists.

Lahad Datu was derived from Bajau words meaning the state of Datu. It was believed that the phrase emerged after the migration of the Datu Royalty from Sulu Islands in the south of the Philippines to the Sabahan Gulf (now known as Darvel Gulf) at the end of the 18th century.

Earlier Datu Nasrun said the state government would launch a ‘war against rubbish’ programme next year as an aggressive move to increase the cleanliness level in the city in keeping up with the rebranding.

He said among the programme included the enforcement of the government by-law that empowered the authority to take action against individuals who disposed rubbish at random, and those found guilty would be required to do social work such as sweeping the rubbish during the day. Meanwhile, he said the electricity power needed in Lahad Datu for individual and industrial use had reached critical stage and required immediate action. He said the electricity power shortage would affect the foreign investors who were keen to invest in the area.

Datu Nasrun also defended the federal government’s decision to build a 300MW-electric plant using coal at Felda Sahabat here, saying that if the project were delayed, the Palm Oil Industrial Cluster would not be accomplished.

“The project to be implemented will be studied thoroughly including carrying out the Environmental Impact Assessment, and I believe the project will not be harmful,” he said.

He said the electricity power plant based on the coal energy was not something new because many states such as Perak, Selangor and Sarawak had generated electricity power using coal.

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Lahad Datu should be upgraded to municipality - Datu Nasrun
By Bernama
Friday, 12 March 2010 15:21

LAHAD DATU: Lahad Datu, which is among the rapidly developing districts in Sabah, should be upgraded to a municipal council, from a district council currently, Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, Datuk Datu Nasrun Datu Mansur, said Friday March 12.

She said such a move was necessary to ensure a more efficient management of the township in tandem with the rapid development in the district.

"The district council is gathering the necessary information and data to support its application for upgrading of the township. I have raised the matter to Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman and he agrees to it," he told reporters after presenting aid to students here.

Datu Nasrun, who is Lahad Datu assemblyman, said Lahad Datu would enjoy amore efficient and effective administration by upgrading it to a municipality as it would be able to make decisions faster.

It would also receive special allocation from the government, like that being enjoyed by Tawau and Sandakan, he added. According to Datu Nasrun, Lahad Datu has a population of about 308,000 people as of February last year and expected to grow to 500,000 people in another five or six years.

He attributed the rapid growth in population to the migration of residents from other districts to Lahad Datu for its economic activities and employment opportunities.-- Bernama

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Lahad Datu to have its own recreational spot
Monday April 19, 2010

LAHAD DATU: The RM2.5mil project to develop a recreational area in Bukit Silam for the people in Lahad Datu is expected to be completed by year-end, said Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister Datuk Datu Nasrun Datu Mansur.

He said the project by the Forestry Department comprised the construction of a 100m observation tower with telescope and an information centre.

“We have heard the people here lamenting that they have no where to go for recreation, especially during weekends.

“So, we decided to provide them with a recreational area in Bukit Silam. From the observation deck, they will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of Lahad Datu and its coastal areas. This is our gift to the people,” he said when opening the “Sepakat Bestari” programme.

Datu Nasrun, who is also Lahad Datu assemblyman, said that among the attractions awaiting visitors at Bukit Silam was the Nepenthes Gracilis or “Periuk Kera,” a slender pitcher plant, usually found on highlands like the Kinabalu Park. — Bernama

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Lahad Datu POIC-Port Of Rotterdam Tie-Up To Boost External Trade, State Assembly Told :cheers:
April 21, 2010 13:45 PM

KOTA KINABALU, April 21 (Bernama) -- The Sabah government's plan to work with Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands to develop the Lahad Datu Palm Oil Industry Cluster (POIC) will help expand external trade through modern logistics for efficient cargo movement, the state assembly was told on Wednesday.

State Minister for Industrial Development Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah said the Port of Rotterdam, with its vast expertise in port operations since the 14th century, could share its experience to develop the Lahad Datu POIC.

He said the port management wants to bring along its business partners to invest and do business at Lahad Datu POIC, he said.

The move would help promote Lahad Datu POIC and boost the state government's image in the international market and attract foreign investors engaged in shipping, logistics and industries to invest in the state, he said.

This would pave the way for higher economic growth for the state through increased foreign direct investments, he said when replying to Melanie Chia Chui Ket (SAPP-Luyang) during question time.

Chia had asked in what way the collaboration with Port of Rotterdam to develop Lahad Datu POIC into an international maritime hub would help Sabah and the progress of negotiations with the port authority.

Tan said POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd was preparing the draft business plan and joint-venture agreement to realise the collaboration with Port of Rotterdam.

Several seminars on business collaborations have also been held jointly with POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd and Port of Rotterdam to enhance bilateral relations and understanding.

The economic spin-offs from the collaboration can help develop the industrial sector in the east coast, especially in Lahad Datu district, he said.

Replying to another question, Tan said four companies were operating at Lahad Datu POIC, another four investors were preparing project sites and two investors were awaiting approval of their development plans.

On job opportunities, Tan said 169 jobs have been created from factories and warehouses set up at Lahad Datu POIC.

He said companies currently building their operations facilities and awaiting development plan approvals are expected to create 372 jobs soon.

Most of the posts in the four factories operating at Lahad Datu POIC are filled by locals particularly from Lahad Datu. They include professionals and skilled personnel in management, technical and other fields," he said.

"Jobs were also provided by construction contractors, suppliers of building materials and service providers appointed by investors," he added.


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Lahad Datu In Dire Need Of New Airport, Says Abdul Rahim :cheers:
April 23, 2010 20:50 PM

LAHAD DATU, April 23 (Bernama) -- Being one of the fastest developing districts in Sabah, Lahad Datu is in dire need of a new airport to meet the rising demand for air service from people in the area.

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri said the existing airport had become too congested and uncomfortable and did not meet the international airport safety standard.

"The (existing) airport is no longer safe. It doesn't meet the standard set by the Aviation Certification and Interoperability Office (ACIO).

"So, a new airport for Lahad Datu is indeed a priority," he told reporters after visiting the proposed site for the new airport in Silabukan, about 25km from here, on Friday.

Earlier, Abdul Rahim was briefed on the proposed site by Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad general manager Abdul Nasir Razak. The other proposed site is in Sandau, about 35km from here.

Apart from safety factor, Abdul Rahim said the new airport was vital in view of the increasing number of passengers, besides the population of Lahad Datu which now numbered over 300,000.

He said based on the initial technical report, the proposed site in Silabukan was deemed suitable and strategic for the purpose.

"This is because Silabukan is located between Tungku, Felda Sahabat town and Lahat Datu, is near the Palm Oil Industrial Cluster area and Tabin Forest Reserve, and is linked by a good road system," he explained.

He said the community leaders in Lahad Datu, including its member of parliament and assemblymen, had unanimously agreed that a new airport be built in Silabukan.

Hence, he hoped the proposal to build the new airport would be submitted fast to the State Economic Planning Unit to be forwarded to the Federal Economic Planning Unit and listed in the 10th Malaysia Plan.

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