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Las Vegas ! (large pics)

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The last pic was really OK
Last pic is OK !
The clarity and detail in the Bellagio one really got me thinking. Great shots!
That fountain is awesome...Las Vegas is really one of America's strangest creations...such a place just sitting in the middle of the desert....
One of my favorite cities, better clearity than any pics I have been able to find
What can I say......Stuning is not enough :eek:kay:
Great pics! The fountains of Bellagio are incredible indeed.
Finally some pics of the Sin City . I think it deserves at least one thread on the forum .
Nice pics
Nice pics
i disagree...rfc's pictures are more than nice..they are stunningly awesome! :bow:

he is a maestro ....a michaelangelo with a camera. :banana:

my photo of the fake tor effel ^^^^ was nothing ..

..compared to mine........................................................................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^his picture of eifel tower was utterly magnificent!

^^^^..i agree with you see london guy...we had our honeymoon at aladdin hotel ..

and as your sig states..

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering
and do i remember! :banana:

viva las vegas!

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here's another picture of aladdin hotel

by Ejdera

and these..

honeymoon suite


all you can eat buffet :)


from their website
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Las Vegas is very hard to show in pictures, for me anyway. The casinos almost take backstage compared to the desert and immense housing developments around the city. It's really a unique city, hard to describe in words. You really have to be there. :)
Nice pics of Vegas, good work, really love that city, so much action!, going back at the end of the year, stayin at circus circus, funniest casino ever, loll
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