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China Eastern Yunnan Branch S13 International Operation Changes
by JL
Update at 0400GMT 22MAR13

China Eastern in Summer 2013 season is increasing capacity on selected International routes from Kunming, effective 31MAR13. Planned changes as follow.

Kunming – Chiang Mai Service increases from 1 to 2 daily. Boeing 737 to operate this route, instead of existing 3 weekly CRJ200 and 4 weekly 737
MU2593 KMG1550 – 1625CNX 737 x134
MU2593 KMG1600 – 1625CNX 737 134
MU2595 KMG2000 – 2030CNX 737 D

MU2594 CNX1720 – 1940KMG 737 D
MU2596 CNX2135 – 2340KMG 737 D

Kunming – Chiang Rai 3 weekly service operated by Boeing 737, replacing CRJ200/Boeing 737
MU2597 KMG1300 – 1320CEI 737 135
MU2598 CEI1400 – 1620KMG 737 135

Kunming – Kathmandu Service increases from 6 weekly to daily, Boeing 737 operating
MU757 KMG1435 – 1515KTM 737 D
MU758 KTM1605 – 2120KMG 737 D

Kunming – Phnom Penh Service increases from 2 weekly (Day 26) to 4 weekly, Boeing 737 operating
MU2563 KMG1300 – 1445PNH 737 x347
MU2564 PNH1545 – 1855KMG 737 x347

Kunming – Siem Reap Service increases from 5 weekly (Day x36) to daily, Boeing 737 operating
MU753 KMG1330 – 1520REP 737 D
MU754 REP1620 – 1925KMG 737 D

Kunming – Vientiane Boeing 737 operates daily service, replacing 5 weekly CRJ200 and 2 weekly 737
MU2573 KMG1330 – 1355VTE 737 D
MU2574 VTE1445 – 1710KMG 737 D

Kunming – Yangon Boeing 737 operates daily service, replacing 5 weekly CRJ200 and 2 weekly 737
MU2031 KMG0830 – 0840RGN 737 D
MU2032 RGN0930 – 1240KMG 737 467
MU2032 RGN1440 – 1800KMG 737 x467

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South Asian operators launch first SSJ100 flights
Mar. 27, 2013Polina Borodina


Lao Central Airlines SSJ100
Courtesy, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Co.
Lao Central Airlines and Indonesia’s Sky Aviation announced their first Sukhoi Superjet 100s (SSJ100s) have launched their first flights.

Lao Central aircraft launched its first domestic flight from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. Lao Central took delivery of its first SSJ100 in February. It plans to operate the aircraft on both domestic and international routes from Laos to Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Ming, Singapore and other destinations in Southeast Asia.
Sky Aviation’s SSJ100 launched domestic service from Makassar to Sorong. Sky took delivery of its first SSJ100 in January, which it plans to use for domestic destinations.

Sky Aviation CEO Krisman Tarigan said last month: “Our country is an archipelago comprising numerous islands. It is vitally important to provide a transport link between them. Some airports in Indonesia have short runways implying certain restrictions for aircraft and [the] SSJ100 will fit these peculiarities as it can land on runways which are less than 1,800 meters.”

Sky Aviation, which ordered 12 aircraft at MAKS Air Show in 2011, will take delivery of the aircraft through 2015. The first three aircraft feature a two-class cabin layout and seats 12 passengers in business and 75 in economy; the rest will seat eight in business and 90 in economy.

Lao Central has three aircraft on order, with six options. The aircraft features a two-class cabin layout and seats 93 passengers.

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Lao Airlines to Increase Vientiane – Seoul Service June – Sep 2013
by JL
Update at 0700GMT 02APR13

Lao Airlines from 16JUN13 to 30SEP13 is to increase Vientiane – Seoul Incheon operation, as it’ll operate daily service, instead of three times a week. Reservation for this daily operation is open with following schedule.

