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Large Houston

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Just find this large Houston pic on the digitalglobe ! Enjoy ------------->

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Great aerial!
When I stayed in the Hilton Americas last summer, I had a great view overlooking the skyline, the only thing I didn't like was the many street level parking lots congested in that area, most of which were nearly completely unused at the time.
^^^ Hmmm, Dallas and Houston do have something in common after all.
I think the Surface Lots add character, like sprinkles on a sundae!!! :) And I know a special 3 Blocks that will become the Pavillions.
Great Pic, plenty of parking. Maybe they could make some of those parking blocks into park space or squares like Union square in SF or Union square in NYC.
Hopefully so. But you know what, I'd rather the surface lots, which are cheaper to revitalize than a series of dilapidated buildings that won't ever be revitalized. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I wouldn't want older buildings perserved and kept up to their former glory, but realistically, if you have a large number of unused and blighted buildings sitting around, an embarrassing large number of them will remain so--even if some of them are revitalized.

A parking lot isn't "pretty" but it's less egregious, IMO, than blocks of empty buildings that are decayed and rancid with trash and litter. I've been in too many cities that are infested with such. It's pretty depressing.

All that said... death to parking lots! :)
Suddenly, I don't feel so bad about the surface parking around Atlanta anymore.
those parking lots look like tommorrow's highrises...
The Parking Lot behind 1 Shell Plaza, diagnol to the Wells Fargo Plaza (Surrounded by Walker, Milam, McKinney & Louisiana Street). cost me a good $16.50 one summer day. I think I was gone for one hour. Damn Central Parking, Damn them to hell.
great prairie said:
those parking lots look like tommorrow's highrises...
As much as I hate to see all those surface lots, I had the same thought. Today's empty areas will be tomorrow's high-rises and other urban infills. Great aerial image :eek:kay:
That's a really cool pic. I guess that's why Toyota has its logo on top of the Toyota Center!
That is a cool picture although I am a little suspicious of the motivation behind posting this particular photo at this particular time from someone from Toronto. I think a point was trying to be made but it's a great shot nontheless.
cmoonflyer said:
Just find this large Houston pic on the digitalglobe ! Enjoy ------------->

This is the truth and what I've been saying all along.. This is inside the loop, Houston, damn..
Thanks for posting the facts...

:bash: :eek2: :) :hilarious :applause:
So guys, I'm having trouble finding a parking spot in Houston. Could someone post a visual aid so I can... Oh, nevermind.
my (brief) infatuation with Huston is now over.
pft., please... We can only be so thankful that our city isn't losing population to the metro.

Holy crap, Philly has/had surface lots too? Oh, I'm sickened, the whole city is to be thought of as complete shit and nothing more then a cracked bell. I will change my entire opinion based on this one image.

All of those blocks were torn down for a reason at one point in time. Had the oil busts of the late 70s and early 80s not happen, you would be looking at a sea of High-rises, perhaps to even rival the skylines of New York and Chicago. (same for Dallas.) But I won't blame the past, because the future looks better.

And I don't feel the need to go into this anymore.
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^^^^^ I'm sure you can count the surface lots in Philly on one hand.. Now Houston however you have 600 sq. mi. of parking lots equating to one big office park (Houston). Hell your cities land mass is the size of Chicago, NYC and Boston blame it on the 70's or early 80's all you want it is and always has been a Cowboy Town.. Remember no matter how you look at it son you will always be (Houston) a tumble weed, horse manure kicking, tabacco chewing, rotten teeth having, tumble weed jack off of a city. Where you want to go Philly has already been remember that HIllbilly..
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