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largest town/city without a bus station?

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i was wondering about this. which towns or cities don't have bus stations and which are the largest to not have them.

i'll start with eastbourne, population about 100,000. the bus station was sold off in the 80s after the then tory council decided only poor people took buses, everyone else would drive, so there was no need for one.
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Birmingham... only a wee 900,000 million. Used to have one, beneath the Bull Ring, in a famous film, but now the buses just line up in streets around the city.
2001 census, but I was wrong it was 977,099. Current estimate is 1,036,900, not exactly far off anyway.
It also depends how you define a bus station. Are collections of shelters in a row counted, if so Birmingham would have a few, and within the greater birmingham conurbation are plenty, such as Wolverhampton, Dudley, or Walsall (within the "city" would be Bearwood and such).
Glasgow, probably. ( Depends on the definition though I guess.
This thread has raised another interesting question for me. What's the largest town or city with a bus station?

I'm talking traditional bus stations here - ones which act as a terminus for the vast majority of the town's local services.
Liverpool is probably the next up but has two stations I think so that might disqualify it.
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