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largest town/city without a bus station?

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i was wondering about this. which towns or cities don't have bus stations and which are the largest to not have them.

i'll start with eastbourne, population about 100,000. the bus station was sold off in the 80s after the then tory council decided only poor people took buses, everyone else would drive, so there was no need for one.
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Birmingham's more like 1.2 million isn't it? Anyway that's the clear winner.

Milton Keynes with 227,000 is a high ranker, the bus station having closed in 2010 with all services now stopping outside the rail station instead.
Apart from a four buses per hour park and ride service to CMK, going two an hour to Woburn Sands in the opposite way, as well as an hourly bus link to Bletchley, two an hour to Oxford and Cambridge, another to Bedford combining with the ex-Bletchley one to give two an hour to Newport Pagnell and a rather large car park. Oh I forgot the Cranfield service too!
Yes - National Express still call there. Nice little building with no obvious connection to anywhere else.
Please describe the route! I can't think of a way to get to Kingston from the M1 without driving straight past the coachway...
Megabus (Leicester - MK - London - Amsterdam) initially called there too, but has since relocated to Kingston Centre bus stop instead.
But peculiar as there is already a twice hourly Stagecoach coach route calling there. Also interesting that they use a different Kingston stop to the one used by the 99, again a Stagecoach coach route.

Is there a timetable for this service published anywhere? I want to get down and get some pictures of it haha
Comes off the M1 at J.14, A509 towards Northfield Rbt., H6 Childs Way to Fox Milne Rbt., the V11 Tongwell Street to Winchester Circle (District Centre).

From there it continutes back onto the V11 Tongwell Street to Brinklow Rbt., where it takes the A421 to J.13 of the M1, and vice-versa.

Doesn't call at Coachway as it is a National Express facility - charges for Megabus obviously weren't worth it, I imagine them being uncompetitive as they are their (Eurolines/NX) competition.
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