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LA's Problems

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Hello all! Im currently living in NYC, Im originally from Tennessee. While I DO like NY, I feel I may like LA more. While Ive never been, I do plan to visit later this year. Before I came to NYC I thought it was perfect and I would love it forever. Well, now I see the problems it has, and my own personal problems with it. So tell me honestly guys, what are LA's problems? Both the main problems of the city, and personally what you dont like about it. Please dont think Im bashing on LA, its not like Im saying "NYC is God's gift to the earth and LA sucks!" Thanks all! :)
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This is hilarious!

By the way, I lived in Los Angeles and didn't really like it. I didn't like the smog. I didn't like the fact that it's not a fun city to walk around in. I like East coast beaches more than West Coast beaches. There's practically no good pizza in L.A. (That, my friend, is a huge drawback!) I also like east Coast attitude more than the west coast attitude, overall.

But, L.A. has nice weather. Some funky neighborhoods to hang out and shop in and you're not living on top of eachother like you are in New York. If you're into the whole hollywood scene it can be exciting.

I'd suggest visiting for a while before you make a decision.

Out of curiosity, what are the main problems you're finding with New York?

Personally, I think I would have liked L.A. better if I was in some sort of aspect of show business .
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Well, from what it sounds like the weather and the subway are your main complaints with N.Y. If you don't mind driving then L.A. is great!

Winter in L.A. is incredible. That's one thing I really miss about southern California is the all year round great weather.

As for the "rude" New Yorkers, I found people in Los Angeles to be more rude than East Coasters. It was just less obvious, more passive aggressive. But that's such a generalization. I know that people can be rude whereever you go. I guess it's what you're used to. Bostonians have the reputation of being incredibly rude. I grew up here and can never understand why people think that...But, they do.

Why not check out San Francisco, Miami or Seattle? I'd suggest Boston, but it's as cold as New York. The subways are, however, much nicer here in Boston.

But try L.A. you can always move again if you don't like it.
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It's also colder than that in winter in New York. My bet is it's colder than that in Chicago, as well.

I was looking at those temps and thinking they seemed a bit unrealistic or idealistic.
OK, I'm just gonna come right out and say it. One of the biggest problems I have with Los Angeles is that I find most of it to be physically offensive. Sure, there is some great architecture there and the land itself is mostly beautiful.

But, once the smog clears you see that the city is littered with buildings like this:

I'm sorry, I think it's just really ugly!
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But in Los Angeles they dominate. And, most cities on the east coast don't have that era of architecture. At least not in the abundance that L.A. does.

Zoning laws and Neighborhood development authorities are pretty serious back east. In fact, some times they can be a major pain ibn the ass.
godblessbotox said:
oh go piss off... like boston looks that nice anyhow
Ha! Don't be so sensitive! You didn't design that building. Did you? I'm just saying I don't like the amount of buildings that look like that in Los Angeles.

By the way, Boston is really beautiful.
Well, now we gotta draw the line. I think it's safe to say that the East Coast, let alone New York, is not known for it's big surfing community. The West Coast, especially L.A. is known for surfing.
LosAngelesSportsFan said:
i agree, those 60's buildings, the strip malls, etc, they all suck major ass. they are mostly concentrated in the valley though. you wont see much of that in central LA. thankfully, there are much stricter building codes and asthetics is an issue now , so we dont see horrible architecture like that anymore. Strip malls are endangered species, and its taken a turn for the better in LA.

Also, Boston is Beautiful.
That's good to hear. It really was my major problem with the physicality of L.A. when I lived there. It's such a beautiful part of the country. But they just so many of those buildings and it really affected L.A. cosmetically.

The fact that the city has recognized the mistake and developed strict building codes is proof that L.A. is growing up as city and a community.

Go L.A.!
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But that's like a three to four hour drive from NYC. Mid Town, i'm with you. I love New York. But seriously, New York City is not known for it's great outdoors.

However, when I lived in Los Angeles I met people who had never been to the beach. I was floored.

Seattle is the best USA city for outdoor recreation.
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klamedia said:
But "smart growth" is to LA and the western cities of its generation(sans SF) what the "city beautiful movement" was to the older eastern cities in the 19th century.
What do you mean by "smart growth"? In my opinion, the early zoning laws and lack of building codes does not add up to smart. And I think L.A.'s government and the rest of the country would agree.

As I said, I'm glad to see that the city is making an effort to correct the issue. I also said I do think that L.A. has some incredible architecture. It's got some real gems. But the landscape is just littered with a lot of crappy buildings that have no regard for their surroundings.

By the way, it was not me who originally compared Boston to L.A. I didn't bring Boston into this conversation until somebody else felt the need to slam Boston. If it will make you feel better I'll tell you what I think is wrong with Boston's architecture But this thread is supposed to be about L.A.
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I can't believe nobody has mentioned Maine, Vermont or Montana for beauty!
Actually, Washington and Maine are very similar. Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Go there in the early Fall.

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yoyoniner said:
Sounds like you've never been to Wisconsin. The entire western half of the state of Wisconsin looks exactly like those pictures. I mean EXACTLY like those pictures(except for the picture with the lighthouse, which looks EXACTLY like a picture along Lake Michigan). Check out Google maps and do a satellite image if you've never been.
So, parts of Wisconsin are beautiful too! Yay for the state of Wisconsin. But I must say, these pictures really don't represent the scale or the scope of the beauty when you're standing on a rocky cliff looking over at the foliage and the vast ocean and the coast of Maine. I think everybody knows that Maine is, in fact, known for its beautiful landscape.
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