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LA's Problems

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Hello all! Im currently living in NYC, Im originally from Tennessee. While I DO like NY, I feel I may like LA more. While Ive never been, I do plan to visit later this year. Before I came to NYC I thought it was perfect and I would love it forever. Well, now I see the problems it has, and my own personal problems with it. So tell me honestly guys, what are LA's problems? Both the main problems of the city, and personally what you dont like about it. Please dont think Im bashing on LA, its not like Im saying "NYC is God's gift to the earth and LA sucks!" Thanks all! :)
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solongfullerton said:
I'd say another problem with LA, especially with you coming from NYC, is the lack of integration of the peoples that live here. New York and LA are similar in that they have ethnic neighborhoods, but in LA you pretty much stay with your kind (being race or socioeconomic group or interest group) and don't venture outside of it that often or really even at all. From what I've noticed about the handful of times ive been to NYC is that youre always around all kinds of different people no matter where you are or when you are there. I'm sure there are examples of this in LA, but for the most part, it isn't easy to mingle with people different than yourself, you have to go out of your way.
It's not like Crash though.
chicagogeorge said:

Ok, a lesson in geography and climatology:

New York City's monthly average high temps (La Guardia airport):

Jan: 39F
Feb: 41F
Mar: 50F
April: 60F
May: 71F
June: 79F
July: 85F
Aug: 83F
Sept: 76F
Oct: 64F
Nov: 54F
Dec: 44F

Chicago's monthy average high temps (Midway airport)

Jan: 31F
Feb: 36F
Mar: 47F
April: 59F
May: 71F
June: 81F
July: 85F
Aug: 82F
Sept: 75F
Oct: 63F
Nov: 48F
Dec: 36F

As you can see Silverlake, NYC's and Chicago's monthly averages are nearly identical, with Chicago experiencing a bit colder winters than NYC, but extreme heat in the summer seems to be a bit more common in Chicago. Fall and Spring are nearly identical and lovely in both cities. There two cities are perfect places for people who like seasonal change. The same old weather day in and day out can get dull imo.

Also, in the summertime, New York expects to see 17 days on average above 90F and Chicago sees 24 days above 90F.

Los Angeles monthly average high temps:

Jan: 68F
Feb: 70F
Mar: 70F
April: 73F
May: 75F
July: 84F
Aug: 85F
Sept: 83F
Oct: 79F
Nov: 73F
Dec: 69F

Average number of days above 90F in the city of Los Angeles is 16, however the average number of days above 90F in the Inland Empire is 59.
It is colder than that in winter in LA.
yoyoniner said:
I'll be real... LA's biggest problem is some of the people that inhabit it. Guys like Ferneyism and Silverlake who snub their noses at the rest of their country, all the while having never travelled or visited the places they sneer at. From what I've found over the years, it's almost an exclusively Southern Californian thing to sneer at an area or city you've never even been too. Some of them seem almost proud that they can't locate major cities on a map. I can almost always tell online if someone is from Southern California because this certain subset of people only seem to exist there.

Now notice I said this is only a certain subset of people. Most of the people I have met from Southern California are a more cultured and well travelled, and less eager to try so hard and be so narcissistic, so this isn't a knock on "people from LA" as it is "certain people from LA that don't seem to exist anywhere else." Just my 2 cents.
This is just the internet. Please tell me that you don't think that people like Silverlake or Ferneynism represent all Angelenos.
^I've been to Acadia National Park. It is actually very beautiful.
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