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Lake City/NE Seattle Development

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I could've swore there was a thread for this but I can't find it anywhere. Anyways, here's a picture of a building under construction on the NW corner of NE 127th St and 30th Ave NE. I drive by this building a lot and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any subterranean park, or at least I didn't see them shoring that deep.

20171230_135644 on Flickr

The second picture I took in August I believe, when the Canadian fires were making the sun look brilliant. The crane in the photo is for a project near the first one on the 3000 block of NE 130th St, right next to 3021. If memory serves correctly it's just above ground right now, with all the parking concrete poured.

2017-12-19_09-01-10 on Flickr
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I agree, most importantly that the development and zoning laws are completely different in Shoreline, which effects all the development patterns in that city.
I snapped a couple pics the other day.
127th and 30th Ave NE:
20190825_174826_HDR on Flickr
130th, east of 30th behind the Grocery Outlet (more townhouses outside the picture):
20190825_174538_HDR on Flickr
125th and 32nd Ave NE:
20190825_175153_HDR on Flickr
85th and 20th Ave NE:
20190825_180446 on Flickr
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