QV911 VTE0030 – 0640ICN 320 D
QV912 ICN0745 – 1115VTE 320 D

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Lao Air will fly to Myanmar
April 2, 2013 by Wanwisa Ngamsangchaikit
Filed under Aviation, Mekong Region, News
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VIENTIANE, 2 April 2013: Lao Airlines plans to fly link Vientiane and Luang Prabang with Yangon the commercial capital of Myanmar this October.
The airline’s commercial department director, Saleum Tayarath, reported to local media in Vientiane that as part of the deal Lao Airlines would sign an agreement with Myanmar Airways International to introduce code-share arrangement on the route.
The airline confirmed its plans after it was discussing a business plan with local tour operators that would support the route.
There have been no services between the two cities for more than two decades.
“We are re-establishing an air link between the two cities to open doors for investors and tourists,” he said.
Lao Airlines stopped flying to Yangon in the 1980s as the route was unprofitable.
However, he said this time it is confident of financial success as Myanmar has become a favourite destination for investors and tourists and the service will link with Luang Prabang.
The director added: “We want to tap tourism demand from countries like China, South Korea and Japan that would like to send groups to both countries.”
Local traffic demand will be low, but by linking the services to Luang Prabang as well as Vientiane, the airline can fill a gap in the route networks in the Mekong region, making easier for travellers to visit historical destinations in both countries.
The new air link is part of plans by Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam to build better connections between the Mekong region neighbours.
According to the Myanmar Times report last week, MAI marketing and commercial executive, Daw Aye Mra Tha, said it was possible that airline might fly via Cambodia to Laos.
“We are discussing flights to Laos but our market surveys suggest it might be better to fly via Cambodia instead of directly to Vientiane,” she said, adding that no decisions had been made as yet.
Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore are the only destinations in Southeast Asia currently served by Lao Airlines.
Meanwhile, private carrier Lao Central Airlines also plans to operate flights between Vientiane and Yangon, and Vientiane and Nay Pyi Taw in the future.
During a state visit by Myanmar President U Thein Sein to Laos in March last year, the two countries reached an agreement to reopen direct flights between Vientiane and either Yangon or Nay Pyi Taw to facilitate cooperation and boost tourism.

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Smoke from slash-and-burn farming delays northern flights

Morning flights from Vientiane to the northern provinces have experienced delays recently because visibility has been impaired by smoke as farmers burn off brush prior to planting their rice crops.

Most of the flights that are affected go to Luang Prabang, Oudomxay, Xieng Khuang and Luang Namtha provinces. Flights between Luang Prabang and Chiang Mai province in Thailand are also sometimes delayed, according to Lao Airlines' Flight Operations Department.

The haze that blankets the sky in the morning is a major problem for pilots at this time of the year as they cannot land safely. But the problem is not as severe in the afternoons and evenings, department official Mr Vannasin Sombatsaphai told Vientiane Times yesterday.

“We have been able to fly at scheduled times when the sky is clear, but on other days we have to delay flights by 1-3 hours,” he said.

However, flights from Vientiane to the southern provinces of Champassak and Savannakhet are still able to depart on time.

Starting in March every year, farmers burn off the brush on their land so they can start planting their rice and other crops.

After farmers have finished clearing their land, they normally start to plant their crops at the beginning of the rainy season or in May.

There are three or four flig hts between Vientiane and Luang Prabang each day, while flights to Oudomaxay, Xieng Khuang and Luang Namtha leave Vientiane once a day.

Each year the government , mainly through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, asks local authorities to advise farmers on safe ways to carry out burning, so as to avoid forest fires.

People who forage for food in forests or hunt animals have to be careful when lighting a fire and must make sure it has been completely extinguished before they leave the area.

There have been forest fires in the past but local authorities have not reported on the extent of the damage.

So far this dry season there have been no reports of forest fires from provincial authorities even though farmers in many areas are in the process of burning shrubs to clear their land.

