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largest town/city without a bus station?

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i was wondering about this. which towns or cities don't have bus stations and which are the largest to not have them.

i'll start with eastbourne, population about 100,000. the bus station was sold off in the 80s after the then tory council decided only poor people took buses, everyone else would drive, so there was no need for one.
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I don't know how you'd assess London. There are suburban bus stations but not one central bus point.

Large cities are generally too big for bus stations. Leeds City Bus Station only serves buses and coaches from outside the city. All local buses use the PTB and smaller bus points across the City.

There's a point where a city centre becomes too big for one transport focus.
Serving coaches from the UK and abroad mainly though.

I suppose the bus network in London is organised different, centred predominantly on smaller bus stations like Hammersmith or Vauxhall. A much more efficient way to run a bus network!
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