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Land Use Compatibility Matrix

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Hi to all forum members. Sorry if this question is not appropriate for this site, would greatly thank you if anyone can point to the right section or forum.

I'm currently doing a Ph.D. research about urban development plans, analyzing a specific and widespread tool used in Mexico called a Land Use Compatibility Matrix (here is a sample: de pantalla 2017-03-17 a las 21.44.08.png?dl=0). Rows are land uses, columns are city sectors, where there is an X it means they are incompatible, and O means compatibility, and a C followed by a number means it can be compatible as long as some requirements are fulfilled.

I don't have any background if this tool is also used in other countries in their urban development documents, so if anyone reading this post can shed some light on this topic it would be great for my research. Regards,

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