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Largest International School in Beijing

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Beijing's largest int'l school to open this fall

BEIJING, Construction work has been completed earlier this week on Beijing's largest international school catering for children of foreigners working in China's capital.
Located in the third embassy zone north of Liangmahe in Chaoyang District, the project covers a total area of 35,800 square meters. It is to start its first term this September.
Sponsors of the international school, named Sino-Canadian International School, include the Canadian government, the education authority of New Brunswick of Canada and an education company from the nation, according to the Service Bureau for Foreign Officials under the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
The school is the largest international school tailored to children of foreigners working in Beijing, Qu Wenming, head of the service bureau said.
It is also the first high-quality international school sited in the downtown area of Beijing. Over the past decades, high-quality international schools were built in suburbs of the city.
There are more than 190 embassies and consulates in Beijing, in addition to 80-plus overseas press organs and offices of numerous international organizations.
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Can someone who lives in Beijing take some photos, please? Thanks.. I will be very grateful.. Thanks :)
Sino-Canadian International School isn't new and has been in Beijing for more than 8 years. It is said that sponsorship between China and Canada stopped this year for significant rise of tuition fee.
@pauliyas .... indo dun hv meh? :p

@author .... pic will b appreciated :D
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