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LA's Problems

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Hello all! Im currently living in NYC, Im originally from Tennessee. While I DO like NY, I feel I may like LA more. While Ive never been, I do plan to visit later this year. Before I came to NYC I thought it was perfect and I would love it forever. Well, now I see the problems it has, and my own personal problems with it. So tell me honestly guys, what are LA's problems? Both the main problems of the city, and personally what you dont like about it. Please dont think Im bashing on LA, its not like Im saying "NYC is God's gift to the earth and LA sucks!" Thanks all! :)
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callanoj said:
Ha! Don't be so sensitive! You didn't design that building. Did you? I'm just saying I don't like the amount of buildings that look like that in Los Angeles.

By the way, Boston is really beautiful.

i agree, those 60's buildings, the strip malls, etc, they all suck major ass. they are mostly concentrated in the valley though. you wont see much of that in central LA. thankfully, there are much stricter building codes and asthetics is an issue now , so we dont see horrible architecture like that anymore. Strip malls are endangered species, and its taken a turn for the better in LA.

Also, Boston is Beautiful.
mid town, you cant even try to compare the outdoor activities in NY to LA. you just cant. skiing in the hudson valley is not the same as boarding down a 2500 foot vertical 10,000 feet above LA. Surfing a 1 foot wave is not the same as going through a barrel at 10 feet. Camping in the mountains is not the same as a bum in central park pitching a tent, etc.. I dont know why it got to this, and i dont know why people respond to Silverlake. You dont have to respond, you can let it go.
1 - 2 of 108 Posts
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