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Lake City/NE Seattle Development

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I could've swore there was a thread for this but I can't find it anywhere. Anyways, here's a picture of a building under construction on the NW corner of NE 127th St and 30th Ave NE. I drive by this building a lot and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any subterranean park, or at least I didn't see them shoring that deep.

20171230_135644 on Flickr

The second picture I took in August I believe, when the Canadian fires were making the sun look brilliant. The crane in the photo is for a project near the first one on the 3000 block of NE 130th St, right next to 3021. If memory serves correctly it's just above ground right now, with all the parking concrete poured.

2017-12-19_09-01-10 on Flickr
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The Preliminary Assessment Report for this project mentions some improvements to Stone Ave N are likely. Looking at the recent site plan it doesn't show any vehicle access to the Stone right of way. I actually didn't realize this ROW is a ped/bike path. I would think with this many units going in, one access road to Aurora (no signal today) would not be good for everyday access but also not good for emergency access or when a wreck blocks Aurora.

Pavement could be required to be installed or widened in the portion of right-of-way abutting this lot.
Curbs will be required to be installed in the portion of right-of-way abutting this lot.
A concrete sidewalk will be required to be installed in the portion of right-of-way abutting this lot.
This project abuts a right-of-way that is not fully improved and currently dead-ends at this property. The
street will need to be improved and extended to the nearest cross-street with a hard-surfaced roadway,
unless it can be demonstrated that roadway dead-ends due to topography and/or the layout of the street
The street abutting this lot will be required to be improved with a hard surfaced roadway at least 24 feet wide.
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