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Lake City/NE Seattle Development

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I could've swore there was a thread for this but I can't find it anywhere. Anyways, here's a picture of a building under construction on the NW corner of NE 127th St and 30th Ave NE. I drive by this building a lot and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any subterranean park, or at least I didn't see them shoring that deep.

20171230_135644 on Flickr

The second picture I took in August I believe, when the Canadian fires were making the sun look brilliant. The crane in the photo is for a project near the first one on the 3000 block of NE 130th St, right next to 3021. If memory serves correctly it's just above ground right now, with all the parking concrete poured.

2017-12-19_09-01-10 on Flickr
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That appears to be this, although I'm confused by the permit timing being very recent:

Land Use Application to allow a 6-story, 70 unit apartment building with a 6,600 sq. ft. childcare center located on the first level. Parking for 9 vehicles provided on site and off site. Existing structure to be demolished. Proposal also includes the transfer of site from the City of Seattle to the Low-Income Housing Institute (LIHI) and City funding for the project.
The tower crane just went up for Seattle Children's Hospital's latest addition. Rode my bike by it on the Burke Gilman yesterday.
Looks like a 257-unit affordable housing development.

Lake City is starting to gain some real oomph as an urban village. This looks like a great project.

Edit: Just NE of this site, a 159-unit project's MUP was about to sunset a week from now. They just started moving on building permits...maybe they want to build it, and maybe they just want to string the MUP along (a process I'm not an expert at...anyone?).
I was wondering about that senior housing site. Nothing on Shaping Seattle...still a sketchy source until they populate things properly (and add some damn filtering). At over 300 units and filling a big hole, that would do wonders. Senior housing can be a real boon if it focuses on younger elderly.

The lack of sidewalks on many streets in the Lake City core is really distressing. I heard an $800 million figure once to take care of this citywide, which would be much higher now. I'd settle for something on the scale of $40 million a year to gradually cover the arterials, school routes, etc., with emphasis on urban villages.
One company owns everything at the north end of the block except the post office. In a quick look, I see no plan to build anything, not even a temporary parking lot. Maybe it's to make it more saleable, including easier due diligence? I see nothing about the post office going away but it still looks like room for a lot of something.
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