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Lake City/NE Seattle Development

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I could've swore there was a thread for this but I can't find it anywhere. Anyways, here's a picture of a building under construction on the NW corner of NE 127th St and 30th Ave NE. I drive by this building a lot and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any subterranean park, or at least I didn't see them shoring that deep.

20171230_135644 on Flickr

The second picture I took in August I believe, when the Canadian fires were making the sun look brilliant. The crane in the photo is for a project near the first one on the 3000 block of NE 130th St, right next to 3021. If memory serves correctly it's just above ground right now, with all the parking concrete poured.

2017-12-19_09-01-10 on Flickr
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This has gone up very quickly since breaking ground. Not having any parking helps tremendously to speed up construction.

There is also a 6-7 story microhousing building under construction at NE 125th and 33rd NE. A few more breadboxes and a large townhome development in design review in Lake City as well.

Thanks for creating this thread. Now that it's here I have no more excuse for not keeping everyone updated on my own neighborhood.
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I would vote against that idea. Lake City is part of Seattle for one, and combined with the rest of NE Seattle is going to be a place to watch over the coming years. Totally different imho from Shoreline.
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Can’t wait for that eyesore to be torn down and redeveloped. 260 units plus retail is a real prize for that site, not even mentioning the project will be affordable housing.
A new 7 story, 252-unit apartment building proposed near the Lake City neighborhood center. It will have a 1,200 sqft restaurant space.


Looks like a great project that treats both the sharp corner and the round edge really well. May I suggest the U-District thread for this development? I agree it doesn't fit in nicely into any of the existing threads.
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Especially when seldom-used forums are for my neighborhood. :)
I live just a 10 minute walk from Lake City's core and have done a terrible job of keeping this forum updated on the happenings here. (Kids, work, all the tired excuses.) But yes, I feel like there is about to be a boom of activity in Lake City with the projects that have started and the ones that are going through design review. For being just 4 miles north of the University, and for having frequent bus connections to downtown, the University and Northgate, this neighborhood has a ton of potential.

In addition to the above there is currently a 150 bedroom micro unit apartment building goin up on 125th and 33rd. It's probably 80-85% finished, and should help add some density just a block away from the core of the neighborhood.


There's also a lot of townhomes going up around the walkshed of Lake City's core. There are plans for a new community center too. I'll try to get out and take some pictures at some point.
Value Village redevelopment (pictures taken last Thursday)



I'm excited about the future of Pinehurst. That little stretch of 15th AVE NE is pretty narrow and already has some good buildings and retail fronting the street, with new buildings already proposed and under construction. A few more projects like this can really activate the neighborhood.
Development at the NE corner of NE125th St and 33rd Ave NE:

That last building has also been the slooooowest building to go up as well. The panoramic photo I took makes it look a bit crooked in spots, but yeah, not the prettiest building ever. Hopefully the Value Village building looks nicer as well as some of the proposed stuff.
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Lake City isn't Seattle's most glamorous neighborhood, but in the 7 years I've been here its improved quite a bit. Its one of Seattle's more affordable neighborhoods (relatively speaking of course) which has steadily added lots of density recently. Lots of street calming and pedestrian projects have happened throughout, and the neighborhood is well connected to the university, Northgate, and downtown via transit. Even the retail establishments have improved in my time here, with a library renovation completed and community center rebuild coming soon. I see this neighborhood as a good place to invest in if possible as it has a lot going for its future.
Me too! I used to live on 35th near Fred Meyer.
Yeah that vacant church has been a very visible eyesore in the neighborhood. Glad it is finally being taken down. Some guy working the property a year ago told me it was going to have a unique demolition where they burn it down or something. Not sure if he actually knew this from a reliable source or not.
Hope that development gets built. Used to live just a bit further up 35th. Very convenient.
After living in Lake City since 2014 (most of that time on the same block as this vacant church) I'm happy to report that it's been demolished today. Looking forward to the 30 or so townhomes that will take its place!
Interesting. Given the prominence of the watch repair buildings to Lake City’s walkable core I hope something replaces them quickly.
The old watch repair building (near 127th and LCW) is being demolished today. I recall someone mentioning plans for this site, but I can’t recall what they were.

The east side of LCW through the neighborhood center is going to be a continuous 6-7 story wall, while the west side will be either 1 story or at grade. Super excited to see that happen though, and looking forward to the west side of the street catching up eventually.
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