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Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco - Impressions

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Hey guys :cool:

So I finally went to Western US early this month and hey, it's VERY interesting!

Starting with Las Vegas, what a city! Everything is SOOOOOOOOOOO huge!!!!!!!!!!!! I stayed in Mandalay Bay and attended a conference for 3 days in the hotel's convention center. Can you believe it took 15 minutes walking to get from my room all the way to the convention center? I was really, really impressed. This restaurant on mandalay, the Aureole is a pretty interesting place. I was there for just a cocktail, but it's very nice and different place. Also I had the oportunity of watching something unique for us in South America: Cirque du Soleil, that's so beautiful, really inspiring and impressive, the moving stage is something! Venetian's (sp?) canals and Ceaser's Palace Forum Shops are also really impressive due to their magnitudes, very good shopping at Ceaser's btw.

Last Tuesday we went from Las Vegas to Los Angeles by the end of the afternoon. There are some cool sights (snowy peaks) from the plane. In Los Angeles we stayed in Sunset Boulevard, close to some Cowboy's restaurant which I don't recall the name. Los Angeles was a good surprise, as most of the people I've talked to always said bad things about the city. Fortunately I don't share the same opinion. I visited mainly Hollywood and places around Santa Monica boulevard, very charming, clean and well urbanized places. I've never seen so many Mercedes, BMW's, Porsches and Ferraris together. Rodeo Drive is very fancy, looks very good surely a pleasant place, especially Via Rodeo. I've also visited Santa Monica and its pier, a nice place to chill out and spend some time. I had never seen the pacific, pretty interesting, but hey, it's just an ocean ehhe. Also I've visited the area near the Hollywood sign and Hollywood Boulevard (the area near Kodak Theatre), very beautiful and that neighbourhood in the mountains is very pleasant.

On April 8th we headed to San Francisco, on the first evening we went to Fisherman's Warf, a cool area to hang around, nice atmosphere. We also made our way to Vista Point to appreciate some sight of the world famous bridge u got there eh. Very very beautiful indeed, it's really a pitty that I didn't get proper night shots from there since I've bought my camera it's been just a week. Anyway, the other day we went to many many cool places. Nob Hill (wow!!!), Pier 39, that tower up in a hill with a very old elevator which I don't remember the name, the civic center, Lombard Street. All these places are really UNIQUE hehe, I've never seen anything like some stuff u got up there, I really enjoyed the sights. After that we headed downtown where we went for a walk for about an hour, maybe two. Honestly, it resembles a lot New York City, which is very good, great buildings, very good architecture, nice urbanism, the whole atmosphere itself is great, I really liked downtown San Francisco. Later on we went to that Metreo (or so) place which is nice, but the best was the sight from the back of it with all the buildings and the small green square between them, very nice. It was a pitty the weather wasn't that great in San Francisco.

Overall, I think we really could have an idea of all those cities even with the short schedule we had. The GPS system we had in our car really helped us a lot as it had all the nearest attractions and all.

I'd like to compliment you for your great cities and I hope I can come back one day with no rush and to enjoy 100% of it.

Oh and btw, I'll post some pics soon.

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Look forward to your pix, boom. :)
Glad you had a good time. :)
LA, LV and SF were always remarkable at the western coast
what about San Diego :?
Sorry but I didn't go there this time. I had a tight schedule. Next time I go to California (with more time too) I'll surely go to SD. My father says marvels about your city!
San DIego has the best beaches in west coast..
hey boom,
you went to LA too! good for you!
^^ Yes! And I really liked it. I don't understand how people can talk bad about that city!
Its a long story why people like to say bad things about LA, but I used to live there and think its good...but all you can do is go by your own experience!

li o que voce escreveu sobre a primeira cidade aonde voce foi(nao vou escrever o nome porque os gringos nao necessitam saber-LOL que bencao falar outra idioma) no foro brasileiro e concordo 100%-e uma cidade "bregissima"(?)

Eu pessoalmente so aguento 2-3 horas la....LOL

sorry for my mistakes-long time nao falo portugues. LOL
dougmatic, please. For tourism, this city is just about unbeatable. beaches, hotels, city life, things to do. you cant beat it. and mexico, is an experience that can be lumped in there.

anyhow, san fran and Los Angeles are marvelous as well. I love them. LA has a lot of wonderful things to do. Lots of cool niches to fulfill anyone's wants. San fran is beautiful and again is a tourists dream. LV is just damn fun.

But SD definitely needs to be visited. People sleep on it, and then go and can't stop talking about how great it is. and i agree with them
cool! hope u post lots of pics of san francisco! :)
Glad to hear you had a blast in LA!!!!!!!
boom said:
^^ Yes! And I really liked it. I don't understand how people can talk bad about that city!
I wouldn't care too much. Most bad things that are said about L.A. are stereotypes anyway. Im glad you enjoyed it here in L.A.
I love LA. It has so many different things to offer. Now if only we can invent a high-speed portal to take you everywhere...
I always liked LA too. You should have came to seattle!
^^ Seattle woulda been cool too. I hope one day I can do the entire West Coast, all the way from San Diego to Vancouver, Canada. By car! But we didn't have too much time and Seattle was too far away... :(
I also loved LA when I visited and yeah I also heard how bad the city is. I think people who do not like it, just do not understand the city or have an opportunity to see LA at its finest. I also agree the San Diego is a really beautiful city. Seattle is aweometii
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