Most of the land that farmers burn off has been allocated to them by the government for crop cultivation.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update April 02, 2013) from.htm

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Asian airlines start flying Sukhoi Superjets
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By Mark Elliott, 2 April 2013, Tuesday 8:44 AM

Sukhoi has sold 234 Superjet 100s

Two Asian airlines have launched the first flights using their new Russian-made Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100) aircraft.

Lao Central Airlines recently put its SSJ-100 into service on the route between Vientiane and Luang Prabang, in northern Laos. Meanwhile in Indonesia, Sky Aviation has started operating the regional jet on services between Sulawesi’s largest city Makassar, and Sorong, in the province of West Papua.

These flights weren’t the aircraft’s first commercial flights in Asia however; Russia’s Yakutia Airlines has already flown the SSJ-100 into China, on the route from Yakutsk to Harbin.

Sky Aviation has ordered 12 SSJ-100s and operates the aircraft with 87 seats in two classes, while Lao Central Airlines has ordered three of the new aircraft and has equipped them with 93 seats in two classes.

Sukhoi has taken 234 orders for the SSJ-100, but has only delivered 14.

By Mark Elliott, 2 April 2013, Tuesday 8:44 AM

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from the video comments

Published on 1 Apr 2013
INTRO: National carrier Lao Airlines has purchased more aircraft in response to increasing passenger numbers as Laos becomes more closely integrated with the region and the world. According to Director of Lao Airlines' Commercial Department, Saleum Tayarath, In October this year, Lao Airlines will begin direct flights to Myanmar as part of the provisions for increased air connectivity within ACMECS countries
STORY: A new Airbus A320 arrived in Vientiane this month, bringing the total number owned by the carrier to four, while a new ATR will join the fleet later this month, according to a representative from Lao airlines, the company will use its Airbus planes on the Vientiane-Luang Prabang route and international routes and will use the ATRs on domestic flights only. In October this year, Lao Airlines will begin direct flights to Myanmar as part of the provisions for increased air connectivity within the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy or ACMECS countries.
Lao Airlines sees the great potential offered by the Myanmar route now that the country has opened its doors to foreign investment and tourism. The new route would also open up links between the ACMECS countries to further spur tourism and business activities in the sub-region.
It is noted that, Lao Airlines is also considering starting flights to Phnom Penh in Cambodia later this year in another move aimed at business growth amid surging air travel in the region. In 2010, Lao Airlines recorded only about 500,000 passengers, but in 2012 the figure jumped to about 900,000 customers and is expected to exceed 1 million people this year. The number of tourist arrivals in Laos reached 3.3 million in 2012, an increase of 22 percent compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, Cambodia received more than 3.5 million tourists in 2012 and Myanmar just over 1 million.

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Khun Chatchat reporting about the inspection at the crash side and the talk with Lao Minister of public works and transports (SOmmat Phonsena) about 2.2 trillion Baht loan projects -
Lao Minister of public works and transports making a clear point to Khun Chatchat that he badly want to see the connection to Viengchan (Not just Tha Nalaeng) and Pakse by massive double tracking
even though Laos still negotiates with China for High speed train with a price tag of 7 Billion Dollars

The body of PTT Engineer has not been recovered from the aviation crash at Pakse yet

Private foundations have to withdraw from body recover from the crash site - only experts allowed

Lao government admitting that many lao people have known about aviation crash to Mekhong at Pakse via Thai TV and TV Laoสื่อลาวในวัน-ยนตก.html

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The airplane shown in the river in the photo above is different. The Lao airlines plane was much smaller. Reports also say that the tail broke off.

This is a terrible tragedy in any case. Our prayers are with the victims and their families and friends.

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China Eastern adds Kunming – Luang Prabang Service from July 2014
by JL
Update at 1740GMT+11 08MAY14

China Eastern from 01JUL14 is launching new service to Laos, offering twice weekly operation on Kunming – Luang Prabang route. Boeing 737-700 aircraft to operate this route.

MU2577 KMG1650 – 1650LPQ 73G 26
MU2578 LPQ1750 – 1950KMG 73G 26